June 2011

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Chris and Barb in Son-Chu in June 2011.

June 2011 saw Chris in regular contact with Jackie, making an endless unsuccessful effort to meet her in person and fuck her. He also shared details about his new identity on a troll forum. Publicly, he remained largely hidden, apart from some dicking around on Flipnote Hatena.


  • June - Son-Chu is photographed on Google Street View.
  • 1 June - Chris tells the denizens of Tomboys And Tomgirls of Virginia that he hates living with his mother, but he isn't able to move out or find a job. He also shares his love of "Squinkies" and suggests a karaoke meetup.
  • 2 June - Chris changes his PSN comment to "I No Socialize Online."
  • 3 June - Jackie sends Chris an uncharacteristically friendly email and asks about his doings.
  • 4 June - Chris tells Jackie he feels like a lesbian, that he has started using the women's restroom, and that he pees sitting down. He is continuing to get grief from his parents.
  • 5 June - Jackie tells Chris he should participate more on his new forum.
  • 6 June - Chris tells Jackie he is still being cautious about sharing too much information on the forum.
  • 8 June - Chris tells Jackie that she herself is a tomgirl, or maybe a tomboy, he can't decide. He wants to meet her in person.
  • 8 June - Chris returns to Tomboys And Tomgirls of Virginia, revealing that his mother actually tried to pay him to stop wearing panties.
  • 9 June - Chris accuses a member of his forum of being an "immature, trolling stupid brat."
  • 9 June - Chris sends more photos to Jackie and says he feels more trust in her.
  • 10 June - Chris uploads a new Flipnote demanding that Flipnote Studio be brought to the 3DS.
  • 10 June - Chris fantasizes about Jackie applying makeup on him and waxing his body.
  • 12 June - Chris apologizes to a member of his forum for being an asshole.
  • 13 June - Chris shares another fantasy about kissing Jackie on the Fourth of July.
  • 14 June - Chris posts a message on ModNation Racers, criticizing the inability to create non-human characters. [1]
  • 15 June - Chris again asks Jackie if they can get together for Independence Day. She says maybe.
  • 16 June - Chris tells Jackie that Robbie Sonee is a tomgirl. He further states that he wears three pairs of earrings and has bought a navel ring, but is nervous about the idea of going to a tattoo shop to get the piercing.
  • 16 June - Jackie tells Chris she and her friends will be in Washington, D.C. for the Fourth of July, and invites him.
  • 17 June - Chris is worried that if he tries to go to Washington, his parents will either die or permanently lock him out of the house, making him homeless. He asks Jackie for specific details about the hotel.
  • 17 June - On Tomboys And Tomgirls of Virginia, Chris says that he is deeply afraid of men, but has been led to understand that unless he has male friends, he will never get laid.
  • 19 June - Chris uploads another Flipnote.
  • 20 June - Chris changes his voicemail message yet again.
  • 20 June - Jackie tells Chris that she will get him details about the Washington hotel as soon as possible.
  • 21 June - Chris pushes Jackie to meet him in Charlottesville in the coming week.
  • 21 June - On his forum, Chris criticizes social networks, saying they are full of evil trolls.
  • 22 June - Chris contends to his forum friends that trolls are a real threat, referring to the evil fate of that guy who invented Sonichu, whose name he just can't recall....
  • 27 June - Chris tells Jackie he feels neglected and disheartened, and still needs details about the Washington trip.
  • 27 June - Jackie chides Chris for his attitude, gives excuses for not contacting him sooner, and gives him details about the (expensive) hotel.
  • 28 June - Chris suggests he drive to Washington on the morning of the Fourth, go to the fireworks, spend one night with Jackie, and drive home.
  • 28 June - Jackie tells Chris she wants him to speak to her parents on the phone.
  • 29 June - Chris tells Jackie he is available to talk to her parents tonight.
  • 30 June - Chris was expecting a call from Jackie's parents this evening, but it never came. He urges her to send the hotel name and address as soon as possible.