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One livestream was filmed by Chris in June 2024, influenced by Praetor.

Christ Chan Live Stream: OG Cwcville (Cwcville)-60 Minecraft

Christ Chan Live Stream: OG Cwcville (Cwcville)-60 Minecraft is a livestream which took place on 30 June 2024. This is Chris's first livestream since he stopped doing them semi-regularly in March 2024. Chris teased the stream 2 weeks prior on 16 June 2024.[1]

Chris plays on a Minecraft Realm that he used to share with people "a few years ago." He changed the name of a sign in-game to hide a person's identity. He wanders around the game world doing some achievement hunting and sitting through long mine cart rides. All the while, the chat is a constant stream of ween comments, which Chris completely ignores. He stays mostly focused on the game, only pausing occasionally to catch up on addressing the Superchat questions from his donors.

Christ Chan Live Stream: OG Cwcville (Cwcville)-60 Minecraft
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Stardate 30 June 2024
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Saga RevelationsRevelations Revelations
Chris Chan in Dallas Texas
Well, I'm sorry, but I like black people.


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  • 6:25: Chris talks about having recently seen Inside Out 2 and liking it, describing the depictions of the new emotion characters as "decently accurate" and expressing appreciation for the "sar-chasm" pun.
  • 9:35: Chris sings an autistic little song about how Nombie-zazis are stupid.
  • 11:22: Showing off some video game related signs.
  • 13:25: The first glimpse of the giant Sonichu and Rosechu statues.
  • 17:12: While swimming underwater, Chris does brief but dreadful impressions of Squidward and Spongebob Squarepants, then sings a bit of the theme song from the old TV show "Flipper."
  • 26:05: Chris mentions having watched up to "a little bit into Season 4" of Regular Show.
  • 30:21: Chris says "Null was cool, but he did me wrong, I mean, yeah, y'knowwhat? So. As I crash into the cold dark waters of the Atlantic, I realized a few things: (A) I know where I'm going, but I don't exactly know how to get there. (B) Salt water stings. And (C) I shouldn't have been in jail, but I was. Why? Because they betrayed me! [shrieks] THEEEEY betrayed me! And yet, I wonder whether Joshua Moon was a better kisser than Juda Sicariot. But! I'm cool! There's a hippo on my head! [indecipherable] I wasn't gonna be able to do this on my own. But. [sings] I get by with a little help from my friends." This is likely a reference to an art work he made in jail.
  • 31:35: Null can "Miku-Miku-Miku" as much as he wants to, even though he don't want to, but still, it's a good music rhythm game.
  • 33:33: Chris blesses someone's friend named Xavier, and makes a reference to "Xavier: Renegade Angel" though he calls it "Xavier: Fallen Angel."
  • 35:05: Chris mentions seeing PewDiePie playing Minecraft a day or two ago, then rambles some more about Nombie-zazis.
  • 38:45: Chris dismisses claims of any cursed Sonichu medallions that were made by him. Any not from him or the Etsy store are not blessed, because Chris has the touch and the aura, and anyone with a bad affliction should have counted their blessings. The ends justify the means. Meditate on that.
  • 40:31: The best armor Chris currently has is diamond. He has heard there is Nether armor but hasn't yet learned how to make it, nor has he entered the Ender Realm or encountered the Ender Dragon.
  • 48:00: Chris has a brain fart. "Go ahead and meme that up all over the place."
  • 49:32: From this point onward, an annoying in-game sound effect plays every few seconds. Chris calls it the "popcorn sound" and claims it is soothing to the autistic mind.
  • 53:05: Chris finally explains the "60" in the title of the video, saying it's the 60th version of the file.
  • 54:07: Chris tells about a time at Walmart where they were out of the zero-sugar ginger ale so he had to get the kind with sugar instead. He then launches into an impression of the Anxiety character from Inside Out 2 and talks a bit more about the film. Out of the new characters, he liked Embarrassment best because they were kind and reserved. Chris is looking forward to buying the film on Blu-Ray and digital combo pack.
  • 57:00: More Nombi-zazis, but Chris "didn't take as much damage, thanks to [commercial voice] diamond armor and lovely enchantments, brought to you by Procter and Gamble. [normal voice] I've actually heard there's like a product [?] called Procter and Gamble. Anyway, yeah. This is the village."
  • 1:05:55: In response to a question, Chris shares some thoughts on black people: "Well, I'm sorry, but I like black people. They're very soulful, and they've had their past, but that's who their ancestors and possibly... can't remember any details, but. I'm a fan of the black people! At least good folk people. I like them, I can associate well."
  • 1:06:57: Chris does not yet have a VR headset.
  • 1:09:39: Chris sings "I Got A Fish" in response to a donor's username.
  • 1:11:25: Chris sings the theme song to the TV show "Mr. Ed" and does an impression of the title character.
  • 1:18:47: Chris is asked about the YouTube channel @cwcvilleguardian2009. He plays a bit of a clip before declaring it fake, reporting it and asking everyone else to do so as well.
  • 1:22:32: The Dimensional Merge is happening, it's just not obvious. But those of us who are able to can see dimensional rips and tears in the sky and all around us. Chris has seen them, and is seeing them.
  • 1:24:05: Chris catches a llama, mentions the Dalai Lama and Argentinian actor Fernando Lamas, then uses his giant Sonichu and Rosechu statues to find his way back to his base.
  • 1:26:00: Chris is aware of the upcoming movie Beetlejuice Beetlejuice.
  • 1:26:46: Chris references a specific episode of Regular Show.
  • 1:36:00: Chris says the Bedrock version of Minecraft is better than Java. Also, at this point the game's background music is loud enough to make Chris's voice a bit hard to hear.
  • 1:38:25: Chris tells viewers, "Stop trolling me with comments like that. You know I'm real."
  • 1:49:50: Chris sings about resources before declaring that Il Palazzo is a dumbass.
  • 1:52:17: Chris belches and then immediately chugs a bunch of liquid.
  • 2:08:50: "And, boom goes the dynamite."
  • 2:20:03: Chris dies in-game just as the chat gets flooded with ​​JUUULLAAAYY weenery.
  • 2:40:19: Responding to a question, Chris talks about his pronunciation of Jesus as "Hey-Zeus": "I think it's like Spanish, or Español."
  • 2:43:15: Chris ends the game session and goes into full-screen chat mode, but his microphone has switched off and he ends up spending a couple of minutes talking inaudibly before giving up and ending the stream.

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