A Moment With Dr Wolf Chris Chan and Greater Struggles

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A Moment With Dr Wolf Chris Chan and Greater Struggles is a Lego video Chris created on 16 February 2019. Taking aspects of A Sonichu Day and the stop motion of the Game Boy Camera days, Chris created the animation as a way to self-pity himself over the fact on how he is still blocked by the brony analysts. Dr. Wolf, who last appeared in an Sonichu Special 6, acts as Chris's psychiatrist who, rather than provide actual advice, serves to praise and agree with whatever Chris says. Chris also uploaded a short "blooper reel", which is just Chris making yowling sounds.


A Moment With Dr Wolf Chris Chan and Greater Struggles
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Stardate 16 February 2019
Subject Matter Twitter blocks
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Saga Soft ExileSoft Exile Soft Exile
AMWDW Cat Blooper
Very Cool Birthday Present! :)
Anyway, I lashed out in tantrums on Twitter
Explaining the situation to a Lego effigy quite well


Fame and Followers do not always accumulate to good things, as is in the long-ongoing examples of Mrs. Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, discussed in multiple episodes with Dr. Wolf, himself. Because these facts need to be heeded and listened to. Background provided by Lego Movie 2 Emmet’s Dreamhouse set, teapot and mugs provided by Unikitty’s Tastiest Friends set, and other various pieces. Camera was propped on a holder from the Lego Movie 2 Movie Maker set. Background design was inspired by background artwork provided by Lightning Bliss’ Creator:
Her YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/e1d2k


Dr. Wolf comes to Chris' rescue.
Chris' preferred therapy session.

[Chris has built a Lego therapist's office. Dr. Wolf is sitting in a chair, and his Lego self is on the couch. He begins speaking in a nasal tone of voice, evidently the voice he’s chosen for Dr. Wolf]

Dr. Wolf: So, Mrs. Chandler, tell me what’s on your mind.

Chris: Well, Doc, on our Earth in Dimension 1218, I am very well-known and famous for my creativity and my Sonichu comic books, and I have many fans and followers, amongst which the fanbase, the trollish haters and harassers. More recently though, they have been targeting and harassing the Brony Analysts that I like, including the creators of Lightning Bliss, Mad Munchkin, Firebrand, Eliyora, Keychi, and a few others. [Heavy stress sigh] Thank goodness your creator is not on Twitter, Dr. Wolf. Too much dramaaa! Those particular analysts blocked me on Twitter. I seriously felt and still feel rejected. As if being verbally pushed away by Nowacking at BronyCon last year didn’t scar me horribly enough. Ugh. My head. Meanwhile, I’ve had to commute to here, Dimension C-197, via astral projection, sending myself, the whole soooul, to do all the work that I’ve been doing with everyone, by myself, so forth. [Long silence, then a sigh. Another Lego Chris figure appears in the shot. Chris on the couch at this point loses their face giving the scene a rather surreal quality] And I’m either in my human or my Sonichu form, and I typically end up going CPU. Access! [Makes a whooshing noise as he adds a bunch of extra pieces onto the new Lego Chris and stress sighs] The tough part is having to leave my body behind in 1218. [He shakes the CPU figure around while yelling] Oh, but very soon, I shall finally, finally, be able to bring mys--body here to C-197. Anyhow, I had to be here in C-197, and around CWCville, and after Maddy’s creator blocked us, my body’s mind, still very much functional and reasonably intelligent, but not as much as I, and yet more so prone to the autism and mentally retarded effects, and . . . it gets very emotional. [Shakes the first Christine Lego around again while yelling, said Christine Lego now has their face again] I really cannot take the blocking anymorrrrre! After years of being bullied, deceived, harassed, and blackmailed, [stress sighs, then shifts into a petulant growl] not to mention being banned from a few places too. Not to mention recently, a psychiatrist at Region 10 made me recall that time in the fourth grade when the teachers, the teachers’ aide, the counsellor, and da principal held me down on the floor while audiotaping my screams and cries of angerrrrrr! [He violently shakes and smacks the unfortunate Lego on the floor, as if it’s having a seizure, while growling like an idiot] Let me up let me up let me up let me up letmeupletmeupletmeup! [Deteriorates into incoherent growling while he continues to smack the Lego around]

[The scene resets. Chris’s first Lego is now sitting on the couch again. He resumes speaking in a sullen tone of voice.]

Chris: So, anyway, I lashed out in tantrums on Twitterrr, [stress sigh], this Stonewall Jackson, who endured and grew up of all of the experiences for well over a decade crumbled and fell.

[The CPU Chris figure begins to speak.] Yup. That brain was in such a horrible state and mess after all that. Seriously, made my own bedroom after the house fire 2014, look clean and organized in comparison. ‘N, gee whiz, after the firefighters took the ax to my bedroom, that was really a mess, so . . . my brain was in worse shape. [CPU Chris departs]

Chris: So, I had pleaded to ‘em all to unblock me, but to no avail. I had thought the trolling haters ‘n harassers were at fault for da reason of them blocking me. But, as it turns out, as I had been told by a valid source, they blocked me due to my past and not wanting to be sucked into the drama of my life and apparently my obsessive behaviors too. I have a touch of OCD, from the autism! Some of those analysts have OCD too. In fact, they all have the same thing n’ innernet troll and bully problems as I do! I’ve been online longer than all of them! I have endured and suffered more den all of them together! I was a pioneer in all of this! I could be helping ‘em all cope, with support ‘n kindness! I did try to do that for dem and now they all blocked me, ‘n closed me ooout. It makes me feel like I’m falling into another depression, again. I feel like I want to just scream, so much. I’m pretty much verging on becoming suicidal! Well! That’s not good at all. That’s really not good at all.

Dr. Wolf: Oh my. That is quite a troublesome conundrum. I recall a great number of my past patients who had each suffered only a portion of what you alone had endured, and I agree that you and all those particular analysts could be great teachers to each other in a support group. [Dr. Wolf turns to address the camera in a chiding tone of voice] But from their similar perspectives of you, judgmental and possibly cynical as dey are. [He turns back to Lego Chris] Knowing and aware of the past, I suppose the various types of followers you have, it is discernible that they would not want to end up falling into the drama the haters and harassers keep on targeting ‘n torturing everyone with. It becomes quite difficult to simply block out their relentless attacks, especially when they are formidable and able to rebound quick in a flash. Also, how’d—not only wrong it is to close out the greater target those individuals continue to follow and attack, who was originally only a victim of circumstances, that does not stop those individuals from continuing to target and attack the blockers. And yet those people remain offended of the mis-actions made of you in the past. They have more than enough of their own troubles in their hands, eyes, soul, and body to be able to cope or care about others’ problems, or they simply do not care to empathize, sympathize, or understand you, in that you have learned from your past mistakes and how to endure or close out the bullies and their torture. And you have attempted time and again to show kindness and support to and for everyone else who have gone through the similar trials and torture as you. You have a very strong soul, heart, and senses for kindness and positivity, and justice [abrupt cut into the next line]--is a major crime for anyone to close you out because you are plenty capable of becoming a really good ally or friend for most anyone. [Chris slurps tea off-camera; the scene shifts again] Ahhh, this tea is really good. Passionfruit for taste, with some mint and chamomile for keepin’ your mind and soul calm as possible.

[Dr. Wolf turns to address the camera again] When evaluating someone, one should always widen their perspectives, ‘n take many factors into account, ‘n consider de other individual’s perspective. Always remaining in a subjective point of view is rather very selfish indeed. Although, Christine, the analysts are seeing you as only one fan out of thousands of others. I see you more as a peer of theirs, as you have created more than tons of what they call ‘content’, in your comic books. Does all this make sense with you?

Chris: Fairly more or less. I do, to the best of my abilities, take others’ perspectives and feelings into account. ‘N I’m not always able to. I, the soul, am able to remain fluid in processing thought and speech, but to have to work with and around the brain, in this body? My process can easily get interrupted [another abrupt cut into the next line] is often prone to the autism and can even fall into becoming seriously exceptional, especially when it feels overloaded, overworked, very sad, angry, or upset, ‘n so forth. It shuts off and leaves me disabled. If anything oughtta be known about me, when others are evaluating me, it’s da stability and fragility of this body’s braaain, [stress sigh] but I digress-- [yet another abrupt cut] I have learned from my past mistakes, I’m still learning ‘n processing everything as they come. But in da recent events, everyone keeps tellin’ me ta ‘moove on, these analysis aren’t worth your time’, or something similar to that line. My--I simply cannot. My background, what I can tell, I have a real difficult time not being liked by anyone. And [voice cracks] famous people, including the analysts, do not cope well with being not liked by others either. And—when also considers the adage, ‘treat others how you’d like to be treated’, I feel like if I stop my efforts to show the analysts dat I am normally likable, and cool to talk with, and simply make them stop not liking me, [the scene shifts; Lego Chris is now levitating above the floor] they will feel not liked by me. And they will feel at least a little bit saddened, by that, as well as da torture knowing or thinking I didn’t like any of them, [Lego Chris is now wobbling around the office set] and my not liking dem becomes virally popular, by the haters and the [voice cracks] harassers, all over the woooorld, it would put an end to their popularity, egos, and especially their [voice becomes very shrill] emotions, feelings, and self-consciousness, ‘n I can empathize with that! [Lego Chris is flailing around wildly as Chris becomes increasingly worked up; his voice is almost unbearably shrill now] It would be just like a whole major eend to them, ‘n it would just be so horrific ‘n terrible n’ I would not be able to get over it ‘n I would not be able to--cause I did all that, it’s my fault, my fault, [unintelligible] could not continue on not just because of my mentality n’ sake but for theirs as well! I mean, shoot, errybody hatin’ errybody else is just a horrible horrible wrong thing to do in this world, and they think I’m not liking them, ‘n errybody else not liking them [unintelligible gibberish] n’ my fault, n’ it’s just--[screams] [Via stop motion, Lego Chris returns to the couch and drinks more tea. Chris stress sighs.] So, it remains a quest for me to undo the chaos, and getting the analysis all to unblock and like me. I mean, we don’t have to be friends. At the very least, in the once in a while moments, I really would delight in sharing the kind and/or supportive thoughts, comments, or response to something that is going on with them, and not being misconstruded as anything offensive or creepy, ‘cause I’m hardly ever am offensive or creepy. [Scene shifts. Lego Chris is now looking directly into the camera from close up, while Dr. Wolf observes in the background. He speaks in an angry tone of voice] Do you all hear me out there, in Dimension 1218’s Earth? I am usually kind, supportive, and sincere. Never, ever, eever, [voice cracks] eeever misconstrude me again, please! [He growls in what is probably meant to be an intimidating fashion. The scene cuts back to Lego Chris on the couch; Lego Chris slurps his tea and stress sighs] Because of how much I have been greatly misunderstood, misirterpreted, misconstruded over da years, it just makes me feel [he grunts as if he’s trying to shit] sooooo upset, and crestfallen! [Heavy stress sigh]

Dr. Wolf: Indeed. Your heart and soul continues to be in the right places with lots of great care and effort. And I too know how it feels to have misunderstood efforts weighed heavily against you. [Stress sigh] There are such narcissists out there, who want to add unrequited drama to any simple, mundane kind task of others. If only there were not such bad individuals. This discussion has been quite enlightening. Unfortunately our time is up for now. I would love to discuss this more with you. Shall we continue this next week?

Chris: Yes, Doctor. I feel so much better being listened to and fully understood. You really are great for what you are. Thank you for listening.

Dr. Wolf: My pleasure, Miss Chandler. [Deep inhalations and exhalations from off screen] Feels good to be helping!

AMWDW Cat Blooper

AMWDW Cat Blooper
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Stardate 16 February 2019
Performance Style ComedyComedy Comedy
Saga Soft ExileSoft Exile
A little bit of Gary Stu
A Moment With Dr Wolf Chris Chan and Greater Struggles


[A Lego house set contains Chris and Dr Wolf, with a Lego 'The Simpsons' cat at Chris's feet]

[Chris (off camera)] Miaow, miaow!! [Now in a more normal voice] Cut!! Cat on the set!! Hungry cat on the set!!! [Random autistic yowling, groans, etc]

A little bit of Gary Stu Chris's videos Very Cool Birthday Present! :)

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