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Sonichu character
Roberta Sonichu
Date of birth 26 February 2007
Gender Tomgirl
Parents Sonichu (father), Rosechu (mother)
Species Sonichu (Electric Hedgehog Pokémon)
Type Electric
Evolves from Sonee

Roberta Sonichu or Robee Sonichu (originally Robbie Sonee), born 26 February 2007, is the youngest child of Sonichu and Rosechu in the Sonichu universe. Robbie is named after either Chris's father or his childhood hero.


Robbie first appeared along with his siblings in the sign Chris drew to show his support for McIntire Park. Robbie and his sisters also appeared in Chris's disingenuous plea for helping Haiti.

They were also seen in two pages of Sonichu #9, and got a quick mention on page 41 of the same issue. They spent most of their time being watched over by their Spanish lesbian nanny, Heather Iglesias, while their neglectful parents traipsed around town murdering people.

Robbie makes a brief appearance in Sonichu #10, describing an incident which involved him pissing on a lizard. Needless to say, cruelty to animals is one of the early signs of a potential psychopath.[1]

Child Robbie also shows up in "A Sonichu and Rosechu Christmas Story" and Sonichu #11. Robbie replaces his R's with W's while speaking in an effort to be as saccharine and grating as possible, but his actual dialogue is far too complex for a toddler to come out with - perhaps alluding to something else. Robbie and his father help a homeless woman, and her plight causes Robbie to be overcome with empathy.

Robee is the main focus on the Sonichu 12 story "To Be or Naught a Tomgirl", showing his decision in his childhood, his evolution, and his full on transition into becoming a tomgirl.

Possible Self Insert?

It is possible Robee is yet another self-insert by Chris himself. The fact that Robee just so happens to be a transgirl just like his Grandmother, and unlike his sisters, he gets his own episode about his transition and lesbianhood, where his sisters evolution and sexualities were mere side notes. Robee also seems to share the same thoughts about his duck, referring to it as an "ugly growth" and showing disgust to the "XY" after ejaculating on his sister's floor post-evolution. He also appears to be the favorite of his parents (or at least to Sonichu). After his mother eats all of the food, Sonichu gives Robee money to buy pizza for him and his sisters. Such responsibility should be given to Cera, as she is the oldest. He also somehow has brown hair and looks very similar to Sonichu-who is obviously Chris's favorite character. He also transitions similar to Chris, neglecting to take life-long hormones and consult a doctor and just rely on Magi-Chan to alter his body.


On 12 November 2011, it was revealed that not only have all the children evolved into adults, but that they have also formed a pop band: Robee Sonee and the Tomgirls. Moreover, like Chris, Robbie had mutated into a more disturbing form: a "total Lesbian Tomgirl Tranny Cross-Dresser (still very much into women)."[2] Note that this change comes after Chris wiped out all homosexuality in Sonichu #10, requiring him to alter this plot point in 2015. Issue 12 deals primarily with Robbie's introspection, eventual realization that he is transgender, and the act of coming out to his sisters. They accept him unconditionally and sweep him up into a hug, prompting him to evolve, at which point any short live poignancy is ruined by Robbie ejaculating onto the carpet.

Upon offering his Robbie Amiibo for sale on Etsy, Chris produced a brief character outline:

Robbie Sonichu, the youngest of the three children of the leading Sonichu and Rosechu family, is physically active and very caring and empathetic of his family and others. Not only that, but Robbie is a female soul, born into the male body, with attraction and kind friendships with women around her age; self identified as a lesbian transwoman. She likes to follow in her father's footsteps, almost literally, by looking to be able to run as fast as, or faster than, her father. She also helps to defend her home town and friends from incoming bullies from Count Graduon's army with her strong electric attacks and speed. And she likes to run and spark with style and sass.

He informed an eBay customer that Robbie goes to the prom with a "straight" woman named "Cassandra Kinsley."[3]

Chris told a buyer of a commission about Robbie's sex life. Unsurprisingly, Robbie is living out Chris's own fantasies. He likes to trib by rubbing "his skin down there" against a woman's clitoris. Like Chris, he tucks his "ugly growth" with a "strap-on accessory" with the dildo removed. His breasts were formed with "doctor-recommended Hormone Replacement Therapy with estrogens."[4] . Considering the fact Robbie is canonically ten years old, either Chris has set this in a future time, or...?


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