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ECV 00001 is a video Chris uploaded on 9 October 2010, in which he paraphrases the Wikipedia article about the Cherokee while dressed as what he thinks they look like.

Throughout the video, he holds a PlayStation Move controller and a matching "Navigation Controller". Chris has also returned to using his old PSEye to record this video, which causes a number of skips to occur throughout the video. As is evident in the video title, the EyeCreate video counter has been reset to 1, due to his new PS3.

Of note is how Chris is careful to elaborate how peaceful the Cherokee clan is, specifically how war is bad, yet he pulls a 180 near the end by stating how fierce they are and that the trolls should beware. Chris, always sensitive to the plight of minorities, speaks in a stereotypical "kemosabe"-style Indian voice until he starts talking about black people at which point he starts speaking in a hip, urban manner in order to show that he is "down".


ECV 00001
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Stardate 9 October 2010
Subject Matter RacismRacism Racism, ViolenceViolence Violence
Performance Style RageRage Rage, ReasonReason Reason, CrazyCrazy Crazy
Shirt Grey Muscle BraGrey Muscle Bra Grey Muscle Bra
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We were very peaceful, I tell ya what.


This is what Chris actually believes.

[Chris is wearing his muscle bra with construction paper accents to give his impression of a very, very fierce Cherokee warrior. He has his arms crossed over his chest with a PlayStation Move controller in each hand.]

Me, noble Cherokee man. I come to you with a brief bit of introduction to our Cherokee clan. We were a peaceful lace...peaceful race, most of our history is encrypted within Spanish history. Some of it was previously, uh, translated, was translated, as can—-found on the Wikipedia under the term "Cherokee": C-H-E-R-O-K-E-E. [The first E is barely there because of one of the skips.]

We were very peaceful, I tell ya what. We were so peaceful, that we found war activities to be a polluting activity. And we had and a whole and before it was revoked, we had purity sessions of which our priests of our clans purified the warriors that went out into battle before they come into to the village and resume life there. And we were even bartered as slut— bartered off as slaves to the Virginia and north and northward.

And we had a whole bunch of medishin medicianal supstances that were created within our times by our witch doctors, which I happen to have a witch doctor. His name is on my thing there, but I forgot memorize it. Which he comes from the Chandler Clan on my father's side. It was a good union, though, between my father meeting my mother, for she comes from the English clan, but we were here in America first and we had our own tortures. And through a whole bunch of trials and tribulations, we ended up walking the Trail of Tears.

Which, beyond which, as we walked the trail, some of us wandered off the trail to be hidden from those that have considered us slaves. Unfortunately, thanks to our right— thanks to our guys, slavery has abolished altogether, including— including the black slaves. Though I not say that, it was of an consasensus...

[Chris suddenly changes from offensive Indian imitation to offensive urban patois.]

Hey, we're with you on this one, dude, we're with you on this one, dudes. I mean, we were slaves as well back in the day. But we've managed to collect ourselves, and there only a few of us left within this America and mostly there are only partial regions with us, but there are organizations of us Cherokees within states like Oklahoma and Tennessee. More information on this, as well as our history, on the Wikipedia. Also, we did go off out in battle after that practice was abolished. Of which we have purified our warriors before they could return to our village. We were fierce, though. We were very, very fierce.

But anyway, with that, don't mess with us. For we will shoot you down. Pew! [Pantomimes shooting a bow and arrow.]

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