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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

In November 2020, the Watchmen discussed Chris's interest in Randy Stair. They discussed the topic in their Discord server The Place. The WCT told the group of Chris paying attention to his YouTube channel, specifically a playlist on it which featured videos from the Comprehensive History mixed with The WCT's documentary series on Randy Stair. Two days later, he stated that Chris had taken an interest in Stair and posted several messages from Chris on the matter.

In June 2021, internal conflicts in the group would result in The WCT being banned from The Place server and Chris leaving. In response, MKRNightVee would circulate a rumor that The WCT "probably wants Chris to kill himself in a similar manner" as Randy Stair had.[1]

Excerpted messages from The WCT are in green, MKRNightVee's in magenta, and three other Watchmen members in red, yellow, and orange. Chris's messages which The WCT quoted are in blue.


4 November 2020

The WCT 04-Nov-20 03:19 AM
Chris recently just asked me to remove my Randy and Thaddeus docs from the Comprehensive History Canon playlist. a Playlist that I haven't updated in ages. And out of goodwill and respect for Chris, I did what he asked me to do.
[redacted] 04-Nov-20 03:20 AM

Tbf he shouldn't be lumped in with them

I wonder if he watched them

The WCT 04-Nov-20 03:36 AM
Here's a fun fact though. He did watch Smoky's docs.

[Two days later, on 6 November 2020]

The WCT 06-Nov-20 12:25 AM
From Chris:
Just finished listening to the interview between you and Thad. Let me state that throughout the video, You showed professional traits and compassion while talking with him. You did a very good job.

I tell you what, in the new timeline, I'm positive Mama Chris Chan, herself, would delight in recording an interview with you, personally, from within this body, obviously.

At least you and Bismuth can talk with her during this time. I'm praying that the first day with y'all, or at least with Bismuth, has not been too difficult.

We're gonna check out some of the Randy vids for a while,

Check you later.

[Later in the day]

The WCT 06-Nov-20 02:17 PM
oh my god, CWC is now into Randy Stair. what have I done.
MKR  06- Nov- 20 02:20 PM
The WCT 06-Nov-20 02:20 PM
Don't believe me?

[He linked to a file titled Myrec_20-11-06_at_13:52:19.m4a hosted on Google Drive.]

This is the crossover that I never thought would happen.



Oh. My. God.

Chris larping as Randy larping as Ember? Usually his impressions are better. I'll have to send him some Phil stuff.

Andrew blaze

please do ive been holding off on it

Think Chris would watch Star Trek?
Sure why not? Just have to find some good episode's Or one of the good movie's


When Chris told me that Randy loved my series from beyond the grave, I was a bit shocked. Chris to me loves my series, but I don't think Randy would've approved of it. In fact, he probably would've murdered me. Lol
Of course. Maybe Chris is trying to butter you up for the true and honest comprehensive history?


As we speak: Chris and I are currently talking. And yes, this regards Randy Stair.
From Chris:
I also listened to your final thoughts about her. I disagree on the impression she had left and how far and wide it had become. Although not everything was put online as she had foreseen, the fact that people are still talking about her, and that there are those, locally and distant around the world, who remember her, feel Andrew had left a great size viral amount from the event and her ranting and venting prior to that. I agree she had quite the ego while alive during that later time. He did however legitimately see into our dimension as well as the spiritual realm and have communications with those amongst us OCs and FCs in both of those dimensions.

I have also taken into consideration another theory: the timing between the shooting and when Mama started talking with Johnson Wiles and IdeaGuy, though I'm still meditating on the common links.

The rantings and how Andrew was feeling throughout were ones that not only tugged at the heart strings, but did show his upset and anger with others. And the empathy went off in this noggin in a read of those emotions, although I did maintain my own mentality and strength to not totally copy her personality at the times. Not to mention the number of things in common she and Mama had, including that their respective families were really heavily concerned about money, among other traits I fail to recall at this moment. (edited)

I will also mention that while she look up to Ember, Andrew found faith in a Goddess. (edited)

I was able to see into her mind at times, and the Goddess she ended up praying to was not Ember, obviously, but seeing an aura and person outline very much similar to Mama Chris Chan, herself.

From that, you could talk about that Andrew had an inkling of knowledge of who and what Mama is even before IdeaGuy did his shit, and Mama found those details about herself later on. Good or bad, and regardless, Andrew and her ghost squadron are able to help and do their part in the events of the Dimension Merge, especially now that I was able to help her get a post-death message out.

Who is Andrew? This was the person mentioned in the tweet earlier today, right?
And that is regardless of someone wanting to become famous "on the coat tails of Chris Chan's fame". Also, for the longer time, Magi-Chan had Danny Phantom on call. And their participation was foreseen to be one for our favour. Oh, yeah, another thing in common, at least between Andrew and me: she wanted and waited to get into the spirit realm, and nowadays, I've been wanting and waiting to get myself and this body back into C-197 and complete the tasks and quests leading up to my returning this body to Mama in the Covid-free timeline.

Difference being that Mama does not have to die to transition. That's only more than my two bolts worth for now. One more thing, at the end of Part 9, after the credits, there's a clip from Thaddius' documentary; I feel like that was just a left-field transition. Really out of place. You could have got the same advertisement of the other documentary series by adding a link at the end of the video. "Four Years Earlier" feels a bit weird on that.

Andrew Blaze

Who is that?

Randy's alias... This is getting fucking disconcerting…
At least Chris recognizes that he doesn't need to die in order to "transition"
New Message from Chris:
Obviously, but it still feels like an awkward placement.

At least you have a new message from Andrew to share with the world. And Andrew knew about Mama as a Goddess, at least in inkling.

Sonichu/Ember's Ghost Squad.

The Crossover I never thought would happen.

no lie, it wouldn't fit. EGS is more targeted towards edgy teens. Sonichu is for the whole family. (except for the Sex Scenes)
And gory executions
All I'm saying is go easy, this looks bad and very well could go badly, although up to Chris' machinations it'll just be "they're all good now and Randy is a woman, oh and the people who died are fine and forgive him."
Chris found my doc first.
Try not to mess with the lore
I'll do my best to go easy as much as I can.
So go easy.
It's best when it comes from cwc naturally
I'm not trying to be another Idea Guy. That would be bad. It would make Sonichu far worse than it already is. #KeepSonichuTrueAnd Honest
Holding out till we watch Fight Club, already got a bargain bin OC for that one.
Good boi Its good to keep these things in mind tho
Here's the thing, If Chris were to add anything into the lore on his own will, that's his fault.
Well yeah As long as it comes from cwc that's fine
Chris sorta being fine with Randy wouldn't be a good look on him imo. Dude killed 3 people before an hero'ing.
I'll give it something that Chris probably likes these kind of things, hell, most people do.
well of course. So do I. But I have boundaries.
It's an established part of the lore, consciously or not. One of the mailbags was from Harris and Klebold.
lol, I remember that



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