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Chris Chan Sonichu Intro animation is a short animated video uploaded by Chris on 13 November 2020. The animation, in the style of a 90's anime, features Chris transforming into his Chris-chan Sonichu form while his ear-piercing falsetto rendition of "Twist of Fate" by Olivia Newton-John plays.

The video was animated by Bella under the aliases Careless-Metal-423 and tenthanonymous.[1] Notably, she included some sneaky detail of Chris' duck in the panty-shots during the transformation sequence. On an unknown date, but no later than 13 November 2020, Chris provided the vocals for the video.

On 26 December 2020, Bella posted an AMA thread on r/ChrisChanSonichu. On 15 March 2021, she also posted on Kiwi Farms that Chris and Praetor had commissioned her to create the animation.

Chris told The Place members about the video and about Bella's relations to Praetor.[2]


Chris Chan Sonichu Intro animation
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Animation and artwork done by tenthanonymous.

Music is a karaoke version of “Twist of Fate” by Olivia Newton John.

Vocals done by the voice of Chris Chan Sonichu.


[Throughout the video, Chris belts out a somewhat incomprehensible rendition of Olivia Newton-John's song Twist of Fate.]

[The video opens on an animated shot of Chris holding the Sonichu medallion. He raises the medallion, which the camera focuses on from 0:02 to 0:04. Chris then transforms into Chris-Chan Sonichu]

[After Chris finishes transforming, he poses with Sonichu and Rosechu. The text "Chris Chan" appears above them, changing into "Sonichu" and finally "Chris Chan Sonichu."]

Chris's vision

Text of Chris requesting the animation, posted by Bella during an AMA on Reddit
Chris (as Sonichu)
With that stated, I feel like the intro is best shown with Mama in her human form, holding and looking down upon her medallion for a split second, then holds it up; fade to white and transition to the beginning of the magical girl style transformation I to her Sonichu form, with a couple of seconds frozen on her completed transformation. And that is immediately followed by her in her Sonichu form closing her eyes and channeling the energy to go into her CPU Blue Heart form (still in her Sonichu form), then she pulls out her lightning kunai blades, lifts one into the air and gives a battle cry while looking directly at the audience, breaking the fourth wall. And the animation ends with her in that form, with me and Rosey (Mama in her Sonichu form, not counting her ears, stands 3'5"; the same as the both of us) in the title card still, and above us, the words in electric font, reading "A Chris Chan Sonichu Video".

Reddit AMA

On 26 December 2020, Bella posted to r/ChrisChanSonichu taking credit for making the video and took questions.[1]

In response to a user who commented "What prompted you to animate this introduction? You got major skills, why the secrecy?" Bella answered:

Haha thanks, he reached out to me and still talks to me every fucking day. I was always into to the documentaries and cwcipidia so I couldn’t say no. When he asked me to make the animation with the weirdest description I have ever seen before I thought it would be easy to fuck with him a bit

A user asked for the description, which Bella provided.

To a user who commented, "What program did you use to do the animation?" Bella answered:

I did everything frame by frame in SketchBook and transferred it into Animation Desk

To a user who commented, "How long did it take to make? I won't ask about the exact amount, but did Chris pay you fairly/at all?" Bella answered:

It took a few weeks and let’s just say I got reimbursed in other ways... (no he did not)

Kiwi Farms post

On 15 March 2021, Bella posted on Kiwi Farms, again taking credit for making the video.[3]

I did, I was paid too by Chris himself and a group of faggy trolls who “recruited me”(essentially just gave me all of chris‘s information and bank info) and had Chris write me a graphic explanation of the “anime intro” word for word. Gayest fucking shit I have ever read in my life. My IG is 10thanonymous, idk it doesn’t show up in his video, I’m surprised he even reached out to me considering the blatant criticism and the depictions I made of him being a fat, overweight, retard.

Anyways, the league of fags who are trying to get me to convince this even bigger faggot to down himself in the faggiest way possible and I want out. The current “trolls” are just as big of retards as he is and they literally do nothing but stroke his fucking tranny cock that for some reason they won’t budge when I try to tell them to get him to cut it off instead of paying him. as much as I think the guy should’ve been killed in some freak gender reassignment surgery accident by now, I got my check to animate this shit and now I’ll dip, cya!


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