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First page, Chris at a Workaholics Anonymous meeting

The Workaholics Anonymous comic is a set of pages Chris drew in March 2021; it is unclear if the comic is finished.[1][2] It was another in a series of attempts to force himself into a community of Brony Analysts - "Workaholics Anonymous" is a series of YouTube videos by members of that community, such as DRWolf.

In Chris's tweet announcing his Workaholics Anonymous comic, he then mentioned several brony analysts, including DRWolf, Lightning Bliss, and others, and requested that they make videos featuring his comic panels.[1]

In the comic, Chris Chan Sonichu is attending a Workaholics Anonymous meeting. He introduces himself as a literal goddess. He then describes at length his adventures in astral projecting to other dimensions and timelines to fight evil, fix tears in time and space, and other tasks. He complains that this labor is taking a toll on him.

Chris elaborates on his masturbation issues

Notably, considering that Chris would go on to have sex with his own mother months later, near the end of the comic's released pages, Chris alluded to real life sexual health issues. He wrote in dialogue that:

my sacral and root were average-to low in energy. And, yes, that means I have a low sex drive. So, I have re-routed some of the excess crown and third eye energy to recharge the sacral and root. Also, I eat an apple per day.

In the last set of panels revealed, Chris wrote dialogue alluding to his masturbation issues (in a chat with The Place earlier in the month, Chris referred to fifteen minutes as the amount of long, tiring, and annoying time it took to masturbate):[3]

So, yeah, in part, I am having to satisfy my body, at times. It's rather tedious with me. For all this time, every single time, it takes me fifteen f-yay minutes. Self-work gets enduring and tiring. Is this method of stress relief really worth it?