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A Sonee and a Rosey. Note that Rosey's looking lustfully at Sonee. Seriously, he's done that shit already.

Sonees and Roseys (sometimes Rosees[1][2]) are the pre-evolutionary forms of Sonichus and Rosechus. Their colors generally correspond to their type. Most Electric Hedgehog Pokémon in the comic started out as eggs that fell out of a rainbow and hatched as Sonees and Roseys. Only the Chaotic Combo are seen to have emerged and hatched, the rest of the Electric Hedgehog Pokémon were offsceen and showed up randomly. Only about twelve (minus Sonichu and Rosechu) did not come from the rainbow:


Technically, baby versions of the two main characters Sonichu and Rosechu never could have existed because they were transformed directly from a Pikachu and Raichu, not Pichu, their pre-evolved form. It's generally understood that the "miracle of birth" does not provide Sonichu offspring with their shoes, bows, and skirts shown,[3] but of course there are contradictions.[4] Whatever the case, they seemingly automatically gain clothing upon evolution... but again there are contradictions. [5] No member of Chaotic Combo (or Silvana), corresponds to the "Original Sonee and Rosey," but rather to the chromatic range of the rainbow. There's also a continuity in the attire with the "Sonichu/Rosechu" species; "Sonees" are stark-naked with shoes while "Roseys" wear dresses.

Although Chris has stated that he finds them cute, most Sonichu readers reacted with disgust when first confronted with these tiny, ugly creatures, and they are generally considered to be among the most aggravating characters; their lack of comprehensible (relatively speaking; most Sonichu dialogue is at least in something that resembles English) speech being a major cause of anger. Their physical appearance is also a source of much disgust, as it is an overload of conventionally "cute" characteristics, done horribly wrong. Chris basically tried too hard to make them cute, and the result is deeply unappealing.

The appearance of Sonichu and Rosechu's Children in "A Sonichu Day" is especially revolting, as Chris not only writes their typical awful dialogue but even reads it aloud with an attempt at a cute voice. Their appearance in "Chris + Sarah's Life-Shares", where he uses them to represent younger versions of himself and Sarah Nicole Hammer, is also horrific when you realize just how contrived and passive-aggressive it all is.


Sonee is the pre-evolved form of Sonichu. He is known to have a lot of spunk and speed. This cute Pokemon packs a lot of action.
Sonee Animal Crossing card[6]

The pre-evolved form of Sonichu. He has a lot of spunk and speed, and is quite "cute". He is apparently born with shoes on. Like most other Pokémon, they can only speak gibberish.


The birth of a Rosey Bubbles, sans skirt.
Rosey is the pre-evolved form of Rosechu. Her cuteness always gets the awe of her enemies. When she falls, her skirt acts as a parachute.
Rosey Animal Crossing card

The pre-evolved form of Rosechu. According to Chris her so-called "cuteness" always gets the awe of her enemies, and when she falls, her skirt acts as a parachute. This last feat is physically impossible, but never mind that, because it offers an opportunity for panty-shots; that is, it would if they had panties, and the fact that they don't only makes it even worse. It is implied that Roseys are born without any clothing, and shoes and skirts are purchased separately. The Rosey form of Bubbles, for instance (see right), was never born with a skirt. The birth of Sandy appears to confirm this,[7] but as always there are problems with consistency throughout the franchise.


A cursory examination of the birthdates of Sonichu and Rosechu's Children implies that Rosechus have a gestation period of around three months. This amount of time would, for an intelligent mammal like a Sonichu, be woefully inadequate, even for monotremes, which possibly explains why Sonees and Roseys always appear retarded and half-baked. However, Pokémon eggs hatch quite quickly, but this is simply an in-game mechanic for the sake of playability, and usually are based on steps, depending on the Pokémon breed.

Sonees and Roseys seem to vary a lot in intelligence. As infants, the Chaotic Combo could only say their own names "Sonee/Rosey" (which is supposed to be how Pokémon communicate in the anime). Also, the "original" Sonee and Rosey can only say "Goo-Goo," suggesting they start with even less intelligence. However, the Sonichu children are capable of speaking in complete (albeit mangled) sentences: Sandy was able to talk right after she was born. This rather gigantic discrepancy in intelligence has been addressed in Mailbag 23 in which Chris states that Cerah, Christine and Robbie learned English from their parents and that the Chaotic Combo didn't have English-speaking guardians, which is a flagrant contradiction as Angelica grew up around human nuns, Bubbles started speaking English while trying to rescue her "mother", Wild knew English as a Sonichu without apparently being taught it, Punchy was in a dojo among humans, and spoke when Mypoe ripped his tail off, and Magi-Chan was spoken telepathically in English by Mewtwo. This should also mean that Wild and Bubbles should only speak in "Venusaur/Scyther" and "Swampert" respectively, and Magi-Chan would possibly be mute. Even if these things weren't patently made up, they don't address why Sandy could speak right after being born. To further confound the situation, Magi-Chan informs the readers via the customary textwall that Wild had to teach Sandy English after she demonstrated fluency with the language, implying that she didn't know it beforehand.[8] Regardless of this, they are all still of inferior intelligence.

It is also worth noting that Sonees and Roseys do not wear the white gloves that Sonichu and Rosechu wear at all times; acquiring the gloves is likely a rite-of-passage type scenario. Disturbingly, Sonees and Roseys have rounded stumps rather than hands which gives them the appearance of thalidomide babies, but knowing Chris, he probably ripped them off from the creatures from the Sonic games known as Chao. The Animal Crossing designs and a teddy-bear creature from Excel Saga called "Puchuu" may also have substantial influence on the design of Sonees and Roseys. Despite having no opposable thumbs, the mutant baby Pokémon are somehow able to perform tasks that require them with their stubby arms, such as baking cookies and playing PSPs.

There's also the strong possibility that Sonichu and Rosechu's children are not representative of the typical Sonee & Rosey Poké-type. In Sonichu #10, Sandy Rosechu went from hatching from an egg to her mature form and the intellectual skills of a fourth grader inside of a single week[9] while Punchy evolved to his full form in a single day, even though he had his tail traumatically amputated. Magi-chan also took about two weeks to transform while meditating. This leaves us to formulate the hypothesis that Sonichu's children are kinda slower than the average to evolve into their adult forms (so far only Christine has achieved it]] as all three children have now hatched, taking as long as about ten years to evolve. Another possibility is that Sandy evolved rapidly because her father lavished attention on her, while Cerah, Christine and Robbie are left with the nanny while their parents are forced to fulfill the wishes of a deranged tyrant. Yet another theory is that Sonees and Roseys evolve more rapidly under stressful situations (see Bubbles and Punchy), thereby suggesting Wild's attention is a lot less wholesome than the comic would lead you to believe. According to Chris, Angelica supposedly evolves while being happy with a Soothe Bell, despite her comic evolution taking place while asleep one night.

The reasons for their evolution seem to differ, and at differing ages

  • Angelica randomly evolves one night (unknown age)
  • Bubbles evolves diving down to save her 'Mama' (unknown age)
  • Cera evolves after "leveling up" and defeating a Jerkop (roughly 8-9 years old)
  • Christine evolves during the school's Christmas play (roughly 2 years old)
  • Magi-Chan evolves while meditating (2 weeks old)
  • Punchy evolves after getting his tail ripped off (right after hatching)
  • Robee evolves after coming out as trans and being enveloped in a hug by his sisters (about 10 years old)
  • Sandy evolves happily playing in Soft Sand (about 1 week old)
  • Wild evolves during some exercises (unknown age)

(Sonichu, Rosechu, and Blake did not experience the same evolution- Blake was genetically created from Sonichu's DNA, Sonichu evolved from a Pikachu being smacked into Super Sonic, and Rosechu evolved from Raichu being showered in a rainbow from Sonichu's evolution)

While evolution may be some odd form of 'puberty' for this species, they all evolve in their pre-pubescent ages and nowhere near the age a human would start to hit puberty (Christine being only 2 when she evolves into a fully-developed body)

The Sonee/Rosey forms of Sonichu and Rosechu's children are also able to attend elementary school, despite supposedly being just babies.

It is also confusing as to if Sonee and Rosey's are hatched from eggs or live birth. In Sonichu 8, Rosechu talks about her genitals and how they are used to carry her children until they 'emerge for their glorious birth'- which implies she carried her children to term and did not lay eggs. Her children were also never shown to have hatched and just kind of appeared.


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