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Tings Tingz
Name Tings Tingz
Also known as ting tings
Gender Female
Saga Idea Guy, Prequel Comic, TF2 Analysis

Tings Tingz had created her account on 15 August 2017[1], making up to 507 tweets, drawing fanart for Chris, and giving him money.

Magi-Chan and Cryzel

Spectators suspected this account of pulling the strings behind the Cryzel and Magi-Chan troll scheme because of how it claimed to be a sweetheart and had knowledge of Magi-Chan's role before Chris mentioned it publicly. On 4 May 2018, following a commentator on Kiwi Farms mentioning that Tings Tingz should be doxed, the account was swiftly deactivated.[2] Two days later, the account resurfaced with an explanation of having shut down over doxing fears, as well as leaking convos explaining that Chris had shared information about Cryzel and Magi-Chan over DM and that was how Tings had known. Tings denied being involved with the scheme. She wrote:[3]

I actually received messages that kiwifarms was proceeding to dox me for giving Christine money and when I clicked the link it scared me beyond no belief. I wasn't stable and paniced. I deactivated my account. During my moment of panic I realized that this is what Christine goes through everyday.

I reactivated my account and Christine messaged me concerned and I explained everything to her. She recommend that I should just go and explain my side of the story.

Something that does worry me is that Christine said she had a friend on Discord that she thought was me.

I was aware of Magi and Cryzel cause I asked questions, Christine also told me she was a polyamory. I never heard that word, but when she was explaining it to me it sounded like she was forming a harem. She did invite me into the polyamory, which is why I acted like I was one of her partners. Some people seemed to get confused, Cryzel isn't my character. I just drew fan art of her.

I know some people won't' believe this, but I wasn't trying to control Christine. Her story sounded relatable to me, so I started following and leaving comments, I talked to her, we become friends. I AM NOT the "ideaguy", far from it.

I'm sorry for drawing fan art and giving her 40$. I won't do it again.

I'm also sorry Christine, but I think we should just be friends.

It was later confirmed by The Captain that all Tings did was leak convos, give money to Chris and make fan art.[4]

Leak Afermath

The convos Tings leaked started the cataclysm and downfall of the CWCProtectSquad.[5] Tings explained to Chris through Twitter DMs why she leaked the Convos and didn't want to be considered a troll masterminding him and people would take his word as genuine truth.[6]


Tings would also share feelings towards Bryanfrogboy that Chris had felt for him, wanting him to join a harem that Chris had proposed.[7]

Conflicts with MKRNightVee

Chris ignores that Tings DID ask if it was alright to post.
Chris prefers MKR and claims Magi-Chan confirms MKR IS Indeed a CPU Goddess.
MKR refused to answer and blocked Tings.

For a good while it seemed like Tings went silent out of fear of harassment. But she continued to talk to Chris through Twitter DMs, drawing him fan art and giving him money when his car broke down. When the the kiwifarms thread on MKRNightVee appeared, Tingz shared the thread and concern about MKRNightVee's actions. At this point, frustrated and finally realizing white knighting for Chris is dumb,[8] Tings drew the line and blocked Chris and MKRNightVee, as it seemed Chris was interested in playing make believe with MKRNightVee, who was someone also claiming to be a CPU Goddess of the Nintendo Switch and feeding into Chris's delusions.


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