November 2020

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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".
Chris in November 2020

November was the eleventh month of 2020. Joe Biden won the presidential 2020 election of the United States this month. Aside from that, Chris took an interest in Randy Stair, uploaded a video of himself criticizing a fanfiction, and recorded a few audio clips for Sonic World.


  • 2 November - While at Target, Chris buys a figurine of an XBox trophy, then recalls his high school graduation ceremony.[1]
  • 3 November - The Election of the next President of the United States of America occurs, with Joe Biden challenging Donald Trump during his re-election bid. Virginia will also elect a Senator, and there will be a House seat in Virginia's 5th congressional district. Chris claims to have cast his presidential ballot for Lisa Simpson. Biden wins Virginia, while Mark Warner (D) is elected Senator and Bob Good (R) is elected to Congress. Due to the amount of time it takes to sort through the mail-in ballots, a winner is not declared on this night.
  • 4 November
    • The WCT relays to other Watchmen that Chris had asked him to remove his documentaries on Thaddeus and Randy Stair from his old playlist "Comprehensive History Canon", and that WCT obliged Chris's request.[2]
    • Chris, while role-playing as Sonichu, has a daydream about Sonic.EXE, a creepypasta involving Sonic the Hedgehog, fantasizing that Sonic.EXE has attacked his dimension and that Chris-in-Sonichu's-body was rescued by Magi-Chan and is seeking refuge in California with The WCT and Naught. Chris, believing his fantasy, DMs both The WCT and Naught to tell them of it.[3]
    • Chris responds to more questions in Discord Q&A 10.
  • 5 November - Having watched the Chris Chan series Beneath the Bridge, Chris gives his thoughts on it, including how he had been cringing and crying during much of its coverage on Megan.[4]
  • 6 November - Chris takes an interest in Randy Stair and records an audio file to help Randy get a post-death message out.[5] Chris discusses it in DMs with The WCT,[6] who in turn discusses with other Watchmen.[2]
  • 7 November - Joe Biden is declared the winner of the 2020 election after winning more than 270 electoral college votes.
  • 8 November - Chris uploads Goochland Library Sermon, filmed in October.
  • 10 November - Release of the HEXBox Series X and S.
  • 12 November
    • Chris goes to sleep at 5:00 AM. Barbara, who has an appointment with a cardiologist at 10:15, wants Chris up at 7:30 AM. Later in the day, Chris complains of only getting two and a half hours of sleep, also complaining about having a fit of body shakes, theorizing that the shakes are a sign of the Dimensional Merge.[7]
    • A 4chan thread is posted in which an Anonymous user discusses interactions with Chris[8] and leaks texts of Chris playing chess.[9]
    • Release of the life upgrade's upgrade, upgraded: the PS5.
  • 13 November - Chris uploads Chris Chan Sonichu Intro animation.
  • 15 November - Praetor posts an image of a stun gun and Pikachu mask to Instagram, writing that "As Praetor, we always work hard to produce the best videos we can. Good works are in progress!."[10]
  • 17 November
    • Chris records a demo audio track[11] for voice lines in a Sonichu Sonic World DX mod.
    • After unblocking Jacob Sockness's Twitter account, the Watchmen criticize Chris for it, who relents and reblocks Sockness. Chris also brings up the idea of doppelgangers of himself, recalling that Sockness had cast a spell over a year ago which Chris believes had created Chris Chan doppelgangers.[12]
  • 18 November - Chris uploads Sonichu reads and critiques a Fanfic by The_Crimson_Libertarian.
  • 19-22 November - In The Place, Chris claims several visions and premonitions, including one of natural disasters, and one in which a doppelganger of himself is working at Manchester High and will die by either a heart attack or suicide so that the doppelganger's energy can be absorbed by the main Chris Chan.[13]
  • 26 November
    • Chris wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving on Twitter.[14]
    • Chris makes an account called CWCSonichu on the game modding community website known as GameBanana.[15]
  • 27 November
  • 29 November - Chris publishes SNT Vs Sonichu 2.5-Plus to, his rebuttal to the SNT Vs Sonichu fanfic.[17]
  • 30 November - In The Place, Chris and several Watchmen begin a discussion on SNT Vs Sonichu, Opuscon789, and ProjectSNT, which lasts the next few days.[18]