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Magical Man Potion is a video released 24 February 2010. In it, Chris acts out a skit in which he is a mad scientist creating a vile potion that transforms him into a different person, who is portrayed by a mysterious guest visiting his home. Whether the concept was that the potion makes Chris more handsome, or if it's simply that being anybody but Chris is automatically an improvement, is unclear. That a plotline in Asperchu involving similar themes emerged shortly after this video was made is certainly no coincidence.

This video is notable in that it is the first time a person not related to Chris has appeared in one of his videos. Previously the only known humans/animals who have ever breached the sanctum of Chris's room during a video were Bob Chandler and Kitty. Chris clearly could not be assed to hide his sex toys when he had company over, as the Plush Breasts of Fail once again make an appearance.

Chris appears thinner than usual in this video as the camera was set to the 16:9 widescreen format, but the video was squished into 4:3 at some point prior to upload.


Magical Man Potion
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 24 February 2010
Subject Matter GalpalsGalpals Love
Performance Style ComedyComedy Comedy, CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga EmilyEmily Emily
Shirt OrangeOrange Orange
Christian Love Day (video)
PS3 Tutorial for my fans
I wonder where a guy like me could go to get a little action?


[Chris mixes various liquids together through the first part of this video. There are quite a few jump cuts as he mixes his "concoction".]

Chris: Mhaaha haah hah hah ha ha [camera skip] ha hah aha ahah. We are going to make a concoction today uh uh uh ababenerch and a little squ-wirt,... let's mix'er well AH AH HA ha ha HA. Furry.

[Chris drinks the concoction]

Chris: It's not bad.

[Chris makes a series of gasping and coughing noises, posing dramatically all the while, before ducking behind a table. There is a camera transition, and an unknown man wearing the Asperchu medallion emerges, coughing]

Unknown:, that's... not, bad, actually. Feeling pretty good, feeling a little...anxious, frisky. I wonder where a guy, like me could go, to get a little action? You know... I betcha I know, I just... Ahhrrr, Oh Go- I need to work... on-

[The unknown man makes a series of coughing and gagging noises, before ducking down once again. There is another camera transition, and Chris emerges.]

Chris: Urhh urrhggg ahh. I work on the time length. To be continuuuued!

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