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Cleveland Show Voice Rant (officially "Nia Long IS Roberta; NOT that High-Pitchey, Whiney, Bratty Regan Gomez.MOV") is a video uploaded on to YouTube on 22 March 2010, just after Chris proclaimed his intentions to leave the internet a second time. Despite the turbulent period in which this video was uploaded, all Chris does is use the Internet for profoundly unimportant shit in spite of promising not to less than 36 hours prior.


Nia Long IS Roberta; NOT that High-Pitchey, Whiney, Bratty Regan Gomez.MOV
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Stardate 22 March 2010
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03212010 C-Ya Later.MOV
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Her voice is just too high-pitched...


Okay, this is just a blog video with a few thoughts of the day on this, the uh- um, let's see... [Chris steps off camera, seemingly checking the date, and returns] the twenty second day of March. [Sighs] Anyway, it's just been a bad day for me, y'know, I'm still suffering de- lingering heartaches for what happened recently.

Mmm... and, uh, also you know another thought, you know... [Glasses removal] I just feel, I just feel like, I just feel like sharing, you know, on The Cleveland Show, you know, I liked Nia Long a lot better as the voice of Roberta Tubbs. I don't give- I don't give a damn about this Reagan what- Reagan Gomez what's-her-name. Her voice is just too high-pitched and just does not fit the character as best as Nia Long did. Seth and be- Seth and Mike Henry would uh... Seth MacFarlane and Mike Henry would do themselves a big favor by putting Nia Long back as the voice of Roberta. [Long pause; sigh; Chris looks around awkwardly] Anyways, just food for thought for today. [Puts glasses back on] So I'll leave y'all with that.

03212010 C-Ya Later.MOV Chris's videos F Abstinance

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