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Holy crap, Lois, I'm autistic!

Family Guy is an animated sitcom that debuted on Fox in 1999. It is known for satirizing pop-culture and extensive use of cutaway gags, with the series peaking in popularity and cultural significance in the mid-2000s and subsequently sticking around in a diminished capacity but never quite leaving, much like its inspiration, The Simpsons. Chris rips it off an unbelievable amount in his comics.

Influence on Chris

Chris has expressed fanaticism for the series, to the extent of his beliefs being influenced by it. He cites Family Guy as material that endorses homophobia, having completely misinterpreted what was a not-so-subtle jab at the prejudice in an episode. The specific scene which Chris referenced depicted Stewie Griffin quoting the Bible to prove that gay marriage is wrong. The joke is twofold; Stewie himself is ambiguously gay, making his quoting of the Bible hypocritical, and, as pointed out by Brian Griffin, he is too infantile to properly contextualize Biblical scripture. This joke obviously soared over Chris's head, and it is a dig at precisely the sort of brainless Bible-thumping Chris exhibits. What's even more ridiculous is the fact that Chris seems to have not heard of any specific parts of the Bible that condemn homosexuality – despite being a supposedly devout Christian his entire life – until it was spelled out in an animated comedy series.

In Sonichu

  • The series is part of the the "inspiration" for Chris's infamous Ghostbusters "skitch" that appeared in Sonichu #7 and contained the one-off appearance of his character Sammy, a creation that was a mix between Chris and Peter Griffin. Chris had hoped that the creator of Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane, could possibly use his "skitch" in a future episode.
  • Sonichu #8 featured the line "Insert rod 'A' into slot 'B'" as an apparent example of dirty talk. In "Emission Impossible", the line "Insert rod support 'A' into slot 'B'" is interpreted as innuendo.
  • Chris' habit of recycling may also be an influence of "Emission Impossible". Peter and Lois try to make another baby and Stewie tries to kill the sperm before they can fertilize an egg, and, in Chris' warped view of reality, he can save his children from death by ingesting them.
  • Also in Sonichu #8, Bubbles Rosechu asks Blake what he wished for and he says "It's already come true". This could be directly from Sixteen Candles, but it could also be from the parody of this scene in Family Guy's "PTV".
  • The "Spring Break" plotline also owes a lot to Meg and Lois's story in "A Fish out of Water", including the bit where every channel is showing Spring Break, even the news channels.
  • The "gay vaccine" storyline from Sonichu #10 was partially inspired by the episode "Family Gay", where Peter becomes gay after being injected with the gay gene.[1]
  • In Sonichu #11, Chris copies the line "I'm the Virgin Mary; that's my story and I'm sticking to it", from "A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas".

Chris and Meg

Main article: Meg Griffin
Chris's declaration of intention regarding Meg.
Megan thanks me very much for my compliments I gave a lot of, and we hang out throughout the episode (I hope she has turned Eighteen by the time I get there, so this can be a really good story).
Chris, on what makes a story really good.[2]
Chris's welcome page as of 9 October 2009.

Chris has a crush on Meg Griffin (a cartoon character, for those keeping track at home). However, what Chris doesn't seem to understand is that there's a running gag (though not much anymore) of Meg being bullied. Despite her portrayal, Chris has developed feelings for her, perhaps finding a kindred spirit in another person whose only use seems to be to entertain the masses by being constantly mistreated by the world at large (that or her name just reminds him of someone...). Although she is underage, Chris has sought porn of her, going so far as to assimilate it into his drawings.

On 8 October 2009, he commented on a YouTube clip from the episode "Road to the Multiverse" depicting a hot alternate-universe Meg, lamenting that if only MacFarlane let Meg turn eighteen that CWC would "be all over her sweet pussy and breasts".[3]

In Sonichu #10, Chris inserted Meg into the comic, having her compliment Chris on the comic. In turn, Chris defends Meg's "honor" by beating up a guy who insults the two of them. He then kisses Meg, cheating on his future wife Lovely Weather. It turns out that Meg is Silvana Rosechu, an evil hermaphrodite furfag, in disguise. When accused of being a pedofork (Meg is 17), Chris retorted "SHE PUSHED HERSELF ONTO ME!"[4]

Chris also wrote about her in Mailbag 20:

She has a fun and sweet personality; she is very pretty; she is smart; what is there NOT to like about her? Nothing from my point of view.

Chris's message to Seth MacFarlane

On 5 June 2009, The Miscreants special ops agent Bryan Bash hacked into Chris's YouTube account and found a message Chris sent to Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane via his YouTube account. In all likeliness, Seth never read the message and was discarded by his account manager.

Hello Seth,

I am a long-time Family Guy Fan. I have purchased the Blu-Ray of your Calvacade; I enjoyed all but the homosexual and dick jokes (I detest the homos very strongly). For your next bunch of 50 or so videos, please do more breast and vagina jokes.

Also, in Family Guy, PLEASE give Megan more respect, because she IS VERY BEATIFUL in my perspective, and she truly deserves MORE Positive attention and less abuse. Give her an irreversable Love Potion or something yo give her the attention that she deserves for MULTIPLE SEASONS and MULTIPLE CONSISTANT episodes.

We LOVE Megan Marie Griffin.


Christian Weston Chandler, creator of Sonichu and Rosechu at

The Chrisode

Top-secret leaks from Fox animation
Leaked concept sketches made by Seth MacFarlane himself.
Chris's own sketch in a Family Guy-style.

On 9 December 2009 Chris said that he'd heard rumors that Seth MacFarlane was planning on including him in a future Family Guy episode. This obviously fake news inflated Chris's ego to gigantic proportions, to the point where he felt the need to pitch an idea for the plot. Below is the plot he posted on the CWCipedia.

I, Christian Weston Chandler, have described the story in a nutshell in my recent video. But to reiterate (the final story will be typed up then copied/pasted onto this page), The show opens on Megan going onto the Cwcipedia on her computer in her room, reading the latest page uploaded and enjoying it. Later, she sends a message for the Mailbag, asking if I could come to Quahog for their upcoming Comic Book Convention to show off my work. I respond, "I just may, Meg. ;)" Then I later drive up to Quahog in my car (debatable on the destination being the Comic Con or the Griffin House), either way, the Griffins greet and welcome me. Then I break out my two S-Chu Balls, toss them and release Sonichu and Rosechu; more greetings. Megan thanks me very much for my compliments I gave a lot of, and we hang out throughout the episode (I hope she has turned Eighteen by the time I get there, so this can be a really good story). For the "B" Story, Brian gets a bit antsy around the Lovehogs' cuddlings, and he just could not help but ask them about how they maintain their relationship. And Sonichu and Rosechu tell Brian and help him find himself a new good girlfriend. **Suggestion to Seth, Let's Add a Smart, Sweet Girl Dog for Brian (Yes, SHE TALKS), as for breed, I think any sexy breed (not a poodle; nothing against poodles, but I feel that a poodle might not work well for Brian).

Chris also described the plot in his 9 December 2009 C-Log; basically the same, except that it was an anime con.

Chris's criticisms

At the time when Chris loved Family Guy, he had several ideas that he was certain would make the show much, much better.[5] Most of his suggestions revolve around his infantile fears of homosexuality, his sad ability to fall desperately in love with fictional women and issues with the plot that only someone with autism would notice. Also, the tower incident that Chris is referring to takes place in the Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story. However, Chris is wrong about it causing Stewie to be straight. This is because it is pretty obviously hinted in this movie that he is gay, possibly bi, as he is a virgin at 30, still shows very flamboyant tendencies and is very reluctant to have sex with a woman.

Also: subtle hints of bestiality.

  • "Megan does not deserve the abuse she gets. She is a Beautiful Girl, she is Very Smart, and she is the Oldest of the three children. So, Why.T.F. does Seth let most everyone treat her terribly? What is it about her that everyone is seeing to instinctively wail on her by default? WHAT and WHY?!"
  • "Stewie should have let that tower fall on him; at least in the future scenario there, he Ended Up Straight."
  • "Chris finally got the best girlfriend he could ask for at the end of Season 6, Anna, so what happened to her between then and when Connie dated him in Season 7?"
  • "While I can see Brain looking for the womanly qualities that he finds in the women he's dated, why does he not date female talking dogs who are That Pretty, Smart and all that?"
  • "In "Road to the Multiverse", in the "Robot Chicken" Universe, Stewie asks Seth Greene through Chris, "How does it feel to be on a Major Network for 30 Seconds?" Upon watching the video file on my PS3, the time in that universe was Only 20 Seconds Total, and there were NO additional portions of that scene in the version later shown on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Seth McFarline owes Seth Greene 10 Seconds and then some."
  • Chris wants American Dad to have "Haley" in more episodes.

Other mentions

Commissioned art Chris drew in November 2023.

Chris recycles Family Guy jokes at every opportunity, usually so out-of-context that they make no sense.

Other MacFarlane shows

American Dad!

An old friend appears in American Dad! ("Trophy Wife, Trophy Life")

American Dad! is another MacFarlane series, again based around a single family. This is the MacFarlane show that Chris appears to pay the least attention to, though he does appear to be somewhat of a fan. Chris stated on the CWCipedia that "There should be More Stories starring Haley." Hayley Smith is the left-wing daughter of Stan Smith. Doubtless Chris wanted more Hayley stories, not due to his love of marijuana jokes or the Democratic Party, but because he thought she was sexy. He also probably saw a bit of himself on Hayley's teenage brother, Steve Smith, who, like Chris was in 2009, is fixated on getting a girlfriend and losing his virginity (achieving the former briefly in several episodes and the latter in the 2018 episode "My Purity Ball and Chain").

The Cleveland Show

27 September 2009 saw the debut of The Cleveland Show, a Family Guy spin-off. Chris plugged the show heavily on one of his Captain's Logs.

It would seem Chris may have been too hasty in his initial endorsement of the show. In a CWCipedia update on 11 December 2009, after making several idiotic points about Family Guy, his analysis of The Cleveland Show consisted simply of, "I do not care for all the dick jokes." This didn't stop him from buying the show's first season through the PlayStation Network, though.

In another eerie coincidence, an episode revolved around a sex doll named Kimmi.

On 22 March 2010, Chris broke his vow never to use the Internet again after thirty-six hours to complain about changes in the show's voice acting. He would continue his whining in a video about his favorite comedians two months later.

In an October 2010 video, Chris held up a DVD box set of the first season of The Cleveland Show and performed a terrible rendition of the show's theme tune. He spent $30 on this set, much to Jackie's chagrin.[15]

Sadly, Chris's seal of approval did nothing to help the show's fortunes, and it was cancelled in May 2013. Chris does not appear to have commented on the show's demise, suggesting that even he had stopped caring by this point.

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