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I'm still the mayor of CWCville. There is no elections.
Chris-chan Discusses..., 2009
[Christine] has had emotions and more stress after being back in office, so she retired from being mayor, and gave the job back to Allison
Chris "retired" from being mayor of CWCville, 2017[1]

CWCville (pronounced: [kwɪkvɪɫ], "quick-ville"), also stylized as Cwcville, is an independent and self-governing city-state in northern Virginia, United States. Despite its leader's claims to the contrary, the country is a totalitarian dictatorship - sporting a pervasive personality cult around the leader, no independent judiciary nor any separation of powers, mass surveillance of the populace as well as largely autonomous paramilitary organizations. The economy is almost exclusively geared towards serving the whims of the ruling elite, with many of the country's citizens living in homeless shelters. Due to widespread discontent, elements of a façade democracy have been at times introduced and retracted again. The country has engaged in state terrorism against neighboring countries in the past.

As the name suggests, CWCville is derived from Chris's own initials, and serves as much of an exercise in boosting his ego as you'd expect. While the setting was initially believed exist to justify his self-insert's presence in Sonichu, it was later learned that Chris's concept of a utopia had origins with a Lego city created in his own bedroom, predating the webcomic. Additional lore provided over the years also indicated that Chris himself is not the founder of this city, but his father was, and he named it after his newborn son.

Chris believes that CWCville actually exists, and for many years used the city as a way to “escape” from anything he does not like.[2] Recently, Chris has used other means of coping, and CWCville became part of the parallel dimension of C-197, which he also believes to actually exist. Curiously, Chris has occasionally referred to Charlottesville as CWCville.


The city of CWCville, a vibrant community with happy people, cool chicks and a frustrated male...
Narrator, Sonichu #2[3]
The toys that started it all.
Sonichu and Rosechu's welfare housing in relation to the rest of CWCville (note their postal code is the same as Chris's birthday and its address is nearly identical to his real address).
A slightly more detailed (but no less disproportionate) drawing of CWCville.
Flag of CWCville.

CWCville is the setting of Sonichu, a city in Northern Virginia of which Chris was Mayor-for-Life. CWCville is where Chris portrays friends and enemies from his real life in scenarios altered to reflect his bias toward himself. As his ideal metropolitan community, CWCville illustrates Chris's poor understanding of how a city actually functions. Like everything else that appears in his comic, Chris believed for many years that CWCville actually exists, claiming at one point to be Mayor of CWCville “IN REAL LIFE”.[4][2] As an entity Chris believes to be real, CWCville is a coping mechanism used to compensate for his unsatisfying actual life.

It has been argued that the unconquerable quality of Chris's ego is bolstered by his ability to retreat to CWCville, where he can right all wrongs done to him. In his comics, we see him defeating Mary Lee Walsh, with whom he holds an IRL grudge, beating the Jerkops, and bringing his dead dog Patti Chandler back to life in the form of the anthropomorphic Patti-Chan. The main reason Chris can do such superhuman acts is due to the fact that in CWCville his will is supreme. This serves as a safety blanket that protects his physically and mentally feeble self from the outside world, where he holds no such power.

Chris is greatly concerned with people who are misinformed about any detail of CWCville, or conclude that it is anything but "a clean, secure, orderly and safe city."[5] After being coerced into declaring BILLY MAYS the new Mayor of CWCville,[6] Chris repeatedly attempted to redact the statement claiming "I am still the mayor of CWCville, there is [sic] no elections."[7] [8][9][10] Chris seems to think that anyone who understands what CWCville is like will love it.

The seed of CWCville was planted early in Chris's life. An avid LEGO enthusiast, Chris eventually put all of his completed LEGO kits, original LEGO creations, and various handmade Sonichu items together on one table in his room. In February 2011, Chris claimed to have finally disassembled the LEGO model, but he insisted that the city "still stands strong today within my own mind and hands."[11]

The first official CWCville media was made in 2001.[12] After toying with more phonetic spellings, Chris settled on "CWCville"[13] in 2003. This spelling features the initials of his full name and its pronunciation must be explained to others, indicative of CWCville's nature as a self-serving and insular fantasy.

Even in his ultimate self-serving fantasy in which he's given himself unchecked power for life, Chris's stunted imagination granted him only the title of mayor. Based on his maps, CWCville consists of so few buildings that it would more accurately qualify as a village or hamlet, although this could be a consequence of his physical and mental limitations. He later created the land of RuleCWC, a Sonichu ripoff of Hyrule; a different character rules it instead of Chris's self-insert. All this suggests that at least in terms of his understanding of the world, Chris lags behind even an early grade school age child.

In late-2017 Chris ceased being merely the mayor of a town and instead became goddess of an entire dimension. Chris's earlier restraint may be due to his extremely limited worldview in which his entire world centers around his immediate surroundings, namely his hometown of Ruckersville and nearby Charlottesville. This weak sense of one's surroundings is a trait that is typically seen only in young children who lack basic life experience. One might hope that Chris's ability to understand scope and relevance had improved, but he has instead become only more delusional.


One of Chris's homemade Pokémon cards from 2000 featured a "Cwick City Gym", while an unfinished Game Boy Camera project dating from 2001 used the spellings "Cwicville" and "Cwickville". A sign on the door to his room used to read "Christian W. Chandler's Cwickville City Gym". It is unknown why he changed the spelling. Likely the alternate spelling just didn't stimulate his massive ego as much as his unaltered initials, even if it makes a lot less sense. (Although Christown, Chandlerville, etc. would have been just as good and made a lot more sense.)

In-universe history

According to Sonichu 8, Chris’s father, Bob Chandler, founded CWCville in 1982.[14] It is unclear why it was not called Robertville: in fact, there are barely any records and symbols of the old regime – similar to the Roman practice of damnatio memoriae, where all records of a traitor (statues, inscriptions, etc.) are erased after his death.

One fan theory is that Bob served as a regent while Chris was growing up, since there are real life examples: since Chris believes that CWCville is real, and that nearly all of the events in the comic mirror real life (albeit with a pro-Chris spin), it is safe to assume that Bob was alive when passing CWCville over to Chris. Another fan theory for Bob’s absence from the comics is that Chris overthrew Bob and secretly imprisoned him in an unknown location, but Chris’s stunted writing ability, laziness and ad-hoc manner of storytelling, indicates that Chris simply left Bob out of the comics.

Geography and location

CWCville's zip code, prior to the Idea Guy Saga.

CWCville began life as an infill city somewhere within the state of Virginia,[15] but it became part of the larger C-197 dimension when Chris started promoting the Dimensional Merge. According to Sonichu #6, one of the shortcut portals to CWCville was a dance mat behind the door to Chris's room.[16] Today, Chris uses so-called “meditation sessions” to get there.

In 2020, Chris narrowed the “location” of the CWCville to somewhere “north to north-east” of Fredericksburg, Virginia:[17] he later placed CWCville Beach by the shore of the Potomac River, east of Fredericksburg,[18] claiming that the city is as large as Baltimore or New York City.[19] The exact locations of key CWCville places as they relate to the real world, such as the CWCville Mall, remain unclear.

CWCville's ZIP Code was originally 02024-1982, an unused code available for Brockton, Massachusetts:[20] the correct ZIP code (at least during the infill era) would have started with 22, like Ruckersville (22968). Chris has changed the ZIP Code twice in 2017, as if it was possible through dictatorial mayoral decree:[21] On 7 October the ZIP code was 16429, an unused code available for the vicinity of Erie, Pennsylvania, but a real Mexican postal code for Tejomulco, a neighborhood in Mexico City.[22] On 19 November the ZIP Code changed to 69488, raising suspicions that the Idea Guys (who were active around the time) may be responsible: 69488 is the postal code for Birkenau in Germany, which shares its name with the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.

Variations from the canon

There was an exception in Sonichu #1, which had a map that placed CWCville near Pallet Town and Giovanni's Gym in Viridian City, featured in the Pokémon series and located in Kanto, an area based on the Kantō region in Japan. The map also placed CWCville near Station Square, from Sonic the Hedgehog's world.[23]

Architecture and City Structure

In the earliest renditions of Sonichu the city of CWCville looked to have far more in common with a small village rather than something that would resemble a city; the "city" at this point in time appears to consist of little more than 8 locations (3 to 4 of which are residential, 3 private businesses, station square and the Zapbud field which may count as public property) poorly connected to each over via the use of dirt roads that don't seem to quite fit together properly.

Evidentially after this issue, the city saw some major construction projects drastically expanding the city into a brutalist's sticky dream.

The City appears to be strictly segmented into numerous districts, starting from the left the CWCville mall/mayors office stands alone surrounded only by (presumably) it's own car park taking up a total 0.25 square miles or 0.402336² km, across the street there is the CWCville park which takes up the exact same amount of space.

Next door to the mall is the "Subdivision" areas which act as residential buildings for some of the cities residents including Sonichu himself and his family.

Further right we find 2 more commercial buildings, on the northern side is the target mini-mart and the southern side is the Wal-Mart mini mart; despite each being 1/4 the size of the CWCville mall they both seemingly lack parking areas.

Even further to the right there appears to be the main city; the city itself apparently stretches an exact 10 square miles on both sides of the street and consists almost entirely of skyscraper buildings and brutalist block style residential areas which presumably the lower classes of CWCvillie's society call home.

And finally the furthest area appears to be mountain range, also a quarter mile in size.

Despite the Germania style of restructuring; the roads remain badly thought out and barely usable. Although the roads now actually utilized tarmac instead of simple dirt, there appears to be only one major road leading through the entire city from beginning to end, with no consideration for pedestrians or even how cars meant to turn around since the city ends abruptly against a mountain. With the city cut directly in half, the only plausible way anyone from the northern half could reach the southern half would be on foot since any attempt whatsoever to cross in a car would best case scenario bring the entire city's traffic to a halt.

Government and politics

International Status

Map of CWCville area. Note how Sonic's house is bigger than the entirety of Pallet Town. Also, if you look at Station Square, you'll notice Chris's obsession with the World Trade Center. Also observe that Chris needs an arrow pointing to himself

CWCville is in theory part of the United States of America, but in practice it seems to be a quasi-independent city-state, similar to Hong Kong or Macau in China. The city does not follow American electoral law, uses its own currency, and has several characteristics anathema to U.S. ideals. The city seems more like the private domain of the Mayor than part of a larger federation.

This is what a typical city looks like after being nuked.
An artist's representation of a riot in CWCville. Chris did not approve.


Despite on paper following the US model of the administration of a small town, the government is in practice a totalitarian dictatorship. The government's grasp on power being almost exclusively maintained through arbitrary violence and terror dished out by paramilitary organizations who enjoy, behind closed doors, blank cheque authority from the Mayor and answer exclusively to him - similar to the real life Argentine Anticommunist Alliance.

According to the Samantha Thaddeus e-mails, the government for the longest time was a "King/Queen thing" for which there was no voting.[24] There is no separation of power, nor any checks on the Mayor's authority, the non-elected leader does what he pleases as Mayor-for-Life with supreme power, "advised" by an elected House of Representatives which sits at the CWCville Trade Center Building. Despite allowing elections for Board of Director Members,[25] Chris shows that they still hold no authority, existing as a purely advisory committee which the Mayor is not obligated to listen to. For example, he does not discuss attacking the 4-cent building with them, he just tells them the "game plan" as a fait accompli. Furthermore, there is a complete lack of state sanctioned interest groups to make their voices heard, nor legalized codified or even organized opposition. The only known opposition figure was, till her capture, the dean of the only college leading a hopeless insurgency and for that was vilified in the mayoral-controlled press.

The Mayor attempts to refute accusations of dictatorship, (incorrectly[26]) claiming that dictatorships are never hereditary, while he inherited the town from his father.

The Mayor addresses his people (DP Leni Riefenstahl, 1935, colorized).

The executive is completely controlled by the Mayor, with the police force, the so called "CWCstapo," answering directly to him only and arresting people who they deem personally opposed to the mayor at random. The judiciary is similarly serving as little but a rubber-stamp for the often arbitrary whims of the ruling elite: Walsh was captured, deposed, and sent to a maximum security prison without a trial. The Jerkops and Manajerks are deposed, yet were supposedly allowed to go scot-free. When Simonla Rosechu was murdered by a Voltorb, four people — Evan, Alec Benson Leary, Sean, and Mao — are arrested and subjected to a show trial less than a week later, despite earlier receiving a public pardon from the Mayor.

The court system in practice disturbingly mirrors many of the hallmarks of Nazi Germany's People's Courts. During the Trial of the Asperpedia Four the judge is overtly biased in the Mayor's favor, no public defender is provided and the main defendent is permitted to defend himself and his fellow co-defendants, despite being clearly under the influence of drugs. The prosecution dishes out draconian punishments, considering slander via the Asperpedia punishable by death. Evidence gathered using Magi-Chan's psychic powers is considered admissible in court. When the four are found guilty by a clearly biased jury, they are immediately executed in cruel and inhumane ways.

Sociopolitical issues and human rights

Soliciting sex is legal in CWCville, while possession of tobacco is a very serious offense. Alcohol was illegal until 2009, when the ban was rescinded. Laws have been enacted to persecute homosexuals, and psychic surveillance is used to monitor sexual purity. This constant Orwellian surveillance, which is obviously done under the guise of "protecting" the citizens, flies in the face of the basic human right to privacy. Since there is no plausible way to oversee or contest an official with the capability of ultra-human powers, it also effectively elevates the official above law. The Mayor has also hinted that the Electric Hedgehog Pokémon, a legally unrecognized paramilitary organization, have immunity from prosecution.[27] This goes against the concept of supremacy of law that is the very foundation of modern societies; some sociologists have pointed out that this quality of CWCville is in fact the hallmark of all police states. It must be reiterated that Chris genuinely believes that CWCville is a good place to live.

Despite all this perceived military and law enforcement might, the police and paramilitaries demonstrably offer little real protection or competence: troublemakers like Wes Iseli ruin weddings with near impunity, and the dissident leaders remained at large until recently.

As of November 2017, CWCville also houses multiple prison camps on the outskirts, where enemies from the Gamindustri war are sent to be reformed.


Chris originally planned to hand over the role of Mayor to his sister Crystal in Sonichu #10,[28] but later decided not to. On 3 March 2009, Chris announced that BILLY MAYS was the new Mayor of CWCville. The next day, Chris revoked his edict that made MAYS the new Mayor, establishing a government-in-exile in his bedroom. Most legal scholars, however, argue that since Chris was not wearing the Medallion, which Chris has indicated is necessary for a video to be TRUE and HONEST, his statements to the contrary are false and therefore not legally binding, meaning BILLY MAYS was still the Mayor of CWCville. On 28 June 2009, BILLY MAYS died in his mayoral mansion, allegedly due to a cocaine overdose, but the hand of Chandler was suspected. The city was plunged into mourning. Chris wasted no time in seizing control of CWCville, announcing during a post-coup interview that he was always the ruler and that there would be no further elections.

However, Chris eventually lost interest in being the mayor. By some point prior to 2017, he handed over the role to Allison Amber.

CWCville's mayor, 2017 - 2021.

In November 2017, an Idea Guy tricked Chris into believing that an election was to take place, with several candidates running.[29] He created a poll on Twitter for people to vote for the new mayor. The candidates were:

A few hours later, he deleted his poll and created a new one, claiming some of the candidates had dropped out. His new candidates were:

  • Bob McKendrick - A character from the video game PAYDAY 2, who tried running for mayor of the DC Metro area
  • Vladimir Putin
  • Brendan Fraser

He later deleted this poll as well. Brendan Fraser won the election and took office as mayor.[30]

Two days later he posted on Twitter that an election for new Chief of CWCville Police Department would take place. His candidates were[31]:

Ian Brandon Anderson ended up winning with 65% of the votes.

In April 2021, Chris stated the current mayor to be Mary Lee Walsh.[32] While in jail, Chris said that Walsh remained mayor: "Who has Time for Elections when us Goddesses Defend Cwcville (The City Of) from Rei freaking Ryghts, Eggman, Bowser, Giovanni, and so-on on occassion, and we have the Dimension Merge Completed and the Collective Shift in Progress, then we have my Second Coming on 1218 Earth. Not to Mention the Damage Control and Prevention that are beyond Non(Super)-Powerful Individuals' Control, anyway."[33]

The right to vote has "even" been extended to those of African descent (though apparently not to women, as some women are seen protesting in order to gain suffrage in CWCville).[34]

Recent Developments

Charlottesville's Mayor Signer, also opposed to Pmurt.

In February 2017, prompted by President Pmurt, Chris declared CWCville to be a sanctuary city,[35] mirroring a proposal by Charlottesville's real-life mayor. He also suggested that CWCville does not recognize Trump as president at all, lending further credence to the theory that CWCville is not actually part of the United States. Strangely, he claims that Vladimir Putin, the real-life president of Russia, is the president of the United states.

Between his Facebook posts and new issues of Sonichu, Chris has revealed significant changes to CWCville since Sonichu #10, showing that during the hiatus of Sonichu 11, he had simply continued his fantasy/coping mechanism in his mind.

  • Chris is no longer the mayor. Allison Amber, formerly the mayor's secretary, took up the role. The circumstances of Chris's resignation are unclear, and it is unknown whether Amber was elected or if CWCville remains a dictatorship.
  • Chris gave himself the position of the city's creator instead, since holding the imaginary responsibilities of a small-town mayor is too much for him. Of course, his new position still earns Chris VIP treatment from the townspeople.
  • The city has become even more of a police-state, with Magi-Chan reading the minds of the populace to determine if anybody poses a threat. Ironically, this solution is far more extreme than anything President Trump has done, including his executive order to shut down entry from select countries, which Chris has criticized.
  • On the other hand, Sonichu #12 shows CWCville celebrating its SLGBTQ pride festival, indicating a reversal of Chris's long-standing homophobia and possibly a continuation of Chris's repeal-by-fiat in Sonichu #10 of the city's anti-gay legislation.


CWCville's economy on paper operates under an American-style free market economy, yet in practice the Mayor exercises considerable control over the economy: the radio station and soft drink company are named after the Mayor, which indicates either nationalization of normally private businesses or rampant cronyism. The banning of goods that the Mayor disapproves of has also contributed to the city's financial troubles. Tobacco, unhealthy as it may be, is illegal to sell, possess or consume, despite the multibillion dollar value of the industry, which by all reasonable analysis, means it is very likely one of the single most-smuggled contraband items into CWCville writ large, fetching black marketeers windfall profits.

As of Christmas 2009, ten homeless shelters have been set up: Chris himself claims that these ten-story "soup hotels" house a population of 900-1,800 indigents, and come equipped with free cable TV.[36] This means that the small city of CWCville has a homeless population of at least 10,000 (in comparison, the entire nation of Japan has just over 6,000[37]). As that number has further increased to at least 17 by the time of Sonichu #10, which takes place only a month later, this problem has gotten even worse. The Mayor's personal friends, such as Sonichu, live in state-sponsored, suburban housing. He also supplied furniture for Wild Sonichu.[38]

CWCville also pays for the TrollBusters' private jet,[39] and the Mayor's hedgehog friends receive free housing, credit cards and other gifts from his office, not unlike Soviet nomenklatura. Sonichu and Rosechu, both being too lazy to work, get $3,500 per month, (as shown in Mailbag 21), which is unusually a large sum of money for a monthly tugboat. This, also coupled with the unusually high homelessness rate, could tell us that CWCville possibly severely overtaxes its citizens to feed its delusional, power-hungry dictator's multiple vanity projects.

Chris claims that the city has "a lot of jews and immigrants, like new york," and is on the stock exchange.[39]


CWCville currency

CWCville also mints its own currency, the CWCville quarter. It first came to prominence in Sonichu #9, and comes in only two coins: the C-Quarter and the W-Quarter. Ten C-Quarters make one W-Quarter, indicating that Chris has no idea what "quarter" means. The W-Quarter is round and golden in color, with a silver edge and a red "W", while the C-Quarter is C-shaped and sky blue with a silver edge. Both appear to reference Chris's publishing house logo at the time, which notably appeared on the CWCipedia. CWCville still issue fines in US dollars for unknown reasons: most likely, to shore up foreign currency reserves gather funds for a tottering dictatorship.

According to Chris on 19 November 2019,[40] and assuming that SIX Interbank Clearing chooses the W-Quarter as the main currency unit, the official exchange rate is CWQ 1 = USD 2.50,[41] which puts the CWCville quarter only behind the currencies of Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman in terms of purchasing power.[42] In reality, the irrational command economy and the ongoing debt crisis in real-life means that the parallel (black market) rates may command a huge discount… something like USD 1 = CWQ 4×1029.

The Invasion of CWCville

Main article: Sonichu 13
A map created by Idea Guy Joshua Wise

After years of insanity and borderline totalitarianism, things finally seemed to be improving for the citizens of CWCville. Chris had stepped down as mayor, Magi-Chan was no longer spying on the populace due to his duties as Chris' husband, and beloved American film actor Brendan Fraser was elected as Chris' successor, ensuring CWvCille would no longer be an ego-driven police state and would also be protected from evil mummies. Under Fraser's benevolent rule, it seemed like CWCville would finally be a free and happy place. Unfortunately, this newfound peace and prosperity would not last long, due to the corruptions of the Idea Guys and their ween ideas. The Idea Guys convinced Chris that CWCville was under attack by various different villains and factions, placing it in a frenzied state of war. First invaded by villains from Hyperdimension Neptunia, the invaders were quickly beaten back and put into CWCville's newly established prison camps.

Later, the city was invaded by the neighboring nation of Australatina. The Australatinas managed to wipe out most of CWCville's military, who were forced to fight a war on two fronts when the city erupted into mass riots. The Underground tunnels beneath CWCville (presumably created by Simonla who didn't want to ride the fucking bus like a normal person) collapsed, causing mass devastation and splitting the city into two sides: East and West. The Australatinas then pledged their loyalty to invading Nazis, who began ethically cleansing CWCville. They successfully captured most of Chris' hedgehog Pokemon and wiped out most of the wild Pokemon around CWCville. Chris' characters were brutally executed but quickly respawned. The female Sonichus were all raped and impregnated until they were freed by Chris. The Nazis were finally beaten back and the city was rebuilt.

Despite all of their reckless bumbling, the Idea Guys managed to do something no one could ever imagine was possible: make CWCville an even worse shithole. Sure, under Chris' reign the city was a manchild's playground escape fantasy with Orwellian undertones, but at least you could get a job at Taco Bell and live a reasonably peaceful life if you didn't smoke or call the mayor a tard. Once the Idea Guys took over, the city became a living hell filled with constant death and destruction with forced labor, rape, and death camps. The lesson is simple: being ruled by a bumbling and incompetent but well-meaning manchild might be bad, but being ruled by murderous nazis is at least moderately worse.

CWCville's Restoration

Chris has been rather inconsistent with what parts of Sonichu 13 were actually canon and which parts he discarded. Regardless, the city was restored to its Pre-War state and all the nightmarish changes were reversed. Presumably, the timeline was fixed and all the characters returned to their normal lives, and Brendan Fraser was still the mayor, with Ian Brandon Anderson serving as his Chief of Police.

With the Nazis, evil CPUs and reality-warping demons all defeated and a fantastic actor once again leading the city, CWCville has presumably finally become a somewhat decent place, even if everything there is ass-backwards and totally absurd. Chris has written very little about CWCville following the events of Issue 13. However, Chris claimed that he attended Babscon there in 2020. CWCville, and presumably all of Dimension C-197 was totally unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Twin towns

CWCville, as portrayed by Chris in his videos.

CWCville appears to be twinned with Charlottesville, Virginia, the largest and most familiar urban environment in Chris's life.

Chris has made many connections between the two cities, mainly as a result of his narrow perception of the outside world: for example, Chris presented footage of Charlottesville as that of CWCville,[43] while CWCville hosts the Dogwood Festival, which is an Charlottesville tradition.[10] Chris also stated that CWCville is as important and worthy of respect as every American city that begins with "C", but mentioned only Charlottesville by name, calling it "the most important one" of these "C-Villes"; as if Chicago, Cincinnati, Colorado Springs, Corpus Christi, Columbus or Cleveland, for example, were so much less important than it.[44]


Fan videos

CWCville Tour Video
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 11 May 2010
Made By MycalFelps
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

See also


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