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Caitlin was a waitress Chris had a crush on for a day or so. He mentioned that he met her at Golden Corral with his father. There has been no indication that Caitlin ever had any more interaction with Chris than just being polite to him while he was a guest at the restaurant she worked in, and it is presumed that she never called Chris since he never brought her up again, probably because she wasn't interested in dating an autistic manchild.

Description to Panda

[excerpt from chat with Panda]

I just went out to Golden Corall with my father; mom stayed home, because she didn't feel well. Anyway, I've made a new gal-pal today; the server who served me and my father. She was cute. Her name is Caitlin. Eventually, she commented on the Family Guy episode I was playing on my PSP, I introduced myself to her and there was a peaceful spark. I left her a note on a napkin talking about, that I'd like to be friends with her, and my phone number. I noted my being "internet famous", and mentioned, then listed my phone number in inquisition of being friends...

If I'm there again, I'll make a note to talk to her again, or ask about her among the staff; my family and I personally know a couple of other female staff members (both older and taken).[1]