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Shortly after the leak of the Incest Call, Bella, for unknown reasons, fabricated texts[note 1] which depicted Chris allegedly discussing practicing BDSM with his mother.

On 31 July 2021, she uploaded a screenshot of the texts into the Regarding Chris group chat, a chat created by Watchmen members to question Bella over her involvement with the Incest Call. Bella claimed that "this is the shit i woke up to the morning after the call." Watchmen leader The WCT reacted with shock at the screenshot, exclaiming, "WHAT THE FUCK [...] BELLA. WHY IS HE LIKE THIS". Bella goaded WCT to release the screenshot but to leave her name out of it.[1] WCT did so, posting the image to Kiwi Farms.[2]

As some posters reacted with skepticism at the image, WCT told Bella that "they want to know if you're credible. people think its fake." Bella then framed Fiona, saying, "oh how do i proove [...] fiona has it too". WCT said he would have to name people, and Bella goaded him to name Fiona.[1] He complied, claiming on Kiwi Farms in response to a post insisting he give his source that Fiona had sent him the screenshot; he also decided to post a video featuring her,[3] effectively turning attention onto her and revealing her face, linking her likeness to her name which was previously mentioned in the second incest call leak.

A poster requested that WCT's source explain a discrepancy in the screenshot, and WCT encouraged Bella to "Join the Farms for a bit, don't say you're the "Bella." But just state how you got the screenshot and such."[1]

The screenshot was later deemed fake by observers.[note 2]

Transcript of fabricated texts

The fabricated messages for Chris will be represented in white.

Good morning, I slept in after a wonderful night of romping and rolling with Barb again
Last night we tried somthing different and true, a fantasy held by Barb for quite sometime
I had her neighing like a horse sone would say...
I am very pleasured and honored to be sharing these new experiences with her at her old age
All of us, including Magi-Chan and Cryzel, were jittering in suspence
We looked up some interesting play to try on a site called XVideos and Heavy R
Initially she was reluctant to try any of this and I I admittedly a bit frightened as well but I preservered after the first round of penetration
I used some old Swing Rope we had attached to the kitchen oven from a while back and began to tie up her feet
Admittedly, I am not very skilled In BDSM or tying and Barb was got a help whatsoever
But we managed to figure it out by doing our own thing
I tied her up nice a tight by dividing the rope in three parts, one around the ankles, one around the wrists and one around her neck
I wasn't so sure if she enjoyed it at first but her vagina was nice and tight when I initiated the penetration




  1. The fabrication was determined by a Kiwi Farms poster to be partially based on an edit of an unrelated chat about typing speed
  2. Determined by observers with image analysis[4]
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