CWC Update 31 January 2009

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"CWC Update 31 January 2009" (officially "CWCUpdate01312009") is a video in which Chris retracts his 30 January retraction of his 26 January retraction, and apologizes for his unprofessional behavior toward Shigeru Miyamoto (or, as Chris calls him, "Mr. Mayamoto") and Reggie Fils-Aimé (or, as Chris calls him, "Mr. Fil-Aimés"). He then begs and pleads for Miyamoto and Fils-Aimé to merely postpone the Sonichu video game project indefinitely, rather than cancel it outright.

Reading between the lines, it's obvious that Chris has been telling his family and his peers all about this project, and nobody believes him, so his highest priority is to obtain the slightest proof that he has been talking to real Nintendo representatives. He makes a noteworthy Freudian slip in this video about how Nintendo should visit someone's family so that they can "be proud of that—be more proud of that person"; he clearly feels his family has no pride in him but that he shouldn't admit this openly. Chris is visibly desperate for the external validation Miyamoto has the power to grant him; bear this in mind when he casually dismisses that chance for validation ten days later.


CWC Update 31 January 2009
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Stardate 31 January 2009
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CWC Update 30 January 2009
Chris Comes Out of the Closet
I mean, y'all have the money!


Captain's Log, Stardate: January 31, 2009.

I direct this video to, uh, Mr. Shigeru Mayamoto and Mr. Reggie Fil-Aimés of, uh, Nintendo of Japan and Nintendo of America, respectively.

I respectfully retract the, uh, previous video I up-loaded… and I wish to apologize humbly for it.

You see, I, uh, made the outburst like that because, uh... well, I just wanted you—I wanted you bo—I wanted, uh, Mr. Mayamoto, at least, to, uh, be able to… y'know, sh—make himself—present himself personally, or at least to, uh, send, uh... something in the snail mail to prove that I have been talking to the real man himself… to my family.

‘Cause, y'know… my mommy and daddy, well, they sti—well, they love and care about me very much, uh... [fights back tears] well, they—they do care about me, and they care about my health and safety. And they just, uh, get concerned when I talk to other people on the Internet, and they not sure about, uh, who they are.

Plus, the, uh, e-mails you sent me came from, uh… "", so... [swallows hard] that led to, uh, one assumption. And, uh... [scratches a tear away] pardon me there. I apologize for, uh, that misconception—misunderstanding. And then, I also, uh, received a message from—then, later received a message from, uh, - the do-not-reply thing - verifying the e-mail address and, uh... business and all that eventually and all—and all that sort. Anyway.

Um… I wish I could tell you why I'm still livin' with my parents. Like, y'know, I can't really give a… viable reason. But I guess, uh... y'know, if anything, a good reason is just, uh… well, my autism. It gets me in—it gets me stuck in, uh, c—in, uh, routines... and even though I'm—even though I'm willing to break out of routines... it's just that I feel mo—I feel more comfortable at, uh, home.

And also, I just could not a—an—and also, I just could not afford to make the trip in the first place. I mean, granted: yes, I do need to get things ordered in my life. But, y'know, I am willing to save up the money for… me and my, uh... mother or my sweetheart or my attorney to, uh, make the trip to Redmond… in a few months. So, y'know…

Please, do not cancel the project totally. I mean, like, y'know, un-cancel it… and just—y'know, just shelve it. Y'know... go ahead: pigeon-hole me. I'll, uh—as long as, uh, you can take it off the, uh... shelf space there, so I can—so we can open it up… at the time when I am ready to, uh... start the Sonichu game ge—thing. Because as you can tell from, uh, my energy I have—I have given… I am very ambitious about the project… and honestly, I am…

I'm a—I'm a good guy. And, y'know.

Yeah, so, anyway. E—again, that ED page, Mr. Mayamoto: it's a l—it's a whole bunch of slanders and lies. And a maj—and the m—and my fan base, and my m—family, and my… l—and my local friends, and my church's congregation… will all tell you the same thing.

So, uh, please… Reggie… Shigeru-san. Or Mayamoto-san. Dunno, but I'm not sure which one at this point, 'cause I heard it both ways at this point. Anyway. Please, un-cancel the project, and just put it on a shelf… for me to—so I can be able to… grac—graciously accept it when I am fully capable… of making the trip to Redmond and talkin' to y'all about it. I would appreciate that. And—uh... and as you can tell, I would've deleted the video… after I have up—after I've uploaded this one. So, uh... [sniffles and clears throat]

And if y'all can—I mean, y'all have the money! Y'all should be able to, uh, y'know, find some free time… in your schedules. Y'know... come and visit some of your actual… pa—partial or full business associates in their homes… and that's—and, uh, it's like, y'know, meet their families, and it's like, y'know, then, their families can actually take full faith in the business that they're—that the person that's actually doin’ the business in that family—then, the rest of the family can take full belief and… be proud of that—be more proud of that person and also, uh... show more respect for, uh... you personally. I mean, I showed y'all respect. But then, uh... all this happened, so... hopefully, uh, we just put all this behind us and start fresh… on a good note. Alright?

So... peace. A good thing. Peace.

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