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Chris believes in the existance of Parallel Universes, otherwise known as Dimensions, that co-exist with our reality. In accordance to his unusual, egotistical and unreal beliefs and fantasies, this is a list of all the known dimensions that Chris believes in.


Chris has readily accepted the multiverse theory as objective fact and uses it as a vehicle to justify his belief that cartoons are real. He was likely exposed to it for the first time in an episode of Family Guy, "Road to the Multiverse".[1] It's important to point out that the infamous second call between Chris and Alec, which took place on 28 January 2010, occurred only four months after the original air date of this episode,[2] meaning the idea was still fresh in Chris's mind.

In recent years, Chris has become much more vocal about his belief in multiple universes. He invoked the existence of an alternative reality when expressing his disapproval of President Trump.[3] Unpromptedly, he confirmed his belief in alternative dimensions in the Doopie E-mails.[4] He confidently asserted the actual existence of CWCville in his interview with Count Dankula.[5] He wanted to discuss the nature of other realities with a writer of Marvel Comics after learning about "Earth 1218", (which is our reality) in the comics.[6] He did not back down even after said writer stated that it was all fiction. It's also notable to mention that Chris was so easily manipulated by the Idea Guy in part because he had invoked the multiverse theory;[7] which immediately garnered Chris's attention.


C-197 houses not only Cwcville, but also the ton of our other “fictional” individuals of the Simpsons, Captain America, Batman, Eric Cartman, Kim Possible, Meg Griffin, Optimus Prime, Papa Smurf, Inuyasha, Ash Ketchum, all of the Pokémon, Digimon, and so forth; Sunset Shimmer and the Canterlot High group, with the Portal to Equestria there too, the CPUs, and all the many others as well. You imagine it; (unless it exists in an alternate setting, like where World War 2 never happened), It Will Be There!

C-197 represents an expansion of Chris's imaginary land. It includes CWCville, RuleCWC, the rubble of the 4-Cent_Garbage building, and characters and places from various media franchises. Superheroes, Sonichus, copyright infringement, anything is possible.

No longer content with the city of CWCville, Chris spends his mid-30s fantasizing about an entire dimension of cartoon characters and imaginary friends from fiction the world over. He hopes that one day the Dimensional Merge will unite that dimension with ours.

List of OCs

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Chris occasionally churns out descriptions of various residents of C-197. Some might have originated with Chris, while others were planted into his head by Idea Guys or their ilk.

As Heaven

Chris considers C-197 to be his version of Heaven, an afterlife populated by characters from his favorite media franchises as well as the spirits of his deceased pets and father.

In a May 2019 tweet replying to someone whose father had passed away, Chris attempted to comfort the woman by telling her that her father's spirit was likely in C-197.

I am really sorry to hear that about your father. It really is a shocker when someone passes on on-the-spot like that. Apparently, in cases like that, destiny and fate needed him and had plans that are out of reach or negotiation at the moment. But, rest assured, your father’s soul is serving a good and greater purpose where he is right now (likely in C-197 helping out there through his self-counterpart’s body).[9]

Fortunately for the bereaved, Chris's account was private at the time so she did not see his blasphemy.



On Twitter, Chris asked Marvel writer Seanan McGuire which dimension number represents the Earth that we are currently occupying. Seanan responded with the Marvel Universe canonical answer "Earth-1218". Chris took this to literally mean that we exist in a parallel universe with other realities (a scientific possibility that is nonetheless currently untestable). Over the following months, Chris harmonized this concept with his own C-197. According to Chris, Earth 1218 and C-197 are in the process of merging.


Main article: Dimensional Merge

A mash-up of the other two dimension names, this would be the combined dimension of the cartoon C-197 and our reality, which Chris believes will occur with the dimension merge.


R-687 represents the universe based on the fanfiction Sonichu Vs SNT, written by opuscon987(known in Kiwi Farms as somethingrandom987). This is brought up on 9 October 2019 after Chris declares his disapproval of the series and his attempts to distance anything SNT related from his universe.[10] It's described as a home for a "Batman who laughs at everything from the Joker" and a "one, great massive Mess."


S-642 is the universe where the fighting game Skullgirls takes place. It was first mentioned in the TSSSF card "Plotted Device", where a robot of the same name was created to house the soul of Magi-Chan of the dimension.[11]


X686 is the home dimension of Kiwi Farms user Cedric_Eff's OCs. Known residents are Daedalus the Degu, Derek, the dimension's counterpart of Magi-Chan, and Kepler, a shape-shifting counterpart of Blake.[12]


C-911 is a dimension with another doppelganger of Magi-Chan[13].

The Fourth Wall

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Chris believes that all of the above dimensions are separated by an Iron Curtain he refers to as "The Fourth Wall", and that the primary goal in life is to break through this barrier and live with the OCs.


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