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Dr. L. Bruce Johnson was the principal of the Nathanael Greene Elementary School, where Chris attended 4th grade. According to the book 101 Stunts for Principals to Inspire Student Achievement, Johnson was a fun-loving man who, once a year, would dress up as Captain Underpants, a popular children's book character, to inspire his students to earn higher standardized test scores.[1] According to Chris, he was a monstrous pedofork who would sexually and physically abuse children.

Chris's accusations


Dr. Johnson was first mentioned by Chris in a Captain's Log video from 21 January 2009, where he hinted that he had uncovered "repressed memories". Chris later went into a bit more detail in Mumble 3.

Oh yes. Doctor Johnson of Nathanael Greene Elementary. The principal. He was a h- he was uh, the homo... that pretty much set me against... the homos and further kept me on the straight path.[2]

In an IRC chat from around the same time, Chris had more to say about Johnson:

The Principle of the Nathanel Greene Elemetary School [sic], Dr. Johnson, was a Homo, and when I was sent to his office; he picked me up, set me on his lap, then I would always get off his lap, because I ALWAYS HATED that; I felt bad vibes back then. Fortunately, it has never gone beyond that, and my father caught his intentions on that, and the Court Battles Started. He likely exagerates [sic], but my father knew that there were a bunch of homos within that school board, and that was why they hated me and my family, in addition to those people not understanding Autism. Anyway, from those past memories, that is why I have grown up to Rarely Associate with men, and why I DESPIE THE HOMOS the Worst.[3]

Physical abuse

...some of the teachers and principals of Nathanael Greene Elementary School… that I was attending in later years (about, uh, late 1980s, early 1990s) [inhales sharply] They abused me—they abused me by pinning me to the ground with, uh, their ha—with, uh, holding my wrists and my ankles, pinning me down to the ground and—and audio-taping my cries and shouts. But, anyway, my mother and my father, they both fought the court system, the Greene County court system, which, uh, they were not a very nice bunch of people, very not.[4]


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