January 2011

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January was the first month of 2011. It was as uneventful as the previous month, still reeling in the shadow of Chris's exile from the Internet on 22 November 2010. Chris presumably spent the entirety of the month playing on his PS3.


  • 11 January - DC Universe Online is released. Chris is gifted it later and spends the next couple of days playing the game.
  • 15 January - Chris reveals to LoveYouLongTime he was unable to go to that year's MAGfest. He had failed to save enough money to afford a room and planned to sleep in his car or the lobby, but his parents disagreed believing it to be dangerous, threatening to lock him out if he did go, and Barb threatening suicide.[1]
  • 18 January - Chris blows eighty dollars on LittleBigPlanet 2.
  • 28 January - Chris re-releases Sonichu: Episode #1 to the LittleBigPlanet community.
  • 30 January - Chris's Trollin Train posts are unveiled to the public, while JenkinsJinkiesCwckiApplication.MOV is leaked.