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Note on Credibility:

Naught has been deemed to be an unreliable narrator for the following reasons:
Naught is a habitual liar and gives contradictory statements.[note 1]
Naught is noted for having delusions of grandeur.[note 2]
Naught will often put his own spin on events that happened, embellish them, or try to demonize people he's interacted with, sometimes leaving out important context.[note 3]
Naught appears to take advantage of his presumed allies, encourages infighting between them, and throws them under the bus when it is most convenient for him.[note 4]
Bear this in mind, and use healthy skepticism when taking statements from the subject being discussed.

Jason Kendrick Howell.jpg
Note on Sockpuppets:

Naught has been known to use sockpuppet accounts. Since it is difficult to discern their sock accounts, it is best to avoid speculating an account belongs to Naught unless fully verified.

I'm up to 22 ,
Naught recounting how many sockpuppets he used on Kiwi Farms[1]
You brought so much fucking joy to this world and you continue to do so. That's why [...] you need to remain safe.
Naught on why he 'protects' Chris.[2]
Naught is the same name as a mega asshole on the kiwi farms. I don't know if he's the same person. Does he use an anime avatar?

Mentally ill anime people.

Don't give them access to anything private

Null on Naught[3]

Name Naught
Also known as Bismuth
CPU Bismuth Heart
heart[note 5]
tabula rasa[4]
death of chans
WCT Hate[5]
NEET Samurai
Gender Male
Known for • Being the self-proclaimed leader of the Watchmen
• Being the original Lainchu
• Inviting Chris into the Discord Server for the CWCki
• Providing numerous Chris related leaks on the CWCki server
• Spreading rumors about various Chris orbiters, including members in his own group
Race Mixed (White/Asian)
Nationality American
Occupation Self-proclaimed Leader of the Watchmen (former)
Owner of the The Place server
Administrator of the Onion Farms
Organization Watchmen
Saga Secret Shipfic, Watchmen, Praetor

Naught, also known as Bismuth, and plenty of other pseudonyms, was one of the most prominent members of the Watchmen, its self-proclaimed leader, as well as one of the owners of The Place server. Naught monitored and doxed and/or threatened to dox potential weens or outside enablers, and has kept records on Chris's TSSSF cards and his comics.

Naught went by many usernames - he used "Bismuth" and CPU Bismuth Heart to Chris and used multiple aliases in public postings. While he was in the CWCki Discord server, he often used an emoticon of a heart. For the Kiwi Farms, he went by names/accounts including "anameisaname", "death of chans", "Nightmare".[5], and ".moe".[9] Naught claims to have used at least 22 sockpuppet accounts on Kiwi Farms alone.[1]

When Chris had discussed with Naught and other members of The Place about planning to use one of Praetor's tasers to tase his quartz crystals, Naught, along with MKRNightVee, The WCT, and Kyle, confronted Caden Peck. Naught and MKRNightVee created and pushed rumors that Praetor members wanted to get Chris to tase himself, leaked bits of chats out-of-context regarding the issue to frame Praetor, and even doxed Caden. All of this upset Chris and resulted in him calling The Place members out for it.

Chris had finallly cut contact with Naught in June 2021 citing Naught's toxic behavior in doxing fellow Watchman The WCT, and the WCT had convinced him to cut ties with Naught, along with MKR and Kyle.[10][11] Naught would eventually publicly admit he had done because WCT had declined to share his Kiwi Farms account with him after being banned on Kiwi Farms.[12][13]

Naught was previously banned from the forum for use of multiple sockpuppet accounts, advertising, and liking his own posts with sock accounts, and giving negative ratings to accounts that disagreed with them. According to Null, he had told Naught to stop these practices. He would still continue to do them after claiming to agree to Null's request, which had led to his main account being banned as well.[14] Naught continues to create socks on the website, despite the socks getting banned.

Naught, having been a frequent user of the website, is also an admin of Kenneth Engelhardt's lolcow forum Onion Farms. There, Naught has gone under several different names, including (but not limited to) nitto, zilch, atomized, Archivist, and NEET samurai.

Trolling Years

According to a thread on Naught co-created by The WCT and another member on the Kiwi Farms splinter site, before becoming an ardent white knight of Chris's, Naught was initially one of Chris's lesser trolls. Naught was allegedly a lesser member of the Miscreants, and it is believed that his voice could be faintly heard in the second half of Mumble 9.[5] The thread had also claimed that Naught had stated regret for trolling Chris in private, though the circumstances at which this happened and/or the private messages themselves are undisclosed, and had been a white knight of Chris's since the mid 2010s.

Interactions with Chris

Avatar of CPU Bismuth Heart.

Chris stated that Naught began interacting with him in late 2019 after approaching him when Chris was creating an expansion pack for lore provided to him by MKRNightVee and Jacob.[15] Naught would roleplay with Chris as the CPU Goddess, Vee, CPU Bismuth Heart, the CPU goddess of the children's educational game console, the V-Smile.

In most conversations between Chris and Naught, Chris had spoken to him about his dreams and delusions. Chris has talked to Naught about all of the surreal dreams that he had all throughout the summer of 2020.[16] Naught had also shown Chris various anime and manga, much of which Chris had implemented in his fantasies.[17] At one point, Naught had recommended the anime series Higurashi to Chris, believing that it would be of interest of him due to the show's use of time travel.

When Chris created a video where he discusses plans to create a will, Chris had shared the video with Naught in a Google Drive on 6 August 2020, and told him not to leak the video. After this, Naught was concerned about the morose implications of the video, and created a CWCki account, Ihasnoname, where he created a page to leak the video on. Naught had also provided commentary and context on a number of transcribed DMs between him and Chris.

An order from a customer, which Naught had posted on the Second Layer of The Place.

Chris, not wanting to deal with customers, had demanded Naught to keep track of orders made for his TSSSF cards and Sonichu comics.[18] In September 2020, Chris had sent the information of 23 of his paying customers when they bought merchandise from him after sending payment information to Naught, which contained the customer's name, address, phone number, and email. Naught then posted the orders including the doxes on the second layer of The Place server, where he had posted pdfs of the Sonichu comics up to Sonichu #13 and a Google Drive of all of Chris's TSSSF cards.[18]

A post reacting to Naught, along with Anaxis and Skunt_TV, becoming moderators on the CWCki server

Naught encouraged Chris to go onto the Official CWCki Server in August 2020,[19] roughly a month after the server's creation. On the server, Naught had also leaked a number of posts and photos he found onto the server, and had doxed several of its members,[20] including one of the server's mods.[21] Naught, who was nicknamed as "heart", was also promoted as a moderator on the server, along with the server members Anaxis and Skunt_TV.[22]

Late in February 2021, Naught had discussed plans with MKRNightVee to get Chris to interact with the lolcow Alexander Gordon Jahans, whom both Naught and MKR had interest in, though no signs of them interacting ever came.[23]

Naught claimed to having been the original player of the Lainchu character,[24] and has hinted at getting Chris interested in the anime the character was based on, Serial Experiments Lain, in a private chat.[25] However, Naught also claims that he passed off the role for "reasons he can't recall".[24]

Chris used Tarot readings to divine Naught's future in April 2021. Naught posted these tarot readings on Onion Farms.[26] In the divine readings, Chris declares that as leader Naught will likely speak up against others on certain topics. The end of the divine readings has Chris telling Naught to "embrace his weirdness".

As a Watchman

i curb weens and alogs
Naught on his duties as a Watchman, [27]
Naught threatening to "curb" a Discord user.

After Owls left the CWC scene, Naught stepped into his position. Naught become an owner of the Watchmen server The Place. On 13 February 2021, Naught stepped down and transferred ownership of The Place to Kyle.[28]

Naught is fond of using sockpuppet accounts on the Kiwi Farms, such as to ban-evade. He has been caught multiple times. One of his accounts, "anameisaname", was used when Naught publicly announced the existence of the Watchmen group. He created a Kiwi Farms thread for doxing Chris orbiters, many of which were members of the CWCki's Discord Server, on 15 August 2020, which had led to him being banned from the server.[29]

Naught was also in the habit of trying to get fellow Watchmen members to share their Kiwi Farms accounts with him. He made use of Spunky's account, "Thetarotreader96", repurposing it as "death of chans".[30] Naught also tried asking The WCT for his credentials; when The WCT declined, Naught posted his dox in retaliation.

Midnight Moonflower

When they have heard that Chris was a member of her server, Naught, along with several other Watchmen members had raided Midnight Moonflower's Discord server to cut contacts between her and Chris, under the belief that she was a ween, and warning them that they may get doxed due to their association with Chris, while also telling them about his duty to "curb weens and alogs", and that they could potentially get a CWCki page or Kiwi Farms thread.[31]

Conflicts with Praetor

The earliest Chris has been known to discuss Praetor with Naught was on 14 October 2020, where he discusses their interpretation of his Disc Dream, and mentions their plans of him doing a sermon at the Goochland Public Library. Naught replied to the video plans with "Are you sure you're comfortable with doing a video? And was this cadens idea?". When Chris replies to being comfortable with doing the video, Naught had told Chris to be sure that doing so would be "mutually beneficial and reciprocal".[32]

On February 2021, Chris had stated to Kyle that he wished to open an inter-dimensional portal by shocking his Gate Crystal and Celestial Key. Chris had decided that he could do this by asking Praetor for one of their tasers, and state the news to Naught.[33] Naught had then notified members of The Place about these plans, and gathered them up to confront the Praetors themselves.[34]

Afterwards, Naught posted Chris announcing this to him onto Kiwi Farms, while claiming that he was concerned that they were in on a "plot" involving Larry Vaughn which involves getting Chris to tase himself. In Naught's Kiwi Farms post, he alleged that "Caden and cwc as Sonichu prime discuss the tazer and who will be tazed",[35] omitting that Watchmen member Val had brought up the subject and that Caden had objected. The post had also included a voice chat which has been heavily edited to only include specific clips to frame Praetor members for this alleged plan.[36] In the clip, Val states, "Can you put, 'Can CWC- uh, like, tase himself on video for lulz'." Chris then responds, "I'll do it," to which Val bursts out laughing. Praetor member Caden then objects, saying, "Look, are you sure- There- they- like, we had a whole discussion about why it's a bad idea."

The Watchmen had then confronted Caden 3 days later, acussing him of wanting to get Chris to tase himself. Despite these allegations, Chris had tried to claim that obtaining a taser was his idea, and that he had requested people at Praetor to send one of their tasers to him. After this, Chris had chastised Naught and other Watchmen members for the way that they had treated Praetor.

Doxing of The WCT

I doxed Sean since he asked me to use his Logan account on kiwi farms, and I said no.

Yet, when I was banned from kiwi farms he said no, so i doxed him it didn't help he kept blaming me for striking his video's as he worked with to make a thread on me.

An actual edit from Naught, admitting to have doxed The WCT.[13]

After being banned from the Kiwi Farms for socking, Naught had asked The WCT to make use of his Logan account, which The WCT had declined in doing. Before this, The WCT had asked Naught to use his account, which he declined. Both of these followed in Naught obtaining WCT's dox from both and /cow/.[13] In June 2021, The WCT was doxed on Kiwi Farms by a Kiwi Farms account named Nightmare. An account on the Kiwi Farms splinter site had also joined under a VPN under the screen name "WCT Hate", whose sole purpose was to dox The WCT. Signs pointed to fellow Watchman and group leader Naught as the person behind both of the accounts.[5] Though Naught initially denied being behind Nightmare, he later admitted to it.[13]

When The WCT confronted Naught in a voice chat during the group’s movie night on 21 June, Naught denied the allegation, then threatened to further dox The WCT in an attempt to silence him. Kyle and MKRNightVee took Naught's side in the dispute.[37] From there, a conflict arose between Naught and The WCT.

Following a thread on the ex-member of the group, an audio voice clip of Chris saying “Fuck Bismuth!”[38] suggested that Chris sided against Naught in the dispute. The WCT had also encouraged Chris to cut ties with Naught, Kyle and MKR.

On 6 July 2021, The WCT's eponymous YouTube channel received a strike. He accused Naught of being behind the strike, both to Naught[13] and to Chris.[39] WCT provided an image to Chris saying that Naught "basically admitted" to being behind the strike, although the image has been lost.[39] Naught has claimed that he believes WCT's accusations provide him justification for doxing him (even though the dox took place weeks prior).

On 20 July 2021, The WCT collaborated with Bella in an attempt to dox Naught back.[40] Naught had admitted to doxing The WCT on the Onion Farms on 30 August 2021,[41] and again on 29 November 2021 via an edit on his page, providing details about the dox.

Following from the incest call being leaked, Naught had posted under the Kiwi Farms account .moe, where he posted primarily in threads on Bella and her associates, as well as WCT's thread, where he doxed him further.[42] Naught had also framed WCT as being a "simp" of Bella, on one ocassion comparing him to the active Chess Club member, Louis Herz.[43]

Involvement with Halal Server

Yeah, we dont want people to know we have Naught and MKR here
Halal Server member Sakura Blossom on concealing Naught's involvement in the server.[44]

Naught was invited to the Halal Server, a Discord group for speculating about Bella and others who orbited Chris following the leak of the Incest Call. He used the pseudonym W.T.snacks while in the server.[8] One channel, called "naught-funposting", served as a spot for Naught to posts shitposts. Another channel, much like the one created for MKR, was also created so that Naught could provide notable screenshots and information.

MKR and Naught had primarly provided information on the channel "donotuse-old-landing-pad".

Involvement with Onion Farms

Naught and The WCT had frequented Kenneth Engelhardt's website, Onion Farms, and Naught eventually became an admin of the website, which, according to Naught, was a result of the creation of the Watchmen article.[5] Naught and WCT had livestreams with Kenneth and interview him about the ongoings with the website.

Naught had responded to some of Kenneth's posts regarding letters he received from Chris while he was in jail and posted on threads about Chris's orbiters. On 29 January 2022, Naught indicated some degree of willingness to regain contact with Chris, asking Kenneth to "Tell CWC I said hi" and adding that "CWC knows me as bismuth," to which Kengle gave an okay.[45] Whether Naught or Kenneth moved ahead with the contact is unknown as Kenneth and Chris temporarily cut ties shortly afterwards.

On the Onion Farms, Naught had also created a number of threads on people associated with Chris, such as The WCT and Geno Samuel.



Guard Dog Marvin disagrees with a claim made by Naught.

The following is a conversation between a Christorian and Naught via Discord; the users are color-coded red and navy blue, respectively. The interview was originally placed on the Watchmen CWCki page but was later removed due to uncorroborated statements made by Naught[46] and is now archived on this page.

Naught claimed that some members of the Watchmen had been operating since 2018, as the spiritual successor to the Guard Dogs – the latter having disbanded around the same time frame. However, Naught's account was disputed by a member of the Guard Dogs.

Naught also claimed that Watchmen members MKRNightVee and AquaDiamond8 were picked by Null. However, MKRNightVee got into contact with Chris through a friend looking up his phone number for her[47] and Aqua joined during the Sockness saga by which time Null had been distant from Chris.

I had a question in my head, if its fine for me to ask, could you tell me how exactly you guys met CWC and when you formed the group

Naught quoted a now-deleted section from the Guard Dogs CWCki article:

Following the incidents at TooManyGames, in which Chris was thrown out of the con for being too handsy with other attendees, Null and several other members of the Guard Dogs began investigating Justin Silverman's account of the situation, intending to find out if Justin had overreacted towards Chris's behaviour. Ultimately, this investigation petered out with no real progress having been made, save for the fact that the Guard Dogs elected people to supervise Chris at any conventions he visited from then on.
Oh, so you guys were picked by Null
Yeah that's why Marvin is there since the captain couldn't stick around but the plan is still the same
Ah, so the captain was in there too but left after a while
Yeah mkr helped get the cwc protect squad out of the way with the fan art for cwc


On 4 September 2020, a Christorian interviewed Naught through Discord, asking questions about the Watchmen. The interviewer's questions are color-coded red, with Naught's responses color-coded green.

The first four questions appear to be referring to the Arbitarch CWC Alliance server.

Who started it and why?
Owls the guy who set-up mkr and Joseph Draft got aqua and mkr to draw some art to lure cwc in.
How did Chris join there?
I was told it was going to be for Chris's patrons.
Why was it killed?
It was killed because owls and Joseph didn't know how to wrangle tards. Mkr aqua were being blamed for making it so I asked for a mod role kept asking for more perms and deleted all the channel's. I posted the rolling and trolling vid.
Who killed it?
I killed it, Joseph and Smokey Chris TheSperge were using the server to gather content, they convinced Joseph I was Johan.

After a 4 hour conversation I got Joseph draft to face dox himself once he destroyed his drive with chris vs the internet.

The last two appear to refer to the Watchmen as a group.

Why did Aqua leave?
Stress and people @ her on Twitter

Her and mkr are still frens

Will this group be around forever?
As long as Chris is in need or willing yes

Follow-up on Origins

Afterwards, the CWCki Editor Hurtful Truth Level asked Naught to clarify the Watchmen's origins. In a prior interview, Naught had claimed the Watchmen to have been working with the Guard Dogs to supervise Chris at conventions, however a Guard Dog disagreed with the claim. Naught blamed Watchmen founder Owls, claiming the story was what he had been told by Owls.

Are you the one the CWCki calls Naught?

Wanted to ask something clarifying the Watchmen origins if so. There's conflicting statements.

So you quoted the Guard Dogs article to explain the group origins - a section that said the Dogs elected people to supervise Chris at cons after the TMG disaster. But the editor who put that in since retracted it for lack of source and Marvin said there were no babysitters and that Chris was on his own.
Yeah that's what owls/Ryan told me

He's no longer around he's ghostbird on the farm's

Hmm. Interesting.
That's why I'm around he wasn't reporting back to Marvin

There was something about the footage smokey chris and theSperge

Owl's was the original person behind the group?
He started the place server and was telling mkr and Marvin he was doing x y and z but wasn't
Alright if I quote you on on the CWCki? Gonna try to fix up the Origins section.

There was even a panel where he insisted his owl avatar in the comic

Yeah owls was the one making it canon mkr draws
Alright, thanks for the info.

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  1. Falsely claimed Watchmen members were appointed by the Guard Dogs group, a claim that Marvin, a former Guard Dog, disagreed with. Initially denied, then admitted to, doxing The WCT. Naught had also claimed to promise to Null to stop making sockpuppets to like his own posts, which he did anyway, leading to his main account getting banned.
  2. On one ocassion, Naught threatened a member of Midnight Moonflower's Discord Server that she'd be doxed, proclaiming that he "curbs weens and alogs".
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