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Zapina is a fast-talking, very energetic, spunky, inquisitive little gal.


—- Chris, describing his ideal partner

Sonichu character
Zapina Cwckipedia ver.jpg
Zapina Rosechu
Date of birth c. November 1993 (in universe)
Gender Female
Height 2'6" (76.2 cm)
Weight Unknown
Species Rosechu (Electric Hedgehog Pokémon)
Type Bug/Electric
Parents Unknown
Education Unknown; Presumably CWCville High
Evolves from Rosey (means unknown)
Evolves into N/A

Zapina is a fourteen-year-old Rosechu who longs to strip for women's rights. She's part-insect... somehow, meaning she has wings and her ass glows. Where did she come from? How and why is she so much younger than all the other Electric Hedgehog Pokémon? Nobody knows, and fortunately, nobody gives a damn.

Like Sandy Rosechu, she is one of the only non-Sonee & Rosey underage Rosechus. The exception here though is that Zapina is not a psychopathic serial killer in the making.


Curse those dumb laws!

Surprisingly, Zapina does not appear to be ripped-off wholesale from any other existing character. She does have the yellow color and ears of Pikachu, as well as the eye style of a Sonic character, but the fact that she's part-insect is all original. Yes, you read that right: for once, Chris has "created" something that is only somewhat derivative. NOPE

Despite existing solely as a means for Chris to somehow disprove criticisms on pedophilia, she is easily the skankiest-dressed Rosechu in the series; she sports daisy-dukes and a low-cut, midriff-baring tube top, which no responsible parent would let even a high-schooler near, and appears to be wearing makeup at points.


Sonichu #8

At the gals' protest strip for women's rights, Zapina begs the fascist Rosechu to allow her to get naked for the camera. Sensibly, Rosechu won't allow her to be present (citing "dumb laws"), until Lolisa Rosechu promises to "look after" her. She helps by using her powers to provide light for their horrifying strip protest.

Sonichu #9

In the dating education episode, we see Simonla Rosechu outside CWCville U talking to Zapina. Zapina refers to Simonla as "her best friend" which is creepy enough, before Simonla instructs her to get a "16 year old boy".

In the CWC-Defense we see that she is not only an aspiring erotic model, but also a full-fledged child soldier. During the attack on CWCville by the Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens, Zapina engages in mortal combat with a group of Jerkops despite her young age [1].

Should be self-explanatory.

Sonichu #10

While not making any appearances, Zapina is mentioned as having become Sandy Rosechu's babysitter and mentor.[2] This presumably means that Sandy will be fighting for women's rights from the tender age of one year.

Sonichu #11

In the newly resurrected Sonichu '11, Simonla is revealed to have survived her death in Sonichu #10. When she returns to society, Zapina hugs her and calls her "sis."


There are three Rosechus who have implied they would like to sexually exploit Zapina. The first is Rosechu, who mentioned those gosh darn laws; second is Lolisa, who says it's A-OK for a child to be around women stripping nude; now Simonla seems to be trying to nudge Zapina into a sexual relationship of her own.


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