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On 3 February 2005, Chris registered an account on the Adult Swim message boards and began making a series of posts.[1] In the spring of 2009, a member of his fanbase discovered this account. Below are all of Chris's posts, edited only for wiki formatting and links for clarification.

His response to Robot Chicken is particularly interesting. Not only does Chris describe his Sonichu comics as a parody when they are nothing of the sort, he also has no idea how to react to a genuine parody, even of the simplest and most obvious kind.

Not long after its discovery, the account was hacked. The perpetrator posted a few messages and a new signature using Chris's identity, and abandoned the account on 13 April 2009. All the 2009 posts below are, unfortunately, not the TRUE and HONEST words of Chris.

Chris's Posts

Chris colors his DVD cover (February 2005)

Chris introduces himself, assuming everyone will know who he is and that Adult Swim will be interested in his shitty coloring.

Hey AS, this is Christian Chandler. I've enjoyed your fun programming...except ATHF. Other than that, I've purchased the Brak Show Volume 1 DVD Set, and I colored it in, and put my signiture on it. If you show the images on AS Thursdays, please also mention my Sonichu Site! Check it out on Sonichu is my Pokemon, just so you know.

I am unable to insert the images, but you all can access them at and

In addition to my previous post, you may need to type the adress to the image instead of clicking on them. sorry.

Chris complains about Robot Chicken (February 2005)

Chris complains about logical fallacies in Robot Chicken, an insipid fast-paced parody show that clearly has nothing to do with the original media it parodies.

I've just watched the 1st episode of Robot Chicken, and I most enjoyed the Transformers portion of the episode. Only a few things about it seem wierd [sic] to me... If Optimus was "Taking a leak," shouldn't he have expelled transmission fluid, and later have found OIL in it, not blood. Also, "Killed 50 humans?" I've been a fan of Transformers my whole life, so I know what I'm saying here; the Autobots care more for the humans than that, so they shouldn't have cheered for something so sad. Also, I'd really hope to see more Transformers segments int furure episodes of Robot Chicken. Here's a suggestion for a future segment... Megatron shoots Bumblebee, causing major bodily injury. Then Optimus tends to sue Megatron. And he hires Starscream for his lawer. That's just crazy, huh? Roll out, Autobots!

Note: The Robot Chicken segment Chris was referring to was most likely this.

Chris on his Harvey Birdman contest entry (April 2005)

Chris vents his ire about his terrible Harvey Birdman entry not having won.

I Detest the Harvey Birdman Commercial!

Well, I do! :smileymad: My entry was very dramatic, and a lot BETTER than that piece of poo, or any of the others that made the top 5 as well! I'm very upset about that!

My "CWC's Harvey Birdaman Spot" was the BEST, and I feel sorry for you, Adult Swim, for not noticing that! You all should take another good look at it and seriously reconsider!

Chris on Crayon Shin-chan and The Super Milk Chan Show (August 2006)

Chris complains about the extremely tame and cartoonish male nudity in Shin-Chan, then demands sexy underage girls in the next sentence. He also sees fit to make a timetable recommendation and signs off elaborately.

I watched the first Shin-Chan last night; it was funny (but the boy nudity is TOO MUCH). If anything you should bring in more anime with very-close-to-nude girls.

Speaking of which, Milk-Chan to me sounds somewhat similar to Shin-Chan due to that they are both silly and loud brats. You should consider putting the two shows back-to-back on weeknights, and call the one-hour block the Adult Kid's Meal.


Lonely Virgin in Virginia, searching for a Sweetheart-Soulmate.

Chris on Custom My Little Ponies (29 August 2006)

Chris's autism and obsession with MLP collide with a demand to know what the "Un-Cutie Marks" were in a shitty claymation sketch that spanned a few seconds.

The "Un-Cutie" Marks of the Apocolypse Ponies...

I've noticed that many people like to make their oun custom ponies; Seth Green is one of them. But I couldn't really make out the Un-Cutie Marks of each of the ponies. Can I see what they looked like?

If they can't be bought, someone else will make one of their own.


Note: When Chris said "Seth Green makes custom ponies" he most likely was referring to this Robot Chicken segment.

Chris on his Meatwad Guitar (5 May 2008)

Having said he doesn't like ATHF prior, Chris brags about something he personally crafted based on a character from the show.

Chris's Meatwad guitar.
Meatwad's Ax, Only on Playstation 3

Check it out, I've been wanting to do it since Rock Band came out, and finally I get a seperate [sic] Guitar to make into Meadwad's Shreddful Guitar (copy and paste links).

Hey Sonichu Fans check out my website at

Troll Posts

These posts were made by trolls impersonating Chris. Reasonably convincing except for the British spelling.

Chris's avatar after his account was hacked by trolls.

Spamming the "Holding Out for a Hero" music video (11 April 2009)

I've recently made my own music video of "Holding Out For a Hero sang by Bonnie Tyler, It's dedicated to my current sweetheart Ivy. What does everyone think about it(I believe it turned out pretty great if I do say so myself).

In response to claims that this may not be the real Christian Weston Chandler, the troll replied in this thread:

Hey, let me tell you THIS is not a JOKE, this is a sendout to my beloved sweatheart and one of my Favourite of songs. Also no troll could pose as me on this site, unless they made this account AT LEAST 4 years ago.
Maybe you do suspect my account has been hacked but that is little more than just your INTERPRETATION of the situation. From my side of things I can TRULY and HONESTLY say that I have not been hacked, With god on my side I do not kid you when I say that I am the TRUE and REAL Christian Weston Chandler.

I do admit things like my old websites were hacked, but I've Learned from that mistake and increased my Password strength accoridngly.

Chris on his heart level (12 April 2009)

My heart has been broken down to 15% before. I was trying to get a 18- to my age year old sweetheart at my college when MARY LEE WALSH ripped up the SIGNS I used that said "I'm a single guy looking for a 18- to my year old boyfriend-free girl". My heart was shattered down to 15% until I met a girl and it went back up to 100% but it was a JOKE being pulled on ME so at the end of our mini-date at the macdonalds she said it was just a joke. That Brought my Heart down to 10%.