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We once again advise you to never ever directly engage with Chris nor attempt to get him banned from the places he's been to. On the off-chance that you cross paths with Chris, the absolute most that you should do is get some kind of documentation of Chris, but never to directly engage with him; otherwise, it is best to leave Chris alone. To put it more bluntly: DO NOT attempt to stalk Chris upon seeing him, and NEVER speak to Chris in ANY way, shape, or form, or to anyone at his current place of residence. You do NOT want to be a part of Christory.

This page contains sightings of Chris which took place in 2024.

Ultimate Comics (North Carolina)

On 4 January, Chris and Flutter were spotted and photographed at Ultimate Comics in Cary, North Carolina by r/ChrisChanSonichu user RandyMagnum68, who claimed that the pair were picking up tickets for Animate! Raleigh, a convention in Raleigh NC.[1] The following day, they were seen together at the event.

Animate! Raleigh

Main article: Animate! Raleigh

Raleigh Convention Center

On 6 January, Chris and Flutter were spotted outside of the Animate! Raleigh convention, purportedly being denied entry. An image was provided by r/ChrisChanSonichu user DeadStargazer, who stated that security was awaiting Chris and Flutter's arrival. The user says no incident prompted this removal, simply that Chris was reported to the convention ops on 5 January.[2]

Gas station

On 13 January, Reddit user u/lynnwood_davis allegedly spotted Chris at a gas station, presumably Sheetz, in Henrico County.[3]

I was finishing an order around 3:45pm when I noticed someone ordering had on really ugly green leggings and a jean skirt. I smiled to myself and thought "that lady looks like Chris Chan, got the ugly leggings+skirt combo on too", just for me to look at her face and realize it IS Chris Chan, with her fading blue hair and she/her pin on. I couldn't take a picture because she DEFINITELY noticed how much I was staring and I couldn't stop smiling. I texted my buddy on the register and apparently she ended up going through his line. he told me later that day that when he realized she was in his line, his eyes bugged out of his head and she awkwardly just said "doot doot doo..." under her breath. he confirmed his suspicions when she took out her Sonichu wallet. she awkwardly shuffled around the coffee area waiting for her order and mumbled anxiously looking for napkins, and left soon after.

This sighting, due to the lack of photos and credibility, has been disputed for a long time, however, since it's located near the airport Chris picked up Flutter from a month ealrier and Flutter was nowhere to be seen, it's safe to say that's when she left the scene once again, as confirmed by later sightings and overall activity of Chris.


On 23 January, Chris was spotted at Target in Lynchburg, VA by u/DatabaseSuccessful99 on Reddit.[4]

Chris Chan at Target
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Stardate 23 January 2024
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Chris was separately spotted and recorded the same day by @andrewtsquid on TikTok.[5][6]

CWC Target sighting Jan 23 2024
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Stardate 23 January 2024
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On 21 February 2024, Chris was spotted at Walmart in Lynchburg, VA by u/Unhappy-Rub-6371 on Reddit.[7]

Liberty University

On 24 February 2024 Chris was spotted at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA by @munchaboy24 on Twitter[8]

Chris was spotted again the same day by @AryehSYE on Twitter.[9]