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In January 2009, Clyde Cash impersonated Shigeru Miyamoto (unbeknownst to Chris) and was in talks with Chris to produce a Sonichu video game. In most of the e-mails, the information provided was never asked for by Miyamoto and one can only wonder how the real Miyamoto would feel with a young man rambling about how he's a virgin with rage or about trolls who slander him online.

Note: Comments in red are by Clyde regarding his responses and motives, since the emails he sent Chris were lost.

5 January 2009 to 10 January 2009: Chris is Invited to Redmond

Playing off Jay Z and Takashi Tezuka, I decided to impersonate Shigeru Miyamoto with the sole goal of trying to get Chris to Redmond, Washington so he could get rejected by Nintendo themselves.
Mr. Miyamoto, I am honored and humbled that you wish to see me in person. I'm afraid that my family and I are not as financially well-off as possibly assumed. If you wish me to come to Redmond, and I have dreamed of traveling to the NOA company in my lifetime, I must ask for compensation of Round-Trip Airfare, and other required neccesities for automobile travel from the airport to NOA, and anything else pertaining therein.

Thank you for your support.

Christian Weston Chandler.

Please check for the nearest airport for my Point "A" from my home address of,

14 Branchland Ct. Ruckersville, VA 22968-9545

I recommend the airport on Airport Road; I do not remember the airport's name. My Home address can be looked up on mapquest.com.

Alright, I'm going to check with my family who I live with to see if we can afford the airfare before reimbursement. I am 26 years old, and capable of making my own decisions, yet I'm currently dependent from my family's and my Social Security (for my High-Functioning Autism) income.

It would be appreciated if y'all can book the flight for me, because I'm unsure about my family's current financial status, and my social's being saved for my own bills.

I did look up the round-trip on delta.com; 771 dollars rounded-up is most likely MORE than my family can afford (after their own bills and personal neccessities).

Christian W. Chandler.

11 January 2009: Chris and Barbara Want to Reschedule

There is BAD Weather

I've just checked with my mother; she has informed me that there is BAD weather in Washington State (where Seattle is), so can we rethink and schedule the meeting there for later in the week? Any day is good with me; other than the Sonichu.net updates and fixin's, I have not much else goin' for me locally. Also, I have church this morning (my Sunday, Jan 11, 2009, and right now it's 12:53 AM (luckily my biological clock is messed up, yet recovering for us to communicate this quickly).
I'll be there.
Mr. Miyamoto, my mother has given the issue much, much thought, and she feels that she should come with me to be my escort. Personally, I also would feel better and safer with her around. I'm sure you can understand, since upon my understanding based on your past story ideas with Pokemon at least, and Ash with his mother in the 2nd and 3rd movies; my mother and I felt the sense of those who worked on them had deep affections for their mothers as well; we were deeply moved.

So I'm asking if you would vouch for her tickets as well.

Christian W. Chandler.

At this point, I told him it was company policy that we'll reimburse him. He seemed eager to go with the "I'll be there." reply. Yeah. No.
My father, who has traveled with General Electric, says that Nintendo should pay for mine and my mother's tickets in advance, then my mother and I can pick them up at the airport.

Please let me know swiftly if it's possible.

Due to our financial situation, and my father being a penny-pincher, we need you to advance the tickets to me and my mother, please.
After talking to my parents, they have decided that we need you to postpone this meeting to a later date in order to allow all plans of preperations and money transactions to be handled in an orderly fashion. Thank you for your consideration and interest. I still am looking forward to meeting Mr. Miyamoto.

A Word from Snorlax

I can't believe Barbara fell for this.
We apologize for any inconvenience. A "rush" request of this nature jams the thinking process and does not allow time for working out all details to travel from coast to coast and does not allow for necessary financial arrangements.

We thank you for this opportunity and hopefully can come to the best solutions for all involved in this venture.

Also, we have to consider the weather conditions across the United States.

We suggest your Company make the necessary travel arrangements and a cash advance to Christian Chandler, our son, and plan a date two (2) weeks hence.

Robert and Barbara (writer) have both had experience in big business with General Electric Company and Reynolds Metals Company (both International Sales and Mining of raw materials for manufacturing purposes in other countries. We understand the Research and Development as well as the Marketing and Selling of goods.

Of historic value to the computer world, Robert was in on the research and development from the beginning, and without his knowledge, NES might not have arrived so soon. His accomplishments include seven (7) patents and others outstanding with General Electric Company. He designed the controls for the Plastic Molding Machines.

We look forward to joining with you in this venture.

Yours truly,

Barbara Weston Chandler, Mother
Robert Franklin Chandler, Jr., Father

Chris's Inspiration

I settled on a new date and then he comes up with this bullshit on "game ideas".
January 25th will be great, and hopefully between me and my family, we can settle the matters pertaining to this historic meeting. Also, Please inform Mr. Miyamoto, but I have just awoken Inspired Sonichu-Wise; I have figured out the Opening Title Movie for Sonichu's Adventure, the Prequel Comic for the possible Pokemon Lightning Version, and the monitary-type collectibles in Sonichu's Adventure; NOT RINGS, but C-Quarters (the main money) and W-Quarters (equals 10 C-Quarters). I have the images in my head, and I will draw them up and update my Sonichu's Adventure growing Game Stories/Unlockables/Details MSWord File accordingly.

Also, the C and W-Quarters were inspired from a combination of rings and coins, as well as the use of my initials, "C.W.C." of "Christian Weston Chandler."

I hope Mr. Miyamoto accepts my family's apology humbily, as well as my own personal apology, and I seriously felt bad having to turn down this meeting and postpone to the 25th of January, but all things considered, it's for the better, since I was able to get my sleep and DREAM up the Opening Movie, leading to the creation of the Lightning Version Prequel Comic then the C and W-Quarters. Plus, this will allow me time to get back to re-uploading the pages of Sonichu.net and associated websites under it, then updating it as such, with advertisements for Sonichu & Rosechu in Animal Crossing City Folk and the introduction of the C and W-Quarters for the Sonichu Series.

But I digress. I see Mr. Miyamoto as a humble gentleman, even though he may be stressed by business, from his past creations and stories, as I have shared with him my love and care for my mother, like he has for his I'm certain. He himself said that it is humbling and grand that I bring my mother with me on the trip.

I gtg draw up the Quarters on paper, updating the Sonichu's Adventure Stories ideas page, then fixing Sonichu.net.

Peace to you all and Mr. Miyamoto,
Christian Weston Chandler.

He figures sending a list of games will impress me. He also thought it was a good idea to list your competitor's games as well.
I've just updated my mother on your latest message, and we simply CAN NOT AFFORD the trip to Seattle; not enough money, and we do not want new credit. WE NEED THE ADVANCE.

Listen People of Nintendo, DURING MY LIFETIME, my family and I have invested THOUSANDS of American Dollars and Cents in Nintendo Video Games and Systems from NES and Game Boy to Gamecube/Wii and DS/GBA. I have also attached My List of Video Games I have in my collection; 90 PERCENT of Which were ALL BOUGHT BRAND NEW while available in the stores during its MINT Availability. SURLY you can spot back about just under 800 for our Trip To Seattle in advance. You can even ship a check Express via Snail-Mail with the most secure Delivery and Signature Confirmation to our home address at

Christian Weston Chandler
14 Branchland Ct.
Ruckersville, VA 22968-9545

I'm certain Mr. Miyamoto wants to meet up with me and discuss the future of Sonichu and the Sonichu Alpha Project, as much as I'd be humbled and honored to meet with him and discuss the matter; PROBABLY MORE FOR HIM, becuase I am the Original Creator of Sonichu, Rosechu, the other associated characters and the city of Cwcville around them all.

The only sensible solution is either advance me and my mother the money, or have Mr. Miyamoto fly to my house and meet with me on the 25th of January, 2007 [sic]. I am assuming that you and Mr. Miyamoto will wish to go with Plan "A", as I can understand his busy schedule.

If you wish me to prove myself, I can and am willing to create a YouTube Video showing off my Game Systems and Video Game Collection, and I have already confirmed my identity from the ACCityFolk, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETRvXXTX6HU, Video I've uploaded onto YouTube during the past week. And between Takashi of ACCityFolk and Mr. Miyamoto, they feel secure of my idenity and that they are dealing with the true Christian Weston Chandler; me.


Hopefully we can resolve the monetary advance peacefully, legally and all that sort.

Christian Weston Chandler.

11 January 2009 to 15 January 2009: Chris Can't Afford to Fly to Redmond

Chris Won't Sell His Crap

I think you have the gist of what I sent. God, he still won't sell his things. This is just a repeat from Vivitheg's AIM chat where he wouldn't sell his shit.
You're not asking me to pawn off my games and systems are you? Because that is preposterous; I have VAST HISTORY within those Digital Gaming Walls, and to sell them off as such would be a sheer mockery and I would just feel most saddened and uncomfortable with that.

You all can surly afford to Reserve the Plane Tickets at my local Airport for me and my mother to pick up, so we can fly to Redmond and meet with Mr. Miyamoto. You can even check with Mr. Miyamoto himself for his approval and which airport to book the flight TO Redmond from, then let me know the where and time of the flight where our tickets are reserved at. And quickly as you can say "Supercalifragilisticespialadocious", my mother and I would be there at least an hour before the flight leaves, pick up the tickets and be seated to FLY.

Chris Tells His Life Story

I said something like how a creative man like yourself should have a job.
Actually, Mr. Miyamoto, I am not currently employed; I've been getting money from the Social Security due to my High-Functional Autism. If you would like information on autism, there is some on autism.org, or you may try wikipedia.
Wow, that's very interesting; the creator of Pokemon has autism; I applaud him and his success very much.

And, Wow. That's a tough question within the first 30 seconds to a minute. In short, I am a bit impulsive, compessive, and even when I TRY to save for the future, it ends up getting spent on my bills; my father makes me pay rent to help with their bills as well.

I have overcome a LOT of obstacles myself. Although I've had special education during the young years of my life, I was mainstreamed the Majority of my life. I have had a LOT of Gal-Pals in my lifetime, yet the concept of dating and sex has eluded me until I turned 21, while I was in College. I was on Honor Roll in Providence Middle and Manchester High Schools, throughout. Got my Diploma, a Star Pin for my Grades, and NO AWARDS for my Creativity; I TOOK NUMEROUS Art Classes (Paint, Clay, Needlepoint, Photography, Computer Graphics and many, many other styles); I EXCELLED in ART; my drawings of perspective viewpoints are surpassive, as you can see in my comics. I earned two degrees in Computer Aided Drafting and Design at Piedmont Virginia Community College, and made the Dean's List.

I was employed two times in my lifetime. Two months at a newly constructed Wendy's restaurant in my neighborhood, but got the pink slip, because the boss had a low opinion of me based on my autism and such. I did enjoy the job while I had it. One summer I was employed as a Salesman for Cutco products; the owners of the "Double-D" Edge and the Super Shears that can cut a penny to create a pig-tail. Lifetime Guarantee on sharpness. The boss left at Summer's end, and I lost that job. FYI, I was very cautious with my samples of cutary, and I do not have any intentions of harming myself or anyone else. My record is clean.

I also was a Volunteer Assistant Gym Leader at the Pokemon TCG League from 1998 to June, 2008 when the new store owner hated my spunk and kicked me out of the store; lifetime. I miss my Friday Nights playing and trading, conversing with my the main Gym Leader and the few peers just under my age who attended.

My father helped me get my Social Security set up; I get more a month than I could at a job. Yet with my impuslive shoppiness (mostly controable), I end up spending my side-money after I get it.

Also, the Sweetheart Search, as portrayed in the Sub-Episodes were true for the time. Until Mid-September, 2008 when I finally met, online, and started chatting and talking through mics and speakers, Sarah Cassandra McKenzie, who has earned her degree at her university in Australia for becoming a Biology Teacher. She will be moving to Virginia, USA to be employed at a school here and to be with me. We truly love each other. But I digress.

I guess I got carried away in my explination for your question. to figure out a FULL, short answer out of my life's story would take a LOT of time, but I gave you a nutshell answer, based on the adjectives my loving, caring mother shared with me.

...complicated, Mr. Miyamoto. *sigh*

I'm sure you can understand and relate better to me now.

My Life DVD I put together on my 25th Birthday covers a LOT in photographs and whatnot, but the emotions can only be truly expressed in writing, drawing and art.

Christian Weston Chandler.

Chris Spent All His Income on Video Games

I asked him how he could not save up money and he gives me this bullshit answer.
I give my father 450 a month; I had to give him an extra 100 this month, because I needed two hundred for e-bay, credit card and other bills November, and I repaid him a hundred a month, so now we're even again on that. I had to pay my mother back 40 on money I borrowed from her. I had to pay e-bay 55 from past multiple listing fees of UNSOLD ITEMS. I have to pay my Credit Card 60 in a payment. And my impulses killed 100 or so out of me in a couple of items, and I received about 800 from Social Security on the 3rd of Janurary; I do not get anymore from Social Security until the next 3rd. Simple Math; aside from the 60 I'm holding for the payment of my fully used Credit Card, I will have only 35 dollars in my bank and 10 dollars in savings.


Again, because of my impulsiveness and compulsive spending, I am not as good at saving money as I am on my Creative Talents.

And my parents have their own Major Debts as well.

I think that should explain more than enough why I can impulsively buy games ONE AT A TIME PER MONTH...

*sigh* I apologize for coming out in a frustrated tone, but having to repeat myself in-a-sense to full-to-the-letter, after having explained myself greatly, just makes me feel really irritated.

Christian Weston Chandler.

Please Give Me $800

Mr. Miyamoto, I do want a successful future in my Sonichu and Rosechu, the load of money to pay off my bills, save a bunch of it, and spend the rest slowly, and all the success. I have been very serious about meeting with you. I understand how finances are not the point of the discussion, but when it comes to helping me to come over there and help you, it is an issue.

Please Help Me to Help You.

Also, please feel free to call me on my cell phone at 434-760-0848 to discuss this with quicker responses.
I said that we were going to have to give this project up to someone else.
I disagree, there is NO ONE ELSE; there is only ONE TRUE Original Creator of Sonichu and Rosechu, and I am he. Mr. Miyamoto, I WANT to be able to come and meet you in person and discuss Sonichu's Video Game Future, but if I may, let me put the question up to you. Are you interested in making more money with My Sonichu and Rosechu?

You have been busting your typing fingers in this dispute as much as I have; probably more on my half. I have as much respect for you just like the next Video Gamer, and as an Artist, Creative Person and Gamer with parents who both have been in the business world A LOT, I have as much right to Honest Friendship and Trust in the Business World as they have.

All I am asking is for you to reserve and pay the flight tickets for me and my mother, so we can come and meet with you in Washington. To you, 800 dollars out of millions is like 8 dollars out of 100.

I have created and uploaded the video onto YouTube; I have edited the Comic Pages in Photoshop as per to your requests; I have them ALL saved on my PC, uploaded them all and updated Sonichu.net to show them off, and then what happens? A Troll logs in and DELETES all the files on Sonichu.net, leaving me to have to Re-Upload and Re-Edit the HTML files as such. I have had a very busy week the past week making sound business decisions, coping and agreeing with yours, between You, Mr. Zylberstein and Takashi. And I Trusted You All as such and Worked My Body down to a last drop of energy with lack of sleep a bunch of nights, like a Conveyer Belt Worker working OVERTIME Nights, Weekends and Holidays in addidion to the Days and Days of WORK, and Not Getting Paid for it. It's happening right here and now; you are not Trusting me back; not Paying Me a Raise I deserved for HARD WORK and OVERTIME.

You have employed me and my services; Please Treat me as equally as you would your Most Loyal Employees with Trust, a Good Raise, and a Humbling, Honest "Thank You" for my Hard Work and Acceptance into your Work Force. In Other Words, and with due respect, Mr. Miyamoto, Please Trust me with the Advance Pay in the Trip TO Washington State for me and my mother.

Christian Weston Chandler.

Another way of putting it, if I may: Are you the "Mario" who Plays Fair, or the "Bowser/Koopa" who Cheats and Lies?
I will raise the money, and my mother and I will be there. Also, and I will repeat this one more time; someone else deleted the files in my Tripod account that were of Sonichu.net; I am in the process of re-uploading and re-editing the html pages to present the Fixed Pages. I started work on the HTML Pages; the edited pages will be re-presented in a few hours.

Also, please talk to my Sweetheart and Partner on Sonichu.net, Sarah Cassandra McKenzie, although currently in Australia; she is coming to Virginia very soon to be with me. She is caught-up on everything Sonichu & Rosechu, although she is NOT the original creator, but my Sweetheart and Equal Partner. Her e-mail address is pandahalo@gmail.com. I have also informed her alone of our discussion. She is Truly Trustworthy.

At work again,
Christian Weston Chandler.

Yes sir. Also, if it's not too much to ask, can you snail-mail me a hand-written letter (with a hand-written translation if required) of your promise to reimburse and accomidate me, and hopefully my mother if I can afford her ticket, as a personal incentive to verify that this is all real, and to better my emotions towards raising the money for the trip, please? It would mean a lot to me.
Okay, thank you. Also, please ask him to write a letter to my Aunt Harriet and Uncle Tom Ashby at 1218 Courthouse Rd. Richmond, VA 23236, introducing himself, describing his and mine business transactions in brief detail, and letting them know of my asking for their help in my trip for a more successful future for myself, Sonichu and Rosechu. I am going to let them know about this as well, and they are kind, trustworthy people. And I feel a letter from Mr. Miyamoto will help validate my case better.
On second thought, please disregard the previous e-mail.
I just looked up Satoshi Tajiri on Wikipedia; it says Satoshi was not Autistic, but Diagnosed with Aspergers. For your information, people commonly mistake the two; Autism and Aspergers to be the same, when they clearly are DIFFERENT. Autism affects while the person is young, and mainly concentrates on the Social Skills. While Aspergers affects the adults and older, and maninly concentrates on Short-Term Memory. Also, those with Autism will Less Likely develop Aspergers, compared to the Non-Autistic. It really irritates me when people say the two are similar when CLEARLY they are NOT.

I just wanted to let you know about for your information, Mr. Miyamoto. Also, I would like to extend a congratuations on him having the honor of being taken under your wing as a Mentor.

Shigeru Miyamoto, a Troll?


Before you are DAMNED TO HELL, Enjoy the LAST Piece of Heaven you will be able to Truly Enjoy and Pleasure at!

Chris might have figured out something on his own...but...
Well, "Staff of Nintendo of Japan", how do you explain the constant ad on the bottom of every e-mail I've received from this address for http://www.mail.com? I have checked mail.com, and I've learned that "shigerumiyamoto@tokyo.com" WAS already taken.

I have Numerous TROLLS and Internet Bullies pestering me on and on. And the TROLLS can easily register a FAKE E-mail address on mail.com, with the exception of OFFICIAL AND LEGITIMATE addresses, such as aol.com, yahoo.com and especially noa.nintendo.com.

I know that you are a TROLL posing as Mr. MIyamoto and the American/Nintendo Staff. I should have known it sooner, but I was under compulsive influences that made me believe all this was for true and real. And Besides which, My Father Realized that you were a Phony, since you constantly refused to even pay and reserve plane tickets and making up likely poor excuses for such, made up excuses to NOT talk on the telephone, and above all else, in an e-mail from "James Zylberstein", he said you favored Sonichu greatly, then in another later e-mail recieved from your address, you say you detested Sonichu, but then you do a 180 and say you do in an even later message.

I was wisely informed of this hoax by a student attending the Digipen University at Nintendo's headquarters in Redmond. He has triple-checked around NOA by asking around and the people there CLEARLY CAN TELL ALL THE MESSAGES FROM THIS ADDRESS WERE OBVIOUSLY FAKE.

Just Come Clean, Right NOW, and I won't inform a REAL Associate @noa.nintendo.com about your Trollucricious Hoax and the e-mail address with it.

Christian Weston Chandler.

The power of delusion is a powerful one:
I humbly apologize; I was in error, and under a lot of stress. If I can, I will try to make the trip by the 25th.
Reggie Fils-Aimé came in at this point and set things straight.

Chris Will Be There... Someday

Actaually, I can't make the trip, because number one; the money is an issue, and number two; I just personally feel uncomfortable leaving the safety in and around my house, within my familiar surroundings (a quirk with Autism). I am undecided now rather to believe this is the real Mr. Miyamoto or not, and I will not agree nor disagree with the facts over fiction. But if you are truly him, PLEASE, contact my Sweethart, Sarah Cassandra McKenzie, at her e-mail address of pandahalo.com, and put the offer of meeting with you on the Sonichu Projects and all that with her.

I just feel so unfurled with uncomfortable butterflies of nerves going off in my chest area.

I entrust all legal matters of this with Sarah Cassandra McKenzie.

Christian Weston Chandler.

Please keep the option open ONLY for me for the LONGEST TIME POSSIBLE; it may not be the 25th of January, but I will let you know after I get all my affairs in order and planned.

Christian Weston Chandler.

I hope that's the greeting in Tokyo; I do not mean any offense.

I just wanted to inform you that I've reuploaded the edited Comic HTML pages, and re-updated the front page of Sonichu.net with the corresponding information on the edits. I have also typed up an apology for you, Takashi and Mr. Zylberstein for the misunderstanding earlier; I was under a miscomprehension of the possibility of an impostor, and I hope you accept my most humble apologies.

I also wanted to get your consent on an idea I had for the end of my #10 Comic Book. It was planned that I will be making a public announcement of transferring the Mayorship of Cwcville to my Twin-Sister, and I have come upon an idea just now of drawing you behind my podium, and extending a humble bow (or handshake; let me know which) of gratitude for your attendance and our future business together. I would draw you based on a photo image I've found on Wikipedia. And if you like, I can also draw in Satoshi Tajiri; your close Pokemon Friend, and Naoto Oshima; the artist behind Sonic the Hedgehog (although their photographs are not currently found on Wikipedia) upon their mutual consent in addition to yours. Anyway, at the end of the speech, I will draw you calling up a Warp Pipe "To Tokyo", sharing a "Syonara" then jumping through it. And if Satoshi and Naoto are there; a Pikachu balloon can pick Satoshi up, and Naoto can jump through a "Special Stage" Ring.

The Bow or Handshake between you and me will be a great honor and a humbling privlidge to draw with your consent.

If I can make the meeting on the 25th, I will let you know; if not, then I will let you at least a week in advance of a possible future meeting date.

I feel better that we can continue the business without the tension from the past suspicion, as well as a total security of knowledge to help me better make my plans and keep my compulsiveness down and allow me to be at peace and calmness.

Have a pleasant day, Miyamoto San. Syonara,
Christian Weston Chandler. :-)

Before I actually posed as Miyamoto, Jay Z and Takashi already said Miyamoto wanted certain changes to the comic.
I understand. Domo arigato. :)

Why Not Send Someone to Virginia?

Raising funds will be a task, but after the confusion and chaos among the one Troll who hinted me to the mail.com, leading to the misconception and such, my mother and father are in big disbelief. I, myself, honestly BELIEVE you are the real man after having received the e-mail from the automatic system of @noa.nintendo.com verifying your e-mail address, yet even my mother still isn't convinced.

I've just had a thought, if I may suggest, I understand advance airfare money is out of the question, but how about sending a True Employee or Head-type figure from Nintendo of America, as a representative, over to my house? (S)he can prove her/himself with her/his proper identifications and papers verifying her/his employment and status at N.O.A. to me and my parents (maybe come in one of those Nintendo Beetles). (S)he can talk to my mother and father and confirm the business discussions between you and me over the e-mails were True and Legit, and that you are the real Miyamoto San. Also, because my mother is hesitant on me traveling alone to another state or country, I can ride/fly back with the N.O.A. Representative and make my meeting with you as early as the 25th of January after all. It would also be easier on me and my family's wallets; less bit of stress. :)

I'll leave that suggestion humbly up to you, and hopefully that can lead to a mutual agreement between us and my family.

Domo arigato, Miyamoto San,
Christian Weston Chandler.

I meant to send a representative FROM Redmond, WA to my house in Virginia, via airplane or Nintendo Beetle; she/he can meet my family, explain the business was Real and legit with her/his credentials, then ride/fly back to Redmond with her/him.
I need to inform my lawer of the planned business meeting before further discussion. So I wish to ask for a hard copy, hand-written proposal of our meeting in full detail snail-mailed to me swiftly. Domo arigato, Miyamoto San.

15 January, 2009: That Damn ED Page

Encyclopedia Dramatica According to Chris

I said I did a Google search for CWC and got the ED page. I also said that Jay Z quit.
Yes I can explain that. That webpage is a PAGE FULL OF LIES and SLANDERS fabricated by the Trolls/Internet Bullies who created it just to irritate and spite me. For God knows how long, I've protested AGAINST it, but that only added logs to the fire. So I've been ignoring it for months. I have NEVER condoned that webpage; Please Do NOT put that page against me. Also, I have not had a MySpace or Facebook Page for Months, since those same Trolls Hacked into both of those accounts and twisted them to their evil deceptions. I have managed to recover and delete both the MySpace and Facebook accounts.

The webpage that BEST describe me is the "About the Author" page on Sonichu.net. Also my real-life Gal-Pals and past Friends, my Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church's Congregation, the Sonichu Girls (True, Loyal Female Fans) on Sonichu Girls - Message Board - Yuku, my Family, and my DVD that I have created on my 25th Birthday and shared with my closest friends and family can all BEST describe me for who I am. After I get Mr. Miyamoto's Letter, I can burn a copy of my DVD titled, "Christian Weston Chandler... Yep, I'm On T.V. :)" and send it to him at my own expense with honor.

Also, I have heard that Mr. Zylberstein quit from Takashi previously. But that's your lawer. I would still need a hard, hand-written document detailing the business between me and Mr. Miyamoto and our future meeting for my lawer.

Christian Weston Chandler.

Chris's Rap Sheet

-Disorderly Conduct and Trespass; basically what happened in my Comic's Sub Episodes 7 and 8 in real life; I resumed my Sweetheart Search on about June 23, 2005 ONE TIME at the newly-opened Target store in Charlottesville, Virginia. The manager and his accomplice felt uncomfortable of my presence there and called the cops on me. I resisted handcuffing and tried to get away, and I screamed for my life while they tortured me. IN COURT, I was Found Innocent, and the charges were dropped.

-Foll Too Close; an automobile accident. I got a bit sidetracked in my mind with a complex thought while driving, and I failed to see the stopped vehicle in front of me then. I paid the fine, and I'm still paying my father back for the repair on my car.

Actually, I am in the process of finding an attorney to represent me within my congregation, with the aid of my trusted Pastoral Counselor, Rocky Shoemaker and her family, as well as my Pastor, Reverend Elizabeth Foss, of the Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church. If you wish to talk to someone who is capable of representing me before I find an attorney, you may try Reverend Elizabeth at at elizabethfoss22@earthlink.net; I am entrusting her e-mail address to you with Confidentiality.

Christian Weston Chandler.

I wanted to ask about all his court cases.

Miyamoto Should Call the FBI

Unfortunately, I never had webmaster-status administrative control over that heinous webpage, but as long as those Trolls do not get much new info that can be easily twisted and misunderstood and as long as fewer people visit the page, it will eventually be fully deleted. I prefer to be the bigger man and just move on and let that be just muddy water under the bridge.
I understand you completely, and I have personally tried Numerous times again and again in the past to Delete everything on that page. Unfortunately, the website of Encyclopedia Dramatica is Wikipedia-Based; Full Deletion of a WHOLE PAGE can be Quickly Undone behind my back, then I would be banned from logging in again to try again, or create a NEW account to try another FULL Denouncing of that page; BANNED AGAIN. Until eventually, the administrator behind the Website of Encyclopedia Dramatica BLOCKED my IP ADDRESS FOREVER from EVER LOGGING IN, much less DELETING THE PAGE.

If you want that page deleted for good much quickly, you may try talking to the administration behind that one page of that website. Your best weapon against them is your Money and Power of authority. You could call in the F.B.I.'s Internet Tracking Squadron to track down the creator of that page, Jason Kendrick Howell of Tennessee, or any administrative person of Encyclopedia Dramatica to Force the Page, even the whole website, down for good.

I wish I had the authoritive power you posess, Miyamoto San, so I could have done that at a movement of my finger back then.

I know only soo much about the internet; I do not claim myself to be an Internet or HTML God-Like figure.

Should you try to force the Denouncing of the E.D. Page out of the whole E.D. website, Miyamoto San, I wish you God Speed and the Greatest of Victory.

Christian Weston Chandler.

Chris Sets the Record STRAIGHT

but I have created and uploaded a video onto YouTube of me Denouncing the Encyclopedia Dramatica "Chris Chan" webpage, as well as the whole Encyclopedia Dramatica website, of ever being of use against my personality and person in the Legal Courts of Law.
-The pictures on that page were all fabricated in a photoshop program.

-I am a Chrisitan, Baptized in my Methodist Church Mother's Day of 2008 [sic], and importantly I am Truly STILL a Virgin. Rest-Assured I am Straight, and I would ONLY have any sexual intercourse with my Adult Sweetheart, Sarah Cassandra McKenzie. I have NEVER DONE, and I NEVER HAVE ANY INTENTION of doing that with any children, I Promise you that, just as I have Promised that in the name of God and my Lord and Savior.
-The Audio was taken from BEHIND MY BACK while I was Talking to Sarah McK over Skype by a Troll who was successful in hacking into my computer at that time. -I have NEVER Sexually Harassed Megan Schroeder. I have RESPECTED HER SPACE during the times I was with and around her during my Friday Nights at the Pokemon TCG League. I did previously have an infatuation over Megan during that time; she was OVER 18 Years of Age FROM Since I first met her at a Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament. I have never touched her inapproprately at any time.
-TRUE, I have ordered sex toys and Straight Pornography from adameve.com, and I am NOT ashamed of it; I take all those Videos I have watched as EDUCATIONAL towards when I will be having my First and Future Intercourses with my adult Sweetheart, Sarah, after we've had plenty of in-person time together. As for the dildos, I HAVE ONLY RECEIVED those as BONUS GIFTS from adameve.com, and I have NEVER used any of them on myself as such.
-I drew the Adult Images ONLY after I have first found the E.D. Page, and I DREW THOSE in PROTEST against the page, as the Slanderous Trolls dared to drawn dicks on my Pure Female Characters. I take that as Disrespect, not only against myself and my Rosechu characters, but Disrespect to Womankind. I am a Gentleman who Feels for the Woman population, and it offends me greatly as I empathically fell for every woman who has been insulted equally in the sense or greater. The women on the Sonichu Girls Forum page all Mutually Understand my Peaceful Protest against the E.D. Page and the slanderous dicked drawings. It's ONE THING to make a sexual mockery against me individually, but to go beyond that to put down the Female Population is JUST WRONG. I and my Supporting Sonichu Girl Fanbase are Unaminous in the Peaceful Protest.

I am capable of proving myself as such in my True from my Heart, Honest Statements I have just typed up for you in person or on recorded video if need be.

Thank you for asking me about that, and understanding me as an individual human being.

Christian Weston Chandler.

Hopefully you can tell what parts of the ED page I wanted him to debunk himself. Photoshop, my ass.
My family and I have eveidence to prove the slanderous site false, should it be required. Anyway, that's good news; I pray to god it gets destroyed for good.

Christian Weston Chandler.

I can do that; I shall work on that this weekend.

16 January 2009 to 19 January 2009: Chris Gets Hacked

16 January 2009: Sonichu.info

The Hacker, Jason Kendrick Howell of Montgomery, Tennessee; the original creator of the slanderous E.D. Page, has hacked into my Tripod Account AGAIN. I am currently in the password recovery process again, but I will soon close that account as soon as I retain it. So, just to Update, it will NO LONGER be Sonichu.net, but Sonichu.info. So, please update your bookmarks, paperwork, etc of that.

This just shakes me with a huge amount of stress, but I deeply appreciate your patience and support, Miyamoto San.

Christian Weston Chandler

Gregg Mays! GREGG MAYS! With three Gs in the Gregg.

17 January 2009: Christian Weston Chandler, a Troll?

What is up with that, I do not understand.

If you are trying to get to the REAL Trolls, this bullet misfired. I appreciate the gesture to act against them. I will forward an e-mail I got from the Troll who did hack into my Tripod account, so you can send the threat to him for real. No one has hacked into my AOL account yet, as far as I know.

Christian Weston Chandler

I told him that he was a troll and to stop contacting me. I figured that at this point, he was not going.
Miyamoto San, IT IS the REAL Christian Weston Chandler. I can prove it by uploading another video onto YouTube, verifying my e-mail address and addressing the video to you.
Miyamoto San, I can prove right now that I am the True Christian Weston Chandler of 14 Branchland Ct. in Ruckersville, Virginia, born on the 24th of February, 1982. Please see the attached Scan of my Drivers License; I have blacked out the Customer Number in my PC's Paint program to protect my identity, but you can tell it is REAL by finding the hints of the Virginia name and State Shape on my Drivers License.

18 January 2009: I Am Gay.

I just wanted to let you know that I, Christian Weston Chandler, have come out of the closet. I am gay. I've been ashamed to admit it for so long, but I don't think I need to hide it from y'all.

I hope you understand and support me for the path I've chosen in life. And if anyone is offended by what I've decided, please forgive me. I am sorry, but I cannot live a lie any longer. I have never been straight. I am gay, and always have been.

Yours truly,
Christian Weston Chandler

When his e-mail was hacked, yet again.

19 January 2009: Ignore that Last E-Mail!

A Troll, Clyde Cash, who posed as Jason Kendrick Howell and Gregg Mays, hacked into my AOL account Sunday, Jaunary 18, 2009, and spammed FALSE e-mails to everyone in my contact list. And to re-affirm, I, Christian Weston Chandler, am True and Straight.

I closed my AOL account that afternoon from my father's Master AOL account, then later restored it this afternoon on the 19th.

I sincerely apologize for his hacking and you receiving the Slanderous Lie. Also, I hope you saw the video on YouTube that I have addressed to you, Miyamoto San, and I hope you get the letter I sent to you via snail-mail with the enclosed sample of my True Sonichu & Rosechu drawing, fresh from my hand, as well as a photocopy of my Driver's License. The Envelope it is in has marker-colored Colors, and colored-in Sonichu's Face (again hand-drawn).

Please accept that and the YouTube Video as the Validity of my identity as Christian Weston Chandler and as True Creator of Sonichu and Rosechu and the world of Cwcville. Please reply via snail-mail swiftly soon after you read this e-mail or after you receive my hand-written letter.

Syonara and Peace,
Christian Weston Chandler.

21 January 2009 to 25 January 2009: Chris Is Really Going to Redmond, Honest

No worries, Miyamoto San, I will be there soon enough, as I would have checked in with one of your Associates at N.O.A. on a Rush Flight.
I asked him how he would get there.
I have the Powerpoint Presentation and CADD Sample ready for you, and they will be with me upon my arrival.
But I will most definitely be there live and well, with my powerpoint presentation and all with me in an envelope. And like I said before, I will have been accepted by an associate of Nintenod of America.

I'll see you there Live,
Christian Weston Chandler.

27 January 2009: The Truth Comes Out

From Chris to a PVCC poster

27 January 2009

I have NOT been lying; Mr. Miyamoto was in D.C. for the meeting this past weekend. I have just uploaded the video to YouTube with the update from the meeting.

Christian C.

Miyamoto Demands an Explanation

Oh, you didn't understand me? Okay, I'll give it to you straight. In the end, I HAD NO FINANCIAL, FAMILY or CHURCH SUPPORT for the Trip To Redmond, so Tuesday, Janurary 20, 2009, I had created the Powerpoint Presentation for Mr. Miyamoto, and copied it to a CD-R with a copy of the CADD files for my Cwcville Shopping Mall. Then with my PSEye, I recorded, "LIVE" from my Bedroom, my own Personal Message for Mr. Miyamoto, along with a reading of my Powerpoint Presentation. I copied it to a DVD-R. I stored the two Discs in individual Slim CD Cases, tucked them into an envelope Addressed to Mr. Miyamoto c/o Nintendo of America, and Shipped it to N.O.A. the Very Next Day on the 21st, USPS with a Confirmation number of 04797496957005064882. The Delivery of the Discs was made successful on the 23rd.

So, to put it another way, I worked my way AROUND the possible Trolls by Litteraly "Sending Myself" to Mr. Miyamoto via Snail-Mail.

And, considering you sent your message only ONE HOUR AGO from about my 8:30 PM, EST, talking about the meeting's cancelation, yet NOTHING about the DVD and CD I sent to Mr. Miyamoto, it leads me to believe that I may HAVE BEEN talking to a Troll after all. Unless, Mr. Miyamoto, HIMSELF, can prove me wrong by Snail-Mailing me a Hand-Written Verification letter that he received the package, and what he enjoyed most about the content, in his humble opinion.

Christian Weston Chandler.

Thank you for a Peaceful Weekend Getaway from the Trolls of the internet. :)

Yeah, read what he sent me. How the FUCK was I supposed to interpret his retarded messages as sending a package to Miyamoto?
Now, That is a Premature thing to say. The Discs were VERY UNLIKELY to be lost, since the Envelope was BIG, it had a BIG PRINTED USPS Stamp on it, and it had my hand-drawn Sonichu Face on it, with a speech balloon saying, "Please Rush To Miyamoto-San Upon Receipt."

I did NOT say that I lost complete faith in this address being that of the REAL Shigeru Miyamoto; I am only exercising caution to one possibility, since the chaos and confusion from multiple messages from real Trolls, as well as legitimate e-mails.

All is NOT LOST; Never Say Die to the Project!

Christian Weston Chandler.

To Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto.

I humbly apologize for missing the meeting. I thought sending the Powerpoint Presentation, CADD sample and myself on DVD would compensate, but apparently not. Had I known it would have become null and void, I would have kept them for myself.

Like I had stated previously, I was Unable to afford to make the travel fares. Also, due to the chaos and confusion from the Mix of Legitimate e-mails and Trolls/Internet Bullies/Impostor e-mails, I had a lack of faith in me actually talking to the True Shigeru Miyamoto from my FAMILY, my Local FRIENDS, my CHURCH CONGREGATION and my Attorney. Have I had THEIR Financial and EMOTIONAL Support, I would have been more likely to make the trip.

To gain their Neccessary [sic] and Required Support, I would Require a Hand-Written Document of our business together, as well as any other associated documents, Snail-Mailed to my home address of 14 Branchland Ct. Ruckersville, VA 22968-9545 USA.

I have also deleted the video on YouTube, upon the request.

I, Christian Weston Chandler, being of sound mind and body, still humbly and sincerely with to work with you, Mr. Miyamoto, and reschedule the meeting to when I can get the Financial and Emotional Support from my Family, Friends, Congregation, Attorney and you. AFTER I have received the hand-written Documents of our Business together that I may present unto them all to gain their Financial and Emotional Support, and then soon have the money to make the trip to Redmond or even Japan, I will have my attorney get in touch with you to make the appointment for the meeting for the future of the Sonichu Alpha Project.

Christian Weston Chandler.

Reggie stepped in again and claimed the packages were lost.

From Chris to a PVCC poster

27 January 2009

I did not go to Redmond. I had NO Financial or Emotional Support from my family, local friends, my church's congregation, nor my attorney; they DID NOT BELIEVE that I was talking to the TRUE Shigeru Miyamoto; they refused to help me, because they cared about me. And I could NOT afford the Trip TO Redmond Alone at this time.

It's for the better anyway; consider how WIDE the scheduled appointment was spread throughout the internet, I was able to have a peaceful weekend, with the Trolls in some other world. I've already Informed Sarah about this, but I created a CD-R with my Sonichu Powerpoint Presentation and CADD Files for the Cwcville Shopping Mall, and a DVD with a LIVE reading of the Powerpoint and personal words, and shipped them to Mr. Miyamoto c/o N.O.A. So, basically, IRL in my person, I've been having a peaceful weekend, FREE from Troll and Internet worries. I had it shipped with Delivery Confirmation, so I KNOW it was delivered successfully on the 23rd.

Unfortunately, while I was hoping that would compensate for my being unable to make the trip, I had learned from N.O.A.'s auto-sender that they do not accept business materials via snail-mail, so the discs were discarded.

I have apologized to N.O.A. and Mr. Miyamoto, and asked him to send me a Hand-Written Document of the business between him and me via snail-mail, for me to present to my family, friends and attorney, so I could make the trip for real in the near future. My attorney would make the appointment.

There was chaos and confusion from the mix of Legitimate e-mails and Troll/Bully/Impostor e-mails, I had to play it safe.

I feel bad about this situation as well, because to Cover for my Family and Local Friends' Care and Concern for my safety and being, considering the possibility of an Impostor who could harm me if I made the trip at this time, I had to Half-Truth around. :(

Christian C.

28 January 2009 to 30 January 2009: Reggie Steps In.

I am NOT lazy, Mr. Miyamoto. And I am Terribly Sorry for angering you; I meant no harm. Please, Mr. Miyamoto, do not cancel everything. I come from a mother and father who were of Great Business Practices, and yet I lack a bunch of experiences that they had that I require.

You are right, I was not an employee, but please understand, I was using words that my mother has told me to. Personally, I would have Never use such harsh words. But I abided with her suggestions, because I care for and love her very much; my father as well, I care for and respect him. And just like my family, I have Deepest Respect for you, Mr. Miyamoto. So, in a sense, we're acting like family, you and I. And as such, I have given Greatest Effort to perform to your wishes, I have given Greatest Effort to raise the money for the money locally, but I could not find Local Emotional and Financial Support even from my own Mother and Father, my Church's Congregation and my attorney.

I have Worked VERY HARD on that Powerpoint Presentation, and Worked Very Hard when I drew up the CADD Plans for Cwcville Shopping Mall. I did a hefty amount of thinking in that video and sending all that to Redmon, yet to see that work fall into a discarded abyss. I have WORKED MY HARDEST against the Internet Trolls/Bullies/Impostors who have spited me, hacked into my internet accounts, DELETED my Sonichu Site, and I DID MY BEST in recovering those accounts, and I plan on switching to another Website Hosting Website before I reupload My True Sonichu & Rosechu Site, yet AGAIN I am waiting for my next tugboat from my Social before I can even pay a Website to Host me and grant me a better .com domain name than sonichu.com (which was previously taken before I was able to acquire sonichu.net).

I have WORKED My Mind, My Body, and My Soul VERY HARD in ALL MY WORKS, and I am not Lazy.

Please, Mr. Miyamoto, grant me another chance to make up for my past mistakes from my hard work. I Promise you, that I, Christian Weston Chandler, can and will do a LOT Better than before, and be more capable of meeting with you in the near future.

The only thing I ask at this time is all our business details Written/Printed on Paper and snail-mailed to my home address. And you may have a English-Speaking Nintendo Associate call my father at my home at 434-990-0198, to better convince my family to grant the Emotional Support I Required for making the trip.

Shigeru Miyamoto San, Please help me by granting me another chance, snail-mailing me the documents, calling my father, and above all else, be a family-like friend to me. :)

Peace to you and yours,
Christian Weston Chandler.

Again, I tried to put an end to this by canceling the project and handing it over to Clyde Cash.
I had to create a gmail address to send the files from; the Valid Address with the Powerpoint and CADD files is chriswchansonichu@gmail.com.

Also, Reggie Fils-Aime has sent me an e-mail (shocking, granted, but I had that coming to me; I accept it). Comically in comparison, it was a real-life version of Animal Crossing's Mr. Resetti.

Christian Weston Chandler.

Here's the Powerpoint Presentation.
That is a bunch of baloney; Reggie is discriminating against me, due to my autism, current emotions and lifestyle. Also, since when does Japan take orders from America? I mean, did Reggie tell you, in his own words that he told me, why?

I will not stand for this.

Christian Weston Chandler.

Reggie continued the conversation from here.
You, sir, are mistaken; I have NOT BEEN LYING TO YOU. Granted, my assumption of being able to make the trip was exaggerated, but my ambitions for the Project are Positive and True. The Encyclopedia Dramatica website is ONLY Slanderous and False!

As for the video, I will delete it, ONLY after you and Mr. Reggie Fils-Aime come to Virginia Personally and meet my mother and father for a pleasant discussion. Please Reply VIA SNAIL-MAIL.

Christian Weston Chandler.

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