Apologies to the liked Bronies and Pegasisters; PLEASE UNBLOCK ME ON TWITTER!

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Apologies to the liked Bronies and Pegasisters; PLEASE UNBLOCK ME ON TWITTER! is a YouTube video uploaded by Chris on 28 January 2019. In it, Chris throws a huge temper tantrum over being blocked by several Twitter users who were making fan content for My Little Pony. Simultaneously, he incoherently rants about the Idea Guys, trolls, and the Dimensional Merge. Chris also insists that he has yet another avatar in addition to his CPU form, being the RED Spy from Team Fortress 2. The video was eventually deleted by Chris on 8 February, along with the succeeding video.


Apologies to the liked Bronies and Pegasisters; PLEASE UNBLOCK ME ON TWITTER!
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Stardate 28 January 2019
Subject Matter TrollsTrolls Trolls
Performance Style TragedyTragedy Tragedy, RageRage Rage
Saga Soft ExileSoft Exile Soft Exile
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Address to and for the Brony Analysts and Artists
I seriously have met each and every one of your OCs by the way, in Equestria
A convincing argument


This is my Main Twitter Handle that I use and communicate from; I am Not One to be Hated; I am Not Harassing Anyone. Freaking CyberBullies!!!!!!! Real Bugbears, they are!



Hello everybody is this Christine Chandler coming to your live from home, and, just addressing, you know who you are, the, my fellow Bronies and Pegasisters who blocked me on Twitter. Uh, just so many details I mean, the obvious big thing, among which is the bad outdated reputation I had that's, like, 12 years old nearly, seriously, 2007 and those trolls hate on me since then. And they, they're the ones that put mine- they made me do all that, they deceived me, blackmailing all that, I would never have done any of those things, I am very shameful of, today if they had not gotten involved. I, I'm just as trolled and bullied as some t- most of y'all, I'm serious about that. I mean, I know uh, and I don't want to doxx anybody accidentally, uh, I know one gets hate so- hate so much, just totally, out, and that's how I'm feeling. Too much of it! She's been on the Youtube since 2012, I've been online since 2007 I can teach her how to, be like Stonewall Jackson to every single troll and bully except for more recently when everybody started blocking me and it became more more more more and the rejection just killed this mind in my body, so much of my soul does not want to return home from C-197 where all of our OCs actually do exist, coexist, and everything. Hnghhhhhhhh, harassment, I do not harass anyone! The only things I do on Twitter are kindness and supportive type commentary you look at my history on my one, main, Twitter account, you would have seen, you know, before all this chaos you would have seen nothing but positives and look at the last few comments left y'all before you started blocking me; positives!


And, among which those haters and harasses they just, uh, they used, outdated and I'm not- partially counting the stuff that was deceived out of me last year during those six months by freaking Idea Guy, and Stephen Boyd. They conned $6,000 out of me! You think I'm not upset about that either? I'm upset about that, I'm upset about all the rejection I'm getting from the people I like, I'm a fan of each and every one of you, I'm serious. I like your art style, I like the way you do in your shows and everything. Uh. I'm very serious about that I'm sorry for offending each and every one of you but I ask this is, I gotta get my mental sanity back so please unblock me, please unblock me! I'm very very sorry for everything, for offending each and every one of you, super, serious! Hgnhhh! All those damn trolls and damn haters and harassers, I just- They've been ruining my life since 2007! 2007! Hgnh...


And I seriously have met each and every one of your OCs by the way, in Equestria, in this secret rift, and there is a Coal Town in Equestria, that same Coal Town, and my Magi-Chan did set it up, my husband Magi-Chan Sonichu, talk to the actual Doctor Wolf and Firebrand and, I'm the Red Spy, I have been the Red Spy since at least last November at the earliest, or earlier than that, I forget exactly when. And I'm sure when y'all were coming up with your scripts for, this new, this new part of TF2, you must have seen the writers and Imagineers, creators, possibly Doctor Wolf, and, Firebrands, human counterparts here, saw a very bluuuuue character, in the red outfit, two legs- standing on two legs not four, going very fast, I mean, look at me in my Sonichu form., very blue. So, and that's another thing, that makes, that's making the merge between our dimensions C-197 there and here, dimension 1218, because everybody- because so many people in this world are distancing themselves too much from their own OCs and I know that I'm also- I'm also addressing a bunch of you who are still very well connected to your own OCs and that's very good, but still. We're being misrepresented in the media as well, so, we're very upset about that, reboots do not help and just...


Everyone messes this up in our dimension! And even some of you find that very hard to swallow and yet, the one who really found it hardest to swallow, he's been breaking the fourth wall a whole lot. Sufferin' succotash. Uh, anyway, main point check whoever's been, harassing you pretending it, because they're actually pretending, it's me or being themselves just, bring out outdated crap about me. Pretty misguided fear and hate, and I'm actually him, and I've proven myself to be, and I'm still working myself to be a very good, honest, decent, person. Alright? I mean you don't misjudge a woman who got seriously drunk at 21, accidentally did porn the field but then 10 years later you judge her based on what she did 10 years ago, this shit's been over a decade old 2007! I've been trolled since then! I'm still getting freaking bullying and everything. Uhhhh. Anyway straight from the heart and soul, unscripted, this video is, so please, for everything, for stopping to hate, for stopping the harassment, for bringing my mental sanity back, please don't block me on Twitter. Unblock me, that's all I'm asking. We don't have to be friends but, I don't I d- just- I do not like to be hated and I am NOT one that's worthy of hatred. Oh yeah I'm followed by all these freaking people who it's a freaking fetish to them, to harass and hate everybody. Hrngg. I know y'all agree with me too on that. Anyway, I feel like I'm gonna- I feel like I could faint at the moment, so again I'm sorry for offending y'all in any way, and the reputation's outdated and, they follow me and I seriously, have no intentions of harming them, but I never did I mean to be supportive and positive. Those damn trolls just trying to mislabel me has so much negative it's just, ugh... very serious, look at me, look at me, look how serious I am, with all this chaos that's been going on the past week plus everybody's been blocking me.

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