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This page is an archive of Isabella Loretta Janke's key posts about Chris on the online forum Kiwi Farms, under the usernames 10anon and an0nym0us. Posts are sorted by date.

Chris Chan Animation

15 March 2021, as 10anon[1]

In a thread on the Chris Chan Sonichu Intro animation video, and in response to another user's comment, "Anyone have any clue who made this or why?":

I did, I was paid too by Chris himself and a group of faggy trolls who “recruited me”(essentially just gave me all of chris‘s information and bank info) and had Chris write me a graphic explanation of the “anime intro” word for word. Gayest fucking shit I have ever read in my life. My IG is 10thanonymous, idk it doesn’t show up in his video, I’m surprised he even reached out to me considering the blatant criticism and the depictions I made of him being a fat, overweight, retard.

Anyways, the league of fags who are trying to get me to convince this even bigger faggot to down himself in the faggiest way possible and I want out. The current “trolls” are just as big of retards as he is and they literally do nothing but stroke his fucking tranny cock that for some reason they won’t budge when I try to tell them to get him to cut it off instead of paying him. as much as I think the guy should’ve been killed in some freak gender reassignment surgery accident by now, I got my check to animate this shit and now I’ll dip, cya!

Chris Chan Sonichu animation text.jpg

Framing Fiona as Kelly

1 August 2021, as an0nym0us[2]

During a thread in which users discussed a Google Drive under the alias of Kelly Osborn, Bella lies that Kelly is most likely Fiona (in reality, Kelly is a pseudonym of Bella's).

kelly osborn is most likely fiona and fiona is reading this rn i know that for a fact

Incest Call Narrative

1 August 2021, as an0nym0us[3]

Bella posts some DMs between herself and Chris which lead up to the Incest Call, but also invents a false narrative about her role in the DMs - attempting to obfuscate by claiming there were multiple people in on the call with Chris and that the speaker in the call was a minor by the name of "Billy" (in reality, Bella was the speaker, and was an adult at the time). Bella also lies about Fiona, such as claiming she is in Texas (in reality, Texas is Bella's location), and makes various accusatory remarks towards her.

the internet is full of incompetent pseudointellectual tards who spiral false information into circulation

Let me start by clearing some of it up. There is one main leaker, a girl named Fiona from Texas who Chirs is currently dating right now

I was in the original audio call with Chris, but the speaker in the audio was a 15 year old autistic guy who goes by "billy". Not Kelly Osbourne the pop singer or whatever some retards on here think.

Alongside "billy", we were both friends with chris chan for a couple of years.

One day he sent billy this:

To which, Billy invited me into the call. NONE of us knowing what was about to happen

We had no time to prepare recording beforehand since we had no clue he would tell us "Guys, I am having intercourse with Barbara"

We never considered ourselves "trolls" because we were privately friends with Chris and not involved with him in any other way except for text messaging him every now and then, we thought Chris was a nice person and didn't believe he could do this. We didn't start recording until AFTER he showed us the vibrators and "organic lube foam" he was using on his mom, at which point I pretended to leave and recorded the conversation between Billy and Chris.

Billy is NOT a girl nor are they transgender, we heavily changed the audio.

We sent the recording immediate after hanging up with Chris to the Virginia Police and we had some individuals also send this out.

the call is VERY edited and cuts in many random conversations, but the call with the most context is this:

Billy sent this to Fiona and instructed her to report this to the police, of which she did not do, leaking everything to the public without permission ofc

Fiona seems to have ties with Kelly Osborn apparently, but who cares, they're a lot of false rumors out there

But what I do know for certain is that Fiona was extremely interested in flying from Texas to Seattle to meet watch Chris and sleep with him.

After realizing that after they leaked this, Chris would go to jail, Fiona did not felt BAD and blamed Barbara for this and made excuses for why Chris would be doing this, calling herself the #1 love interest of all time and saying that he only did it because Chris was so shocked to have her as a lover.

I'm not sure what about Chris is attractive to her, but I find it nasty that she gives him a free pass and finds it sexy that he did that

Fiona DM Excerpt

1 August 2021, as an0nym0us[4]

[posts a link to a video of Chris and Fiona blowing kisses]

shes in the shitty quality video up top