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Yellow-Shirted Foe

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I’m very serious in this. Your lack of response has left me most upset! My yellow-shirted foe! Mm! And you will lose business because of this!


Chris trying to blackmail someone he maced over a video game

Yellow‑Shirted Foe
Name n/a
Also known as Yellow-Shirted Foe
Gender Male
Nationality American
Race White
Occupation Assistant Manajerk, GameStop

The Yellow-Shirted Foe, previously known as the Ass-Manager, was an innocent GameStop employee doing his job on the fateful day of December 26th 2014. Likely tired after hours of communicating to bargain-hunting customers on Boxing Day and looking forward to returning home to his loved ones to enjoy another day of the Festive Season, his day took a turn for the worse when a cross-dressing manchild, previously banned for acts of vandalism sprayed him with pepper spray for no valid reason, causing immense pain and eye irritation. He was the sole victim of the attack on blue arms.

After Chris was taken to court and found guilty, his Yellow-Shirted Foe would come under scrutiny once more on November 29th 2015 where it would be revealed that Chris blames him for his various bans and has decided to add him to his list of enemies.

Time will only tell what will become of the Yellow-Shirted Foe, if he will get back in contact with Chris, or if indeed Chris will try and force further contact with his assault victim.

26 December 2014

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The Yellow-Shirted Foe worked the Boxing Day Shift at a Game Stop in Charlottesville Fashion Square, where Chris was trespassing. Considering he had been banned for vandalizing store displays in the past, his Yellow-Shirted Foe was one of the employees to confront him and ordered him to leave.

When Chris put up argument, his Yellow-Shirted Foe left to fetch security and Chris retaliated by yelling out "DON'T CALL ANYBODY" and macing him as he passed by on his way out.

The Yellow-Shirted Foe would press charges and over the course of nearly a year, Chris attended various court hearings until October 15th when Chris would be found guilty.

29 November 2015

Main article: Group Embargo on GameStop, Best Buy, and Simon Shopping Centers

Chris accuses his Yellow-Shirted Foe of holding a vendetta against him (which given the circumstances IS entirely plausible and understandable), and has encouraged his various bans.

Revealing a long-winded typical Chris-Chan Apology in which he at one point attempts to blackmail his Yellow-Shirted Foe by making a baseless accusation that he is working several jobs and threatens to report him to the Better Business Bureau, Chris tells us the apology was ignored which ignites his wrath.

Chris goes further to accuse him of being bigoted towards the LGBT and Autistic community, never wondering if perhaps his Yellow-Shirted Foe himself is LGBT, or is on the Autistic Spectrum. Content with his assumption, he urges his fans to boycott GameStop and various affiliates in protest against his Yellow-Shirted Foe's alleged discrimination.

Chris expects his apology to be accepted simply because he made the effort to make one at all. Disregarding that his Yellow-Shirted Foe lost working time and money due to the incident, or the possibility he had been asthmatic or allergic, results could have been catastrophic.

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