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Newgrounds is a website hosting user-generated art content. On 26 September 2018, Chris created an account, CWCSonichu1982, in order to enter a contest to win a Nintendo Switch, having seen it mentioned on the Twitter account.[1]

Bowsette Super Crown Art Contest

Chris's entry was uploaded on 26 September 2018. It features a genderbent version of Super Mario Bros. character Geno.[2]

Geno with the SuperCrown to make Genette. Very Popular and Powerful individual of the Mushroom Kingdom with the crown; ah-ha! Take that, Bowsette; you have a gal with guns to contend with.

645582 cwcsonichu1982 genette (resized).jpg

Chris requested his followers on Twitter support him in the contest.[1] However he didn't win the Switch (but would later be gifted one by Sarah and Steve).