Down with tyranny; rally in Hawaii

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Down with tyranny; rally in Hawaii is a video uploaded on 7 October 2018. He plugs an anti-Pmurt protest next week in response to his support to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. This is the first video in a year where he expressed his hatred to towards the president. Interestingly, Chris is seemingly unaware of the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, a more relevant and closer protest for anti-Pmurt supporters at the time in his area.


Down with tyranny; rally in Hawaii
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Stardate 7 October 2018
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There will be a protest against trumps support towards kim jong in in Hawaii. Also, @pewdiepie, would you help me bring attention to this event, please.


Hey, everybody. Coming to you live from home once again. And I've got to express my feelings. We've got to... let Trump know that we do not like... The Kim Jong -- We do not like Kim-Jong Un and we definitely don't like tyranny or any of that crap. So... tape -- So let's help out by supporting the... Support the group that's meeting in Hawaii in about a week or so... Information the link in the link below, so... [constipated grunt] DOWN WITH TYRANNY! DOWN WITH TYRANNYYYYYY! ...Thank you.

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