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Because a perfectly rational politician keeps a photo of the Gimp in the reception of his office

The CWCville Mayoral Office would be the personal workplace of CWCville Mayor Christian Weston Chandler, if he wasn't preoccupied with his search for a sweetheart. It is situated inside the CWCville Shopping Center.


Wow... it's a violation of all things feng shui.

The average architect would describe his office layout as "ridiculously huge". When represented in the comics, it tends to seem rather plain, with the barest essential office furnishings (or the closest approximation possible with Crayola marker) set against an all-blue interior. Still, Chris seems to believe his station as Mayor of his own fantasy world demands a spacious workplace. How many taxpayer dollars were wasted in its construction remains a mystery, although it's a fair assumption that CWCville citizens were heavily taxed to fund this and other useless projects. The office is described as being 120' (37 m) in width.

As was revealed in Sonichu #6, there is a portal to CWCville in Chris's room which leads directly to the Mayor's office. Additionally, the reception has several buttons that summon the Electric Hedgehog Pokémon, the Power Rangers, and some robots that appear from nowhere, to do nothing of note.


No one (most likely not even the Mayor himself) knows the purpose of the Mayor's office, seeing that CWCville doesn't appear to have a coherent government. An elected Town Council exists, although it is strictly advisory, and the Mayor is not obliged to take any action it recommends. Events in Sonichu #9 show that people can call up the Mayor's office when the city is under attack; useful as this may be, this contributes little to civic government. When all of this is taken into account, one can only assume CWCville is actually a dictatorship, with the office a façade to keep the poverty-stricken public placated.

In other words, it's amazingly useless.


Chris's Nintendo DSi has a custom uplink keeping him connected with this office at all times, so that he can always be aware of any pressing danger - not that he has ever used it for this purpose. Thus, the entertaining plot hook of a sudden call about an emergency in CWCville is sadly wasted.

Daily business

During Chris's tenure as Mayor, he is a lousy administrator, often abandoning his administrative duties to fight Jerkops in the mall; he has never explained why he simply doesn't fire these rogue employees that hate him so. He introduced his assistant, Allison Amber, in Sonichu #6; she is the dedicated employee who does all of the actual work, while he gets beaten-up by his evil gay twin.

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