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emgo316 is a YouTuber who reviews Transformers figures. Chris is a fan of his channel and has taken inspiration from it for some of his own videos.


Several of Chris's videos reviewing official and customized Transformers figures imitate elements seen in Emgo's videos.

These include Skylanders Imaginators Leader Christine W Chandler: random Review N' Stuff, Son-Chu Review, Alpha Trion/"Young" warrior challenge explained, and Light Powered Cwclight Reviews.

Failed visit

Chris has attempted to make an unsolicited visit to Emgo. On 8 October 2020, Chris drove to Pennsylvania. The impetus for his trip was in dropping off a box of items he had autographed for a customer. As a "bonus", Chris, who had remembered once seeing Emgo reveal a partially censored envelope with Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania visible on it in one of his review videos, decided to try to find Emgo's address online and show up at his house.

Chris hoped that Emgo would sign his custom Son-Chu's packaging, wanted to meet his friend Lori (who Chris decided had psychic powers), and wanted to gift a couple of items to Emgo. However, the address Chris had looked up was outdated, and Emgo had already moved out by the time Chris arrived.[1]