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Sonichu 4

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Sonichu #4
Cover Date: 2 November 2005
Began: 24 March 2005
Finished: after 2 September 2005
Page Count: 95
Episodes: none
Sub-Episodes: 1-8
Sonichu Comics
Sonichu #3
Sonichu #5

Sonichu #4 is the fifth issue of the Sonichu series.

A departure from the previous books in both form and content, Sonichu #4 is a sort of anthology that consists exclusively of Sub-Episodes about Chris's Love Quest and other happenings of his life, which originally appeared at the end of each previous issue. Chris's narcissism is in full bloom here, as he reprints the first four sub-episodes (from Sonichu #0 to #3), and adds four more.

Although Chris would not complete Sonichu #3 until February 2006, he had begun work on the new material in Sonichu #4. Sub-Episodes 5, 6, and 7 were completed during the summer of 2005, and Sub-Episode 8 was at least started by September 2005. Given that the events these stories are based upon happened in the summer of 2005, Chris probably had them forefront on his mind and was able to work more quickly on them than his wretched "Sonichu Babies" plot in Sonichu #3.

Chris has stated that his mother told him to stop making sub-episodes as they loosely depicted unflattering events from Chris's life[1]; this issue's format may represent an effort to get them all out of the way immediately following her edict.

At this point Chris appeared to cut the pretense and make the series purely about his Mary Sue stand-in instead of the title character. Each episode in the book tells basically the same story: Chris loitering, being confronted by his enemies and then effortlessly defeating them. The book also introduces Crystal Weston Chandler, Chris's repressed gender dysphoria hypothetical twin sister.

Sub-Episode 1: Christian Chandler in "Jerkop-tastropie"

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Reprinted from Sonichu #0, the Jerkhief accuses Christian of solicitation, forcing Chris to transform into Chris-chan Sonichu and defend himself with the dreaded Curse-ye-ha-me-ha.

Sub-Episode 2: Christian Chandler in "The Rise & Fall of My Heart"

The Rise & Fall of My Heart
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Christian meets Hanna, who asks him out for coffee. While planning his wedding, Chris learns from Rosechu that Hanna is trolling him.

Reprinted from Sonichu #1.

Sub-Episode 3: Christian Chandler & Sonichu in "Witch Confront"

Witch Confront
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Christian attacks Mary Lee Walsh, but she overpowers him and Sonichu (in a rare cameo) has to bail him out.

Reprinted from Sonichu #2.

Sub-Episode 4: Christian Chandler in "McAttack"

McAttack Part 1
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Christian loiters at a McDonald's for so long that he is attacked by no fewer than three manajerks.

Reprinted from Sonichu #3.


While the CWCipedia version is presented without advertisements between features, the older version on CWC's Sonichu Site recycles the ads for MySpace and Axe between Sub-Episodes 4 and 5.

Sub-Episode 5: Christian Chandler in "McAttack Part 2"

McAttack Part 2
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Continuing from Sub-Episode 4, the W-M-Manajerk immediately blasts Chris into a soda fountain, drenching him with cola. In an unprecedented moment, Chris suddenly decides that he needs to bathe, and takes a "CWC" shower that lasts exactly three seconds (he seems to think this is impressive). Christian charges W-M, but he catches our hero and holds him high in the air. Just as Chris is wondering if anything can defeat W-M-Manajerk, his ancestor, the ancient leader of the Cherokee Clan, appears before him with advice concerning Chris's Heart Torch:

...combined with your powers, you can use it to summon your dream sibling! She will be able to help you, much better than your mother even! Farewell, Chris!


Christian realizes that his ancestor is referring to the twin sister he has dreamed of having and has depicted in his homemade Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. Emulating Wild Sonichu's power of growth, Chris momentarily grows so large that he breaks loose of the Manajerk's grip, and lands on the opposite side of the restaurant from his Heart Torch. Dashing past enemy fire, he retrieves the totem, and summons Crystal Weston Chandler into reality. Seeing that Crystal has a Rosechu medallion, Chris realizes that she possesses the same anchuent powers as he does (he would later shoehorn her into the prophecy and damage the retroactive continuity yet more), and they transform into Chris-Chan Sonichu and Crystalina Rosechu.

Together they assault the W-M-Manajerk with Mirror Coat, Reflect and Double Corkscrew Kick. Once he is down, they finish the job by combining Chris's Curse-ye-ha-me-ha and Crystalina's Shocking Tiara Magic to decapitate him. It is only after they separate W-M-Manajerk's head from his body that they realize he can survive in this state, nonchalantly confirming that their intent to was murder him. While B-Manajerk and Merried Seinor Comic decide they should retreat, Crystal takes the time to rant about how he's intruding on her brother's Love Quest and that how he could never know true love due to his lack of a heart, among other things. Eventually, even Chris gets tired of his imaginary sister's bullshit, and cuts her off, before having W-M-Manajerk confess (unprompted) that he is from the Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens and that he was sent by Mary Lee Walsh. Christian and Crystal decide to punt the disembodied head all the way back to PVCC, where it strikes Walsh on the head, knocking her unconscious, followed by some hilarious word play at the expense of a concussion.

Sub-Episode 6: "Christian Chandler's Backyard Safari"

Christian Chandler's Backyard Safari
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"MAH SONICHU, this china is what all true autistic virgins strive for!"

Christian presents a documentary on the various jerkops he has encountered during his Love Quest, with a profile on the Jerkhief. It's during this profile that he mentions that a Jerkop's badge is just a graham cracker painted yellow. The Jerkhief's, however, is made of wood. Somehow, this is supposed to explain the Jerkhief's "delicious" wooden badge on the cover.

He then relates an incident in which he was hanging out with his gal pals when a "tribe of jerkops," led by the Jerkhief, harass them. In the story Chris stands his ground; however, the battle is interrupted by Crystal, emerging from a changing room in a new outfit. With the jerkops dazed by her ravishing beauty, Chris gets an idea to channel Magi-Chan's powers to telekinetically disarm all the jerkops and arrange them like bowling pins, so that he can use the Jerkhief like a bowling ball. But first he makes a long, boring speech:

You're not getting to me; no matter what you may try in attempt or threat, I will hang out wherever I want, when I want, and how I want! And I will never quit in my search for a Boyfriend-Free Girl either! So, all you Jerkops may as well go back to the Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens, and tell Mary Lee Walsh that if she is still intent on shattering my heart again, she can't! My heart is indestructible, and the more you haze me, I will grow stronger. Beware, eve for in the name of my heart, soul and Love Quest, I will punish you!


Chris concludes his documentary by explaining how the jerkops use a hypno-gun to brainwash slow-minded persons to their cause, thereby replenishing their numbers. While watching the conclusion of the program, Scotpalazzo decides to order more jerkops from PVCC to oppose Christian.

Sub-Episode 7: Christian Chandler in "Off-Target"

Off-Target Part 1
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A flashback reveals how Christian and Saramah Rosechu defeated Mary Lee Walsh some months ago; Graduon vows to destroy Christian with the strongest, most evil villain ever.

In the present day, Walsh and Graduon give Bagget his first assignment, to attack Christian at the Get-Tar Region. Using a squad of jerkops and his Change-Bot Crackder, Bagget defeats Chris. Bagget's success is less a matter of his superior skill or strategy than the fact that for once no one arrives in the nick of time to rescue Chris--Crystal is unable to fight through the crowd of shoppers to help. In the cliffhanger, Crackder drops Chris from a dizzying height of at least ten feet.

Sub-Episode 8: Christian Chandler in "Off-Target Part 2"

Off-Target Part 2
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Will Chris lose his virginity at last?

Continuing from Sub-Episode 7, Chris's fall is broken by Crystal's telekinetic powers. The jerkops decide to dog-pile on Chris, hog-tying him and going out of their way to give him severe carpet burns on his face. As Crystal watches on, inexplicably helpless to act, Chris is ferried away by Crackder to PVCC, marking the first time the villains have ever actually subdued and captured him.

While Crystal tracks Bagget as Crystalina Rosechu, Chris is presented before Mary Lee Walsh, trussed on a silver platter with an apple in his mouth. After pointlessly re-enacting the trial scene from The Transformers: The Movie, Walsh and the Jerkhief drop Chris in a vat of indeterminate liquid. Chris is finally rescued by Crystalina, who saves him from falling into... something, and battles Walsh's forces singlehandedly. Without the power to help his sister, Christian experiences another vision of his ancestor, who offers words of encouragement to re-energize him. Finally able to transform into Chris-Chan Sonichu, Chris and his sister form up as Chrs-Chan Pure and use the Chrs-Chan Pure Pulse-Jolt Lance to destroy the crystal ball maintaining Walsh's control of PVCC. Walsh and Graduon escape to Manchester High School to rebuild their power base.

Back Cover

As with Sonichu #2, early editions feature the personal army request page, while the most recent CWCipedia version features Sonichu Adventure.


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  1. Mailbag 3: "I stopped drawing those because I made a promise to my mother that I would, but I forget why she was offended by them."