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I only go up to a certain limit, like I would very rarely date a woman who weighed more than 250 lbs.
Chris, lying.[1]

The two's company snapshots are a series of photographs taken of Chris enjoying a drink at Applebee's[2] with a morbidly obese young woman, playfully nicknamed Hambeast by the trolls. They were uploaded on 4chan's /v/ on 15 July 2009.

According to the CWCipedia, this was the first real date Chris had been to. Much to his disappointment, it did not end with him obtaining any china.

In a Captain's Log dated 14 March 2010, Chris revealed the name of the Hambeast as Faeryn as he was demanding she be made anonymous.[3]


The date was partially a setup by trolls to see how Chris would react to a willing, but physically unattractive boyfriend-free girl. While their introduction was a setup, it was actually Chris himself who initiated conversation and asked her out on a date, managing to snag her number. Like Chris, she too was fat, unattractive, with poor hygiene and little opportunity for a relationship. Even so, she was less than enthusiastic about dating Chris.

Chris later told Kacey that he got drunk and touched Faeryn "a few times", and she told him afterwards that she wasn't into him.[2]

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