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Rsz transtemplate.jpg Gender disclosure: This person currently identifies as FTM transgender. Pronoun usage on this page may or may not reflect biological sex and/or gender identity.

Jessi/Jesse Nowack (more commonly known as Nowacking) is an American voice actor and editor. Though not affiliated with official canon, most bronies regard him as the definitive voice of Vinyl Scratch. Before his FTM transition, Nowack identified as a lesbian, which most certainly caught the eye of our protagonist.

Alienating yourself on Twitter 101

On 26 August 2017, Nowacking posted a series of tweets on relationships and online dating. Chris commented on most of her tweets, praising her, as well as going off-topic to talk about his history of being trolled.[1] Weens, led by Michael Hirtes, then spammed Nowacking with accusations against Chris, telling her to block Chris.

The next day, Chris discovered that Nowacking had blocked him and lay blame on the weens for it. Nowacking himself has not commented on the reason for the block. Chris continued following her by using his NightStar2891 sockpuppet,[2] although this account was later blocked as well.

Undeterred, Chris created a new sockpuppet account, TwiSparLicious, to follow Nowack and others who had him blocked. Chris later stopped following Nowacking on this account after Jessica Quinn temporarily broke up with him over his use of the sockpuppet.

During BronyCon 2018, rather than leaving well enough alone, Chris devised a plan to redeem himself in the eyes of Nowacking (at this time identifying as a transgender man) by presenting him with a drawing and a Vinyl toy. However, Chris was left upset when the voice artist rejected the truce.[3] This rejection lingered in Chris's mind for a long time, as in April 2020, the Sonichu-"possessed" Chris acknowledged his mistakes at BronyCon (which he went on to refer as a "PTSD moment"). That being said, he still sought interaction with the voice actor.[4]

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