February 2014

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On 18 February 2014, Chris solicits medical advice from the Miiverse.
On 27 February 2014, Chris surveys the destruction of his home.

February was the second month of 2014. Not much happened, likely due to the incident which left the Chandlers homeless the previous month; they spent most of their time packing up items and eventually moving over to the Rental House. Chris turned 32, and two videos were leaked on his birthday. Both appeared to have been recorded sometime in the summer of 2013. One of these videos sheds a bit more light on Chris and Barb's relationship with the rest of their family, and it is revealed that they were not invited to (or even informed of) Cole's wedding, and that the rest of Barb's family hates her and Chris since the death of Aunt Corrina.

It was during this month that Sega would announce the eventual release of Sonic Boom, a franchise that Chris would later spend a good chunk of the year angrily protesting against due to Sonic's arms being recolored to blue.

Events of February 2014

  • February - Chris claims to have finished rebuilding his Lego high school after its destruction in the house fire.
  • 3 February - Cole Smithey writes the article Saturday Night Special on his blog. In it, he recounts an incident from his childhood in which Barb almost shot him in the head by accident while thwarting an attempted break-in.
  • 6 February - Sega unveils Sonic Boom, a then-upcoming set of games for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, alongside a companion TV show. Chris, taking a break on his laptop in the midst of packing things up for the rental house, comes across an announcement trailer for the TV show, and is furious at Sonic's arms being recolored from tan to blue. His full fury wouldn't be unleashed until summer.
  • 7 February - Chris goes to see The Lego Movie with a $7.50 off coupon and posts about it on Facebook. He remarks that the animation was well-done and that the ending was "very touching and sweet."
  • 14 February - Chris posts about Tabitha St. Germain on Facebook.
  • 18 February - Chris complains about his bronchitis on the Miiverse.
  • 24 February - Chris turns 32. Rebeckah wishes him a happy birthday.
  • 24 February - Two videos are leaked: Hello, my sweety baby and Message for John Kyle.
  • 25 February - Chris tells Rebeckah he had a quiet birthday, and that she should find a girlfriend for him.
  • 27 February - Chris takes about two dozen photos of the melted pieces of his Lego high school.