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The rare and valuable Megatron pistol, worth more than US$200 to a Transformer collector. Unless it smells like Axe and ass.

CWC is Angry is a video uploaded by Chris in August 2007. After losing the PaRappa contest, though disappointed by his loss, Chris decided to be a good sport and made a video to congratulate Adam Stackhouse on his victory. In it, Chris is off-screen for most of it while he uses his Megatron pistol to shoot and reload at a picture of Adam over and over again. It should be noted that Chris said afterward that the fans should leave Adam alone, and that he was forgiven.

This video is notable as being the last video produced by Chris before the trolling of him began. For some time, this video was believed by the trolling community to be lost forever, but it turned up again in April 2009 during the Ivy Saga on Chris's Veoh account. Note the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode "Interfection" playing in the background. The Blake medallion, which he is rarely seen wearing, can be seen around his neck in the last second of the video as he sets the camera down.

Almost 3 years later, Chris would again attempt to create another dartboard by trespassing on The GAMe PLACe's property to take pictures of Michael Snyder. While Chris escaped any trespassing/vehicular homicide charges, the Jerkops still managed to delete the photo and give him a warning.


CWC is Angry
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate August 2007
Subject Matter MusicMusic Music, ViolenceViolence Violence, Video gamesVideo games Video Games
Performance Style RageRage Rage, CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga StackhouseStackhouse Adam Stackhouse
Shirt Classic ShirtClassic Shirt The Classic
Chop Chop Master Onion's Rap Showdown
Chris Chan's Public Announcement


[The first five seconds of the video contains a succession of still images; firstly of Chris wearing the Blake medallion and looking upset, then a photograph of Adam and Anna Stackhouse, followed by a close-up of the Megatron pistol.]

[What follows is nearly two minutes of video footage, showing Chris casually shooting the photograph of the Stackhouses with his pistol and reloading, again and again, in silence. An episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force can be heard playing in the background throughout.]

[At the 2:00 mark, the video abruptly cuts to a close-up of Chris's face. He appears to be sat in an armchair, and a 1200-piece bucket of Lego is prominently visible next to his head.]

And that... is how angry I am at [reading offscreen] Adam Stackhouse, Aprelewsky, Brudell, and Surya Buchwald! They shou'ah been disqualified, 'cause they had music and more than one person in their freakazoid videos!

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