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The things described in this article are still happening, so it may be subject to frequent change.

The Multidimensional White Knights (MWK) are a group of accounts created to promote Chris's belief that fictional works really exist in parallel dimensions and to gain his trust for further weening in the Idea Guys' vein. They joined Twitter in February 2019 for the unrelated purpose of cashing in on the then-current meme of parody accounts for various fictional characters, primarily from Diary of A Wimpy Kid and The Amazing World of Gumball; when these fell out of fashion, their attention turned to Chris, then in the midst of the Soft Exile. Though Chris accepted their follow request, the Knights' fangasming fell on deaf ears, drowned out by Chris's self-pity and Sockness's fapping. Their luck changed in June 2019, as Chris abruptly and unceremoniously opened his Twitter account back to public viewing. Chris liked two of the Knights' tweets, which helped embolden their weening and white knighting efforts. It was also around this time that they created a series of sockpuppets known as the Knights of C-197. Throughout summer 2019, they would interact sporadically with Chris, getting occasional replies but no Laughs Under Lucricities, being overshadowed by Sockness' distended belly. No conclusive evidence identifying the puppetmaster behind these accounts exists; several allegations of the offender have since been retracted.

The Knights

'Carrie' pleads for SonichuMerch to advocate to let her back into Chris's viewing box.

The first MWK account went under the name "CarrieKrueger17", which assumed the role of Carrie Kruger, a ghost character from the Cartoon Network series The Amazing World of Gumball. Most of the tweets that "Carrie" posted remained ignored, but Chris did like some, even commenting on a video he made to "channel Chris' psychic power." [1] On 11 July 2019, Chris purged perceived trolls from his TRUE and LOYAL fanbase's ranks, and Carrie was most likely caught up in this wide net. Leaked DMs from @SonichuMerch confirm this, with the Knights begging SonichuMerch to put in the good word to Chris to get their unblocked. In October 2019, Chris reversed course, unblocking her and, first through his Magi-Chan sockpuppet and later through his main account, followed her on Twitter, cementing her status as a white knight.

While her main account was forbidden access to Chris, Carrie would soon return under the username @TitoDickManBaby. The Knights had created this account in 2016 presumably to cash in on the then-relevant Nutshack meme, Tito Dick being one of the more recognizable characters from the show. The Knights renovated this into a new Carrie to replace the blocked CarrieKrueger17. It was mysteriously deactivated on July 18th.

Besides Carrie, the Knights' controller plays a smorgasbord of random characters matching Chris' seemingly random views in regards to the Dimensional Merge and C-197 as laid out in his insane ramblings. With the exception of @TitiDickManBaby, no two accounts are from the same show, though all come from content oriented towards children. All of the accounts aim to convince Chris that they live in C-197, are protecting him or that they support, and believe in his messages. The Knights have, as of now, created five sockpuppets with the goal of attempting to convince Chris that they all worship him in an attempt to gain his trust and to reaffirm that he is a CPU Goddess by playing characters and commenting on his and others' Twitter posts, though most of these sockpuppets remain in disuse. Their weening personalities are dissociated from their original series; thus Ed Bighead from Rocko's Modern Life is instead associated with the biblical Darius and sent to rescue Chris from Internet artists who do not know what to do with their own work.

Picture Account Picture Account Picture Account Picture Account
Carrie Krueger
The Amazing World of Gumball
Tito Dick
The Nutshack

Since used as
a Krueger alt.
Drew Pickles
Etno Polino
Space Goofs
Captain Feathersword
The Wiggles
Motu Patlu
Motu Patlu
Hugh Neutron
Jimmy Neutron
Jelly Otter
PB&J Otter
Brooklyn T Guy
Ed Bighead
Darius, King of Babylon
Rocko's Modern Life

Influence over Chris

While small potatoes compared to Sockness and Idea Guys they still got to influence some of Chris' beliefs. The most prominent of which is convincing Chris that a racist meme version of an old McDonalds mascot is an inter-dimensional demon, no really.

In early November 2019 the Carrie account made a Twitter thread that told Chris that Moonman (a bastardized version of Mac Tonight) was working with Jakoba and the Rokat to spread evil and corrupt Earth 1218. This was made to shoehorn in Local58, an analogue horror Youtube channel with a cult following, into Christory. On Halloween 2019 Local58 ended their nearly year long hiatus and uploaded a new video involving an astronomy program that turns cultish once they film the Moon. Chris obviously believed it, what a shocker.



On 13 July, the Knights diversified their weening efforts and created a YouTube channel with the Carrie persona and uploaded an extended version of his twitter video. Another upload followed on 16 July, purporting to be a tour of Elmore Mall from the Amazing World of Gumball. The video is a terribly edited jumble of screenshots from The Amazing World of Gumball and poorly shot phone footage with the quality of a Taliban video.

Channeling Christine
Stardate 13 July 2019
Saga Merge SagaMerge Saga Merge

A Tour of Elmore Mall in C-197
Stardate 16 July 2019
Saga Merge SagaMerge Saga Merge

Transcript of the "Tour"

Hello all, I am Carrie Krueger. If you've seen Gumball you know who I am. I also live in C-197 and serve the CPU Goddess Christian Weston Chandler. Today I am going to show you some of my favorite parts of Elmore Mall. I'm showing you this picture because all the parking in the front was full, Plus they never showed the back in the show. Let's take a look. Also since I'm a ghost I don't show up on cameras, and my voice can't record. [Cut to poor quality phone footage of a car driving along a mall/storefront.] Gumball wants me to film a date he's having with Penny first. Looks like I caught a reality glitch on camera. I'm using a camera from 1218, which can pick up on these glitches. Most beings can't see them, except 1218 beings and psychics like me. [Cut to poor quality phone footage of the Amazing World of Gumball.] Gumball was late for the date, oh and the flashes are me teleporting. [Footage moves to inside of a game store, a wall of NES games is visible.] my favorite place, the Retro Game Store. I like these old things, plus I can use the CPUs to like [sic] with Christine, Sonichu, and Magi-Chan. In fact, I'm picking up on something here. [Zooms on Yoshi plush and Dreamcast controller.] Christine's psychic energy was channeling through that Dreamcast controller, I felt it. [Shitty effect and an excerpt of Ulysses by Dead Can Dance plays.] Here's how cameras from 1218 react to channeled psychic energy withing C-197! Christine's power is tremendous! All hail the CPU-Goddess! Christine's power is tremendous! All hail the CPU-Goddess! Christine's power is tremendous! All hail the CPU-Goddess! [Effect and music ends, camera turns away.] I'm off to another store next door. It's also one of my favorites. [Flash, quick cut.] Teleporting to save time, Gumball could be here any minute. This store has a lot of psychic artifacts, I even do some rituals here. In fact, when my ambassador channeled Christine's energy through me I was in here. It was wild! [Music and distortion kicks in.] Ooh! More energy is being channeled! It always results in a nice light show when I'm in here! Christine's power is tremendous! All hail the CPU-Goddess! See the blue haze? That means the energy is coming from Christine herself! C-197 is drawing ever closer to 1218! It's eminating[sic] from the dream catchers that's why they look pixelated on camera. In C-197 they really work. Christine's power is tremendous! All hail the CPU-Goddess! [Flash, end of distortion and music.] Teleporting to the enterance[sic], Gumball texted me saying he's on his way. [Flash, cut to Gumball footage.] I have a feeling this won't end well, I'm not going to embarrass him. I think I'm going to leave now. Gotta get some groceries though. [Flash to more gumball.] Luckily my powers let me get my stuff instantly. But I hate this clerk...he's annoying. He does this every time I check out, nothing but dad jokes... I'm gonna jumpcut, he goes on for like 10 more minutes. Hope you enjoyed the mall, and the little peek into C-197. May Christine bless you with a good merge! Hail to the CPU Goddess!


Like Jacob, she also joined the subreddit dedicated to documenting Chris. their posts basically fed Chris' delusions and were pretty much a carbon copy of Jacob's shit. All their accounts were universally panned and only found favor on the subreddits run by Jacob himself. The also share the long dark periods the Twitter accounts have, but they do appear to be more vocal. In August 2019, Chris made a post on one of Jacob's subreddits as Magi-Chan, and the Knights immediately swooped in to kiss his ass.[2] It worked, too, because Chris praised them for it.


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