Live Game Stream - C-Log 050032017-2

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In this video, Chris speaks about the progress that he has made in repairing The Classic shirt.

Also, he discusses the subject of the North Korean dilemma with a very naïve point-of-view. He describes what he would say if he was in charge and expresses distaste for the president's stance so far.


Live Game Stream - C-Log 050032017-2
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Stardate 3 May 2017
Subject Matter MarketingMarketing Marketing, PoliticsPolitics Politics,
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Saga BusinessBusiness Business
Shirt The Bubblegum NightmareThe Bubblegum Nightmare The Bubblegum Nightmare
part 5
Live Game Stream - C-Log 05052017


-an startin' over.

Captain's log 05032017.

Second uh, C-log of the week, apparently...yeah.

Anyway, I have-I'm ch-first off, good news; [stutter] making great progress on the shirt since I started last Saturday.

[In a high-pitched voice] This sleeve! Right sleeve, got that done first.

Left sleeve, did that. And last night I fixed up the bottom rim of the shirt...and the hole underneath.

All that's left is a few remaining holes on the front and the back of the shirt. I'm also going to mend the collar and patch that up on both sides I'll put my autograph on the inside of the collar for the future reference ah, yeah and finally um... see[seen?] the holes once again, its around the collar those will be mended tonight as well.

i also, um... show you the before for the button section had two buttons, lost one long time ago and this one's quite old. Anyway, gotta pair of new-got some pair of ivory-esque [voice cracks] mock ivory buttons. I'm gonna put two- I'm gonna swap out this button and put the two-put two of those five inch button-five cent-half an inch buttons on the shirt to replace these.

So anyway, I'm gonna be doing that tonight. Alright, that's the good news portion of tonight's show.

The ba-the, uh... now I'm gonna be serious for a moment and I'm directing this directly to recent actions ive heard over facebook to North... Korea... but yeah... and the probability of bad tidings come t-come and response to ooh, Mr.45 [shakes his head and removes his glasses] Trump, what the hell? Why you gotta be so... dumb? Why you gotta be so violent? You're a terrible president, leave the office. But, addressing North Korea more accurately-m-more better right now to North Korea, I say to them: "Hey-"[Chris's phone goes off] up, shhhut up... Forgot to silence the phone. [mumbles] As I was saying, North Korea, we do not need to start any wars, okay? We've come a long way from wars, the world's becoming more peaceful. And what do we like better than viole-better than hatred and violence? Love and Peace! [Chris makes a Peace sign with his hand and then makes a heart using both his hands.] Okay?

And besides, back in e-back, just after world war two in the signal corps, my late father, Mr.Robert Franklin Chandler served in the signal corps in Seoul, Korea which, you know, is just south of y'all. And regardless of him being in the milit-in the military there, he made lots of friends in Seoul, Korea. I'm calling it Seoul because that's what he called it and I'm being honoring in that I mean, yeah it's known as "South" nowadays, but Seoul gives it more soul! Heh! But, yeah North Korea take a page from Seoul, Korea. Let's be friends we do not need any wars. Wars solve nothing. If you really want to take your anger out on somebody, just take it out on the one individual in the White House right now and help us get him out of office so we can get somebody better in office. I wish I could elect my father; he would have been good. But he passed away a few years ago. [Chris mimics a cross on his chest then sighs.] I miss him every day.

Anyway, so... North Korea, lets be friends. Lets not have wars, lets have love and peace. We like to spread love, okay? And that's not ju-and that's regardless of my orientation and gender identity. Everybody's who's on a norm, straight, [the ps4 controller on Chris's lap falls off, causing his mic to go with it.] And then that happened... [Chris picks the controller up and sets the earbud back into his ear] Everybody who is on the norm, straight, heterosexual, all the regular stuff, they would agree. Peace. Love. Mmkay? We're progressing forward, we don't want to fall backwards. No backwards. Keep going forward, we're progressing to better futures where we could have-we could all be friends worldwide regardless. Okay?

Anyway, so that's about it for now. I might do another ca-C-log video this week. But in the meantime... oh and I forgot also in regards to the previous video I did, I want to thank everybody who's made their purchases from me on eBay within the past month and beyond and everybody in the future who donates and makes purchases from me, all the good stuff. All right... so for now I'll just say take care, good night. Thank you.

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