Legendary Master Sunstone

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Black Sonichu simultaneously stealing the Sunstone and Bugs Bunny's catchphrase.

The Legendary Master Sunstone is an enormous orange gemstone located on Rainbow Island where it is protected by Flame the Sunbird. According to Flame:

The Master Sunstone controls how everything in the world grows. As long as it remains on my island's momument, everything will grow like norma [sic]. But if it were to fall into the wrong hands, everything would fall into chaos; humans could grow extra body parts, or lose them. Tress [sic] would grow legs and walk the earth in anger. But I, Flame, make sure the Master Sunstone stays in place and together to ensure proper growth. That makes it very powerful[.]

Almost immediately after the Sunstone was introduced in Sonichu, it was stolen by Black Sonichu, acting on orders from Giovanni. While making his getaway and evading Flame's pursuit, Black Sonichu interfered with the relaxation of Bubbles, Wild, Punchy and Angelica, causing them to meet for the first time. This in turn attracted the attention of Magi-Chan, who brought the Chaotic Combo together to confront Black Sonichu alongside Sonichu. The six Electric Hedgehog Pokémon squashed Blachu and returned the Sunstone to its proper place on Rainbow Island. Despite its apparent power and how easy it is to steal (Black Sonichu was only stopped because he coincidentally pissed off every other Electric Hedgehog in the world on his way home) the Legendary Master Sunstone is never mentioned again.

The Legendary Master Sunstone is a gigantic rip-off of the Master Emerald from Sonic & Knuckles. Additionally, its appearance, name, and color is based off the Sun Stone item from the Pokémon games.[1]

Chris has stated that the Master Sunstone is a Master Emerald, but it got deformed so that is why it looks like a Sunstone. [2] He also said during a Live Stream that the Master Sunstone came from The Ultimate Emerald when it was shattered.