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100 2279 is a video Chris uploaded on 12 October 2010, in which he holds a Cleveland Show DVD case to his face and talks about buying computers, impersonating Cleveland (poorly) throughout. He then apologizes for making a "considerably weak video."


100 2279
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 12 October 2010
Subject Matter TelevisionTelevision Television
Performance Style ComedyComedy Comedy, CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga JackieJackie Jackie
Shirt Red Yellow StripeRed Yellow Stripe The Racing Stripe
100 2277
I put on my Wizard's cloak and magic hat

I apologize for this considerably weak video.


[Video opens with Chris stepping away from the camera and holding up a Cleveland Show DVD case to his face due to lack of a mask]

[Attempting to impersonate Cleveland] Good evenin' ladies and gentlemen my name is Cleveland Brown!

And I come to the American viewers from Circuit City! Circuit City! There's one left! Come find us!

Oh and also, you know, between Roberta and everybody else is my family we bought eMachines and Dell computers! And guess what? We were able to enjoy them for so long that they ended up falling apart quickly! And den we used the parts to put together our own little cart racing devices and everything! Hooray for the Browns and Tubbses! We drove our own drag race car in da' race and we did all dis fun stuff cuz' we're pre-tty much American! This is what we do! I'm not saying that us Americans are bad, but 'dis is where we are and 'dis is how our minds work d'ese days! Ba-da-ba-da-baba!

[Chris begins singing]

My name is Cleveland Brown and I am proud to be right back in my old home town with my new family. They's old friends and new friends and even a bear! (His name is Tim!) Through good times and bad times. It's true love we share-- And so I found a place where every-- everyone will know my happy mustached face! This is the Cleveland Show! Heh heh heh heh!

[Chris stops singing]

I apologize for today's video for being very ba-- or weak considerably. Uh, I didn't have an idea at the time.

[Chris wiggles the DVD in front of his face]

I apologize. [Chris removes the DVD and uses his normal voice] I apologize for this considerably weak video.

Have a good day.

100 2277 Chris's videos I put on my Wizard's cloak and magic hat

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