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The things described in this article are still happening, so it may be subject to frequent change.

Christine is a Goddess.
Sarah and Steve voicing their religious beliefs
A letter Sarah and Steve sent to Chris along with a Nintendo Switch gift.

Sarah and Steve were a pair of half-hearted weens who first appeared in February 2019. Originally, they made a big show of playing themselves up as Chris's fans and white knights. Their interest in and attitude toward Chris would vary over the months that followed, hampered by the contemporary Soft Exile's communication restrictions. Both would be dismissed for the audacity of challenging his beliefs in late July 2019, and have tried thus far in vain to reintegrate into Chris's life. Sarah and Steve claim to still be in contact with Chris.

Weening history

On 27 February 2019, Sarah and Steve tweeted to Chris, asking permission to make a Rosechu medallion to wear. Chris approved, adding that he has met them in real life. To win him over, they gifted him a Nintendo Switch and $100 in Patreon money, claimed to want to move to be near Chris and have indulged his goddess fantasies. In the Switch unboxing video that Chris made, Chris displays a letter from Sarah and Steve, stating that they planned to move to Virginia and that he would be their only friend. Sarah and Steve explicitly stated in the letter that it was to be kept secret. The pair also attempted to control his contacts, claiming benign intentions:

Remember, if you are ever in trouble or need help (before we're able to move) just message us first! I'm afraid other people could not be very trusted.
Part of a message Sarah and Steve wrote to Chris.

After the Nintendo Switch and letter reveal, their Twitter feed went on hiatus for about a month, and they even pulled their Patreon funding from Chris.[1] However, Twitter activity soon resumed.[2] They changed their Twitter bio from "We love anime, traveling, and Sonichu.[3]" to Devout believers in Christine Weston Chandler's prophecy. Soon dedicating our future to her well-being & spreading of her true message.[4]

Between 21–22 May 2019, a set of DMs between CWCki editor Jamzar and the Sarah and Steve account was posted. In them, Sarah and Steve claim to be "helping" Chris by giving him gifts and playing with him and discuss their plans to move to be near him and set up a website for him to express his prophecy. They also mention they convinced Chris he should only trust them and not others such as the Guard Dogs.[5]

Leaked Twitter screenshots

On 31 May 2019, screenshots were shared on Kiwi Farms[6] that were taken by someone on their friends list.



On 26 May 2019, Sarah and Steve contemplated canceling their plans on Chris, lamenting their idiocy and complaining that they were swindled out of the hundreds of dollars they had freely given him and poorly treated.[7] They tweeted to Chris, the message's contents remaining unknown as their account was then private[7], and Chris responded with:

That is Not So! I do want y’all’s help, and y’all are my friends. Please, do not cancel your plans.

They lamented to CWCki editor Jamzar via DMs:

On the phone, Christine sounded like she very much wanted my help and was looking forward to us hanging out again. But her actions say otherwise.

For example, being left un seen for 5 days in a row while she posts and responds to other people about the dimension stuff. It just feels very offputting and is confusing.

And it's not like I expected much, just a simple response every couple days at least. It's a bad sign of what's to come if I actually do relocate. To potentially be shunned for weeks on end because she is 'busy in CWCville' or something. It's saddening. I really do value my friendship with Christine.

They again changed their Twitter bio, to a crying emoji. A short dialogue between them and Chris unfolded over the next two days.

Sarah and Steve: Confused :c </3

Chris: Please, don’t be confused. I like you, kindly, and I do care about y’all.

Sarah and Steve: Okay Christine. I will turn my phone back on soon.

Sarah and Steve: You have had many chances to respond to me here on Twitter though in the dms and have chosen not to though. :\

Sarah and Steve: Okay Christine, I believe that you truly do want to be our friend. But, if you could, please do not leave us on 'seen' for a week straight. I know you say you're busy in CWCville and all, but really.. We make time for you, plz do the same for us. 🔥

The rift between Sarah and Steve and Chris came to a head in July 2019. On 23 July, they posted a tweet claiming they're not "fucking" with Chris and are genuinely wanting to be friends with Chris.[8] Later that day, they elaborated on why they would not be attending BronyCon with Chris, claiming it is a result of losing their job. Chris was moreover upset with them after they "accidentally" stopped responding to him for a week. Ironically, they had scolded Chris for doing the same thing to them a few months earlier.[9]

On 25 July, Sarah and Steve made an inspired guess of what might happen if they challenged Chris's beliefs, which ended with Sarah and Steve being almost immediately unfollowed by Chris.[10] Four days later, their Twitter account was deleted,[11] seeming to put an end to this failed Teen Troon Squad imitation. However, on 9 August 2019, the Twitter account re-opened: Sarah and Steve were back to professing belief in Chris's impending doomsday. Solidfying themselves as malevolent, they tried several times to correspond with contemporary orbiter Jacob Sockness, and encourage Chris to partake in his occultic practices while trying to get his attention back.[12]

Chris has not answered any of Sarah and Steve's latest attempts to reclaim him, and after 11 August 2019, they apparently gave up again; their Twitter account has been dormant ever since.[13] While Sockness mentioned after his abortive Virginia trip that he would bring a shared friend with him on his second attempt to visit Chris, there was no evidence of any coordination between Sockness and Sarah and Steve to intrude on Chris.

On 28 October 2019, Sarah and Steve returned to Twitter yet again after Chris had earlier tweeted that the Merge had begun. They soon contested Sockness, MKRNightVee, the Multidimensional White Knights and others for the coveted title of King of the Weens and Viceroy of CWCville,[14] while Chris himself carried on in autistic bliss. Their account is protected, so the extent of their present involvement and influence cannot be evaluated at this time. Nobody yet knows whether or how this mildly persistent pair of weens might affect Christory to come, or whether they, as others of their kind, will likewise fade into obscurity.


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