Something Completely Different - A few Transformers Jokes, also anti-Pmurt

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Something Completely Different - A few Transformers Jokes, also anti-Pmurt is a video Chris uploaded in 27 September 2016. The video is mainly Chris going through a bit of random access humor using Transformers figurines while being anti-Trump, or Pmurt, as he has dubbed him. He also announces, somewhat passive aggressively, that his financial situation has improved. He also hints at being aware that most of his fans are tired of all of his donation requests and that they know he has been spending the money on the usual assortment of toys and fast food.


Something Completely Different - A few Transformers Jokes, also anti-Pmurt
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Stardate 27 September 2016
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Oh, Wait. I've got one more...
I come up with jokes as random as I feel like


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Hello everybody, this is Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once again with something completely different! And now I just wanna say for the record of note, I mean, my mom and I, we've been faring a little better financially, so, that's why I have not been uploading videos of requesting more money. So, don't think that I've been spending it all—spending it all on... frivalities, they have been going towards food. And definitely as I've cited in my—one of my recent Facebook posts to help the little kitten who has the hurt foot, Sorbet.

But anyway, for everybody who's donated, and uh, paid for video requests, uh, we thank you very much. Seriously, for all the good donat—for all the good money. And more donations are greatly appreciated, as well as all moneys for video requests. And it's like, y'know, I'm not gonna beg every five seconds for money. 'Cause it's fickle finances, we do good one day, we do bad some days, it happens, whatever.

Mmkay. So anyway, with that, now for something completely different! A few Transformer jokes!

[Chris pulls up Galvatron figure] And here's...Trumptotron. Hello!

[Chris moves over red and black transformer, making trotting noises] Mein Fuhrer!

[Chris spits] Right in the Fuhrer's face. [German accent] Zere is und Autobot on ze Autobahn! How do you feel about that, mein Fuhrer?

[Chris makes spitting gesture, shifting hand to Galvatron] Mmm... that's okay.

Now get away from me, you stupid lugnut!

Brawn, it's me! Donald Trump!

I know who you are, and that's why I'm voting for Hillary.

[Chris knocks over purple Transformer with other] You lady-hatin' bastard.

Pew! That's right, knock his head off. Knock his block off.

[Chris brings over the Christine Doll, placing Autobot head in her hand] We hate you, Trump! We do not want you to be president. You would've put the money to businesses instead of the country.

[Chris jerks figure, knocking over Autobot head] Thank you. You go around...[mumbling] you dis—you criticize women because of how they look and everything. Rat bastard. [Chris makes figure kick Autobot head]

But now for on the brighter—on the positive side, [Chris brings out Optimus Prime figure] I am an optimist! My name is Optimus. Optimist, Optimus, Optimist, Optimus, yeaaahh! I am an optimist! My name's Orion! Optimist Orion! Optimist Orion! Yeaaahh! Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo, doo-doo.

Eh, I come up with jokes as random as I feel like it, but whatever. Pfft. That was something completely different. And now, we'll stomp Donald Trump's head. Vote Hillary! Vote Hillary because she is the smart—the more smart, more intelligent choice. And definitely more mature than Trumpy Galvatron. Trumpy Trump Pmurt. The P is silent when you say his name backwards. Pmurt! Winert! Pew!

Thank you, have a good day.

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