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Chris's self-promotional photo.

CWC's Cool Profile is a now-defunct AOL Hometown webpage apparently devoted to advertising Chris's Love Quest, and the first source of his "sexy" picture series. He provided links to his other Love Quest efforts, CWC's Sonichu Site! and his profile. The webpage was established in May 2005 and died in October 2008 when AOL Hometown shut down.


An image of a gift basket Chris used for this profile.

CWC's Basic Facts

I am 23-years old, Located in Ruckersville, VA, USA, white, average body type, 5'10" tall, and I am a Pisces. I have Slapstick humor; ask me about my favorite "I Love Lucy" episode. Goofy; I find cartoons funny, especially the classic "Ren & Stimpy" episodes. Clever; I come up with some good ideas often,Sonichu is my favorite brainchild. Friendly; I am young at heart, and I get along well with pretty girls of whom I am acquainted with.

CWC's Hobbies & Interests

I like to hang out at the Fashion Square mall, in front of Ambercrombie & Fitch, on Saturday afternoons, and just browse on random weekdays. I like to draw, ask me about my Sonichu Book (not a real book, it's a journal of Sonichu Drawings, stories, etc...). I listen to music. I play video games, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon and Animal Crossing mostly. I play the Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh trading card games, construct with lego pieces and I work on my Sonichu Site.

Who I'd like to meet.

I would prefer to meet girls in person, not over the internet, but please feel free to E-Mail any comments or Qs to me. You can find me at the mall, of course, and for other places I go to, check my profile, "SonichuCWC." I would appreciate the company of a pretty girl to converse with. In a nutshell, my girl should be: 18-22-years old, lives in Charlottesville or Ruckersville area(s), has a happy, positive personality, average income, very pretty, average/slender body type, and, needless to say, Does not already have a BOYFRIEND.

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