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Name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg
Also known as PewDiePie
Date of Birth 24 October 1989 (age 34)
Gender Male
Nationality Swedish
Race White

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie (born 24 October 1989), is a well-known Swedish YouTuber, gamer, and social media influencer known for his let's play commentaries and vlogs. He started his channel in 2010 and has over 100 million subscribers, ranking him in 2nd place as the most subscribed YouTube channel, with 1st place being T-Series (who overtook PewDiePie on 29 May 2019), and has over 20 billion views on his videos. Among his viewers is Chris.

First mention and weening

Chris first mentioned PewDiePie in his January 2016 video, Update 1/29/2016 - There is NO PewDiePie or Felix here whatsoever, where he tells viewers that he is not, in fact, PewDiePie. This was triggered by weens spamming him with emails addressed to the latter. This happened again in June 2019, resulting in another similar video. The way Chris responded to the situation was akin to his reaction in the Liquid Chris saga when people referred to him as Ian Brandon Anderson.

Interestingly enough, Chris had no idea who PewDiePie was when the weening started, and had to research him online. He also has trouble pronouncing PewDiePie's last name, saying "Kuh-zhellberg", "Kilj-berg", and "Kill-berg", instead of the correct pronunciation, which can be approximated in English as "Shell-berg".


On 13 October 2017, Chris posted on his Facebook, in a "feeling emotional" status, complaining about how jealous he was that PewDiePie got to meet his online girlfriend (and now spouse as of August 8th 2019), fellow YouTuber Marzia Bisognin, in person, still thinking that Jessica Quinn was a true and honest sweetheart.[1]

Ugh! Now I’m jealous of @pewdiepie. He met his Sweerheart Through Facebook, talked a long while, and then met up. Unlike My Sweetie’s feelings about My Fan Base, His Sweetie was Not Intimated by His Fan Base! Ugh!!!

PewDiePie mentions Chris

On 9 November 2017, PewDiePie released a video talking about Sonic the Hedgehog fans that take things way too far. The second half of the video (7:27 onwards) is dedicated to Chris.

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Stardate 9 November 2017


[He mentions Chris at 7:27]

Have you guys heard of Chris-chan? I don- Maybe it's better if people don't. A lot of people already are familiar, but... There's this lovely man. [picture of Chris pops up] Look at him, he's beautiful! And he's a huge fan of Sonic, which you can tell by his... [zooms in on Sonichu medallion] Stunningly, beautiful, uhhh... necklace. And h-h-h-he dresses like uhhh, a jock. He looks a bit- You know what he looks a bit like? Trey Parker. The creator of South Park, yeah.

He created this... wonderful, webcomic called Sonic the Hedgehog VS Sonickchu. [sic] Sonichu. Which is a mix of Pikachu and... Sonic. [zooms in on title of comic cover] "The World's Most Way Past Cool Comic!" Chris-chan made this. And he just had one thing to ask in return. Just one thing, just one thing.

[plays All I Want For Christmas Is a Pretty Girlfriend]

[Chris] Hello. My name is, uhhh... Christian Weston Chandler. Age 22, at this time. I will be 23 on February 24, 2005. Anyway, for, uh, over a year now I've, uh, being trying to attract an 18 to 22-year-old boyfriend-free girl, 18 to 21 before February 24, 2004, which is this year. Anyhoo, been trying for over a year to attract a girl.

[PewDiePie] He just wants a girlfriend! Is that too much to ask? Here's his... Here's his demands.

[Attraction sign is shown]

"18-24 years old." Okay, fine. "Boyfriend-free." Seems reasonable. Uhhh... "White." Alright, uhhh... "Within 20 miles of zip code." And he... posted his zip code. Okay, that's cool. "Under 230 pounds." [laughs] "Caring, pretty, cute." Ehhh... "Hopefully a virgin."

[Another attraction sign is shown]

He posted this in his school. With a little Sonichu, thing, and uh, you just have to follow the line to... get there.

Chris-chan has clearly made the best... [sigh] The best cartoon of all time. "Sonickchu." [sic] And it seems only fair, that at least he can get a girlfriend.

[Cover of first comic is shown] "Go Sonichu! Go out and zap to the extreme!" See, he integrates himself into comics. Which, is something... very... uhhh... very revolutionary, for its time of course. This was done a couple years ago.

[Sonichu on first cover is shown] "I will! Thank you, Father!"

Wait, ehhh... It's his child? Sonichu's his child? I don't know how that works. Maybe he sees him as a father figure. Because Pokemon, you just catch them. But then he doesn't have a girlfriend... There's a lot of missing pieces to this puzzle. Uhhh... People started noticing... some slightly... homosexual references in the Son- [laughs]

[Image of The Oversized Drinking Straw of Fail] It's horrible. I shouldn't be laughing but the- Th-They started picking on some, ehhh... some things here and there. And they started bullying Chris-chan. For, uhhh... being a homosexual. Chris-chan responded with ehhh...

[Image of CWCRockin4Way] "If I was a homosexual or anything like that, would I not be having sex with THREE WOMEN?"

And he attached a photo... of himself. Which is gonna be blurred, but he's wearing the medallion, so you know it's him.


[Image of ShecameforCWC.JPG] Now, this isn't straight. I don't know what straight is. Ain't nothin' more straight than thumbing up, while you pump it up! Am I right?

[Image of Tomgirl Chris] So this is Chris-chan now, just to keep it clear on the topic. "I am a Male Lesbian Intersex Transgender. You can Google "Lesbian Identified Male" for more info on the subject." "I am most sincerely into Women, and I am Female in my soul."

And he even posted this.

[Image of RainbowChris.jpg] "YES! MY LOVE QUEST IS FINALLY OVER!" Heart at a 100%. With, ehhh, LGBT color in the back. Lovely.

[end of Chris segment]

Video dedicated to CWC


On 13 November 2017, he recorded a video dedicated entirely to Chris, briefly going over various sagas in his life.

Chris presumably saw the video and posted on his Twitter a few hours later:

.@pewdiepie DM me.
Replying to @pewdiepie


So far PewDiePie has not responded to Chris.

On 12 April 2019, Chris tweeted:

Oohh-kay. Just watched @pewdiepie’s video about me, uploaded a year ago. ... He accentuated the Negatives; many triggers came up from being reminded of those “Sagas”; he called me not amongst the greatest of people. Do I feel offended, yes. Does he deserve losing his channel, No.

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Stardate 13 November 2017


[The first minute and 4 seconds is an advertisement]

Chris Chan. Christian. Weston. Chandler. I been wanting to make a video on him for quite a while. He has so much presence online. Past 7 or 8, 9 years, uh, so much has happened with him and, eh, you look at him and you may not know who he is and he might seem like a nice charming... [cut] This man has been through a lot. And eh he serves as a great example, I think, of how not to act online. Which is ironic for me to say. There's even so many things happening with, ehh, Chris Chan online that people generally agreed upon splitting it up into different sagas. There's a timeline of sagas dating back since 2005 and it's just... it's still pretty overwhelming. I've talked to other people about Chris Chan before and usually the reaction I get is like "Oh I heard of him, but that's not what I heard." There's just so many things happened. And part of me think I probably shouldn't make a video on it because it's [cut] it's pretty- it's a pretty dark story. I think it's almost like an important piece of history- of the internet. Mr Christian Chandler.

Now the first thing you need to know about him is that he created Sonichu (mispronounced throughout the video as "sonic-chu"), which is of course, the mixture of Sonic and Pikachu. This was a webcomic that he posted online, on his own website. (laughing) Despite Sonichu being a complete ripoff from Sega and Nintendo's Pikachu and Sonic., he seemed very keen to mark out that it's copyrighted material. He also incorporated himself into the comic book uhh where he is the father... of Sonichu. It features pretty shallow characters, but also an ungodly amount of text. And some stuff that is just outright [long pause] twisted. Now people discovered this webcomic and got very fascinated. Who was the creator behind it? Why would anyone make this?

The Beginning of Chris Chan

They figured out his name Christian Weston Chandler in response, he made this video. (It's worth noting that this video was released BEFORE his discovery)

Chris: Ahem... hello, ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, and dudes of all teenagers, as well as the, uh, gals. My name is Christian Chandler; I am here, and y'all are there.

PewDiePie: That's true. He's not wrong with that (laughs). 2007, the year an angel was born.

Chris: This message is for everyone of the present and the future, beyond this date: February 24th, 2007th. My birthday. My 25th birthday.

PewDiePie: [laughing] My 25th birthday. In this video he touches upon a lot of things, ah, he describes how girls can easier... eh... interact with boys by studying Transformer figurines.

Chris:, uh, you would tr- like you would learn how... a man... works.

PewDiePie: He also touches upon binaries. How they are absolute and how uh girls should like boys and boys should like girls and nothing else.

Chris: ...and hopefully in due time or now, each and every one of you will stay straight. You know, girl for boy, boy for girl? Everything else is vice, as said by Doctor Kinsey.

PewDiePie: Now another thing you need to know about Chris Chan is the he's an absolute... insane hoarder. He- there is just stuff everywhere. From his own house tour. Going all the way up to the ceiling. There was even a fire at one point. Uh. Because of all the hoarding. It's... tends to be a problem.

[News cast about the fire plays]

[Presenter] -morning. It started at about 3 o'clock this morning at a home on Branchland Court, that's in the southern part of the county. We're told the fire started in a first floor bathroom, but got quickly out of control, and eventually shot through the roof. Everybody inside was able to get out safely, but one firefighter suffered minor injuries. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

PewDiePie: Hoarding! Hoarding. That's what started it.

Encyclopedia Dramatica Saga

Now. Chris Chan whin [sic] his newfound fame started noticing that he was getting a bit of hate online. People were, uh, uh, ridiculing him. People were makin' fun of him. People were trying to antagonize him purposely. [Smash cut to Chris]

Chris: All Sonichu fans who do not hate me; Christian Weston Chandler. For I have an important message for y'all. If y'all would actually like me to bring up new stuff for Sonichu and conclude the stories you can do so by taking- havin that Encyclopedia Dramatica page taken down so that I can feel more comfortable in drawing and coloring the comics that y'all have grown to love.

PewDiePie: Basically Encyclopedia Dramatica posted a bunch about him and he single-handedly tried eh to take it down himself. So, to combat the Encyclopedia Dramatica page he initiated what he called an "information overload" where he added more information about himself some really disturbing and embarrassing things. He even posted pictures of him fiddling one of his fellow friends. Now it goes without saying that this kind of uh response doesn't really help the situation and it certainly didn't help Chris Chan and the trolls just sort of became more elaborate and more vicious from now on. Now Chris Chan had revealed in uh MANY instances that he is on a love quest. He's looking for a girlfriend.

Chris: Anyway for uh over a year now, I've uh been trying to attract an 18-22 year old boyfriend-free girl. [cut] [Singing] -but you should know that I am a (unintelligable).

PewDiePie: Okaay, alright, okay okay his requirements were simple: 18-24 years old, boyfriend free, white.

The Blanca Saga

So, knowing that Chris was on a love quest, a couple of trolls went together under the alias of Blanca Weiss and pretended to romance Chris in an attempt to get his most precious item... arguably the most precious item in the whole universe. Chris Sonichu Necklace which he would wear at air- all the time, at every single time, every single day, sleep with it. Now this is the part where it gets dark. It gets almost vicious. There's something twistedly funny about it at the same time. So they managed to get Chris to send in his medallion.

[Autistic plays, with music playing over it.]

And many other fake girlfriend appeared after so there was Julia Sage (possibly misread "Julie Saga"), which there's even a video of Chris having... ngg... fun? with an inflatable sex toy. While yelling Julie's name.

The Julie Saga

[Censored version of For Julies Eyes Only.MP4 plays]

[pained sigh] From here it's just like. [pulls faces at the camera, followed by a few more seconds of For Julies Eyes Only.MP4]

But Julie revealed herself, ah, to be a thirteen year old boy.

Julie: Um Chris?

Chris: Julie?

Julie: There's somthin' I been tryin' to tell you for a while.

Chris: Yes?

Julie: Well, I'm gonna be there tomorrow, and I think it's safe to say that now I can tell you this. With my heartfelt love.

Chris: Alright, uh, yes, uh, go ahead and tell me now.

Julie: Do you really wanna know?

Chris: You love me, don't you?

Julie: I do, but there's something else I need to say. I just don't... I just don't know how to do this. I don't know how to tell you this.

Julie: This whole time,'ve been... having sex with a 13-year-old boy, you sick fuck!

Chris: What?

BlueSpike: Yeah. I'm a 13-year-old boy, Chris, and you've been having sex with me this entire time. I'm gonna give all your fuckin' data to Chris Hansen, you fuckin' pedofork, so you better get the fuck out now—

Chris: [sigh]

BlueSpike: —before I report you to the fuckin' feds.

PewDiePie: It's ah- It's pretty twisted. This kid is [a] straight up sociopath. What in the world?

The Ivy Saga

There's other fake girlfriends appearing, Ivy's s-saga as well.

Chris: Hi Ivyyy. I love you. Mmm, I can't stop thinking about you.

[video continues playing]

PewDiePie: "Listen everyone. This girl is my new girlfriend you all best be nice to her, or I will seriously cease effort on the comic series."

[Different video starts, this time Chris is playing Holding Out For A Hero on Guitar Hero]

PewDiePie: "I dedicate this music video to Ivy. Also in addition to if anyone messes up this relationship, if anyone messes up Ivy period, I swear to God and Jesus that I will cease drawing my comics." Even, eh, included Ivy in his... f-Sonichu series. Taking off his famous sweater in the sunset.

[Another video plays, Chris is holding a sex doll]

Chris: Ivy. I'm sorry I made some- sorry I made mistake so (unintelligible)

The New Chris Chan

PewDiePie: Now there's many many many more stories about really, uh, interesting trolls trolling Chris Chan, but his father passed away and he came back on Facebook, saying "I am a lesbian identified man and a cross-dressing tranny. My mother is still old fashioned and putting me down on how other people would perceive me in a short skirt, getting away discreetly in [a] short skirt recently, I received multiple compliments from the women, I wish she would ease up on me and let me have my freedom to flirt the skirt."

[Another video]

Chris: Hello people of the internet. Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once again.

PewDiePie: Chris and his mother started to suffer, financially and he made this video.

Chris: [groans] Our mortgage company's biting our butts once again. Hopefully we'll be able to scrounge up enough- scrounge up the money locally, but we sure could use a lot more help.

PewDiePie: Asking people for donations, which seem to come in... pretty frequently. He had quite the cult following, selling his very famous Sonic Totem that- which was featured in the background of some of his videos and it was sold for 1500 US dollars. Someone actually bought it. Someone discovered that right after it was sold, he bought a 400 dollar, 14 karat gold necklace. The e-begging sort of became more often and he uh even sold his priceless, priceless striped shirt. From now on, there's not really that much more info. The story sort of continues and, eh, I think it- it serves as a really great example of a cautionary tale.

The internet is not always a warm, cuddly place.

And people generally like to pick on the- on the weak. I don't think Chris is uh necessarily... the greatest person in the world either.

Chris: Good Morning.

PewDiePie: That's it for now. Thank you for letting me tell you about Chris-chan. If there's anything I missed, I definitely did because there's so much, but you can just look it up yourself.

[PewDiePie does his outro]