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Chris having a mental breakdown after being blocked by someone on Twitter.
New tf2 image.jpg
Chris wants to force his self-insert into TF2 Analysis.

TF2 Analysis is an online animated series, featuring an ensemble cast of Brony analysts — prolific members of the My Little Pony fan community who review episodes, merchandise, fan productions, etc.[1][2] A fan production crossover of My Little Pony and Valve's Team Fortress 2 , the cast of TF2 Analysis includes a number of Brony celebrities such as ILoveKimPossibleAlot, as well as aforementioned artists from BronyCon 2018. A popular episode of this series is a 2014 short titled TF2: Analysis Anarchy.[1]

In January 2019, several members blocked Chris on Twitter, either after being harassed by weens tagging them, or as a pre-emptive measure after finding out about Chris's personality flaws. In an extreme online move for Chris, he responded by briefly protecting his account and then subsequently moving to a new, protected handle in an attempt to minimize troll harassment. This Soft Exile neither prevented other miscellaneous weens bringing nonsense into Chris's life, nor had it tempered his YouTube activity or dimensional delusions. On 25 June 2019, Chris re-opened public access to his Twitter account, ending this brief lull in Christory. Even so, his desire to be re-integrated into the Twitter My Little Pony community has not since abated.


Chris has always been a fan of My Little Pony; however, his interest in the franchise peaked in 2017, with notable events including the creation of Sonichu #12-9 protagonist Night Star and his attendance of BronyCon 2017. From this point, Chris would interact with a number of My Little Pony cast and crew, as well as contributors within the Brony community. It is likely that Chris' ongoing attachment to the franchise partly stems from the fact that it provides the most social interaction (online and in person) that he does beyond his local stomping ground.[3]

Chris is no stranger to people blocking him on Twitter. Not even two years prior, his interactions with Planet Dolan's DoopieDoOver concluded with Doopie blocking him and even his sockpuppet account – severing a potential sweetheart from his perspective.

Later that same month, through both Chris' nature and the activity of the ween masses, Brony voice actor Nowacking blocked Chris on Twitter.[4] Taking a less radical approach than the events to come, Chris became the spokesperson of a new hashtag campaign. He rallied his followers to block the trolls who peeved those who Chris followed. Realizing the futility of his campaign, he did what most people would have done in the first place and moved on.

BronyCon 2018 was a mostly positive experience for Chris. Despite a failed truce with Nowacking, BronyCon introduced Chris to the talents of artist Mad Munchkin and reviewer DRWolf, having attended their panels.

Following the Brony analysts

Chris draws a scene featuring DRWolf to justify his polyamorous marriage.

Chris was following a number of the brony analysts not long after BronyCon—most notably Munchkin and Wolf—and had discovered the crossover series as early as September 2018.[5][6] As he became more invested in the series, he started to fantasize about being a part of their group.

In September 2018, Chris introduced a new OC, Gary Stu,[7] intended as a counterpart to Munchkin's Mary Sue. Spurred on by the participation of Brony analysts, in early January 2019, Chris took part in the #BronyBabes campaign to improve his physical fitness.[8]

As part of his reaction to being shunned by the Bronies, Chris retreated to his fantasy land, claiming on 25 January that in the sister dimension, he is friends with them and a part of the TF2 Analysis crew:

I have been the #TF2 #AnalysisAnarchy Red Spy since last November. My hubby, @MagiChan111448, talked with the real Dr. Wolf and Firebrand there and set it up. I NEEDED the Training, and the practice, teamwork and all has been very good and beneficial for me. I did make allies and friends with my teammates, the OCs, themselves. Another reason why I am clearing things up with their creators here: to keep it from getting awkward. This ol' soul and this body and mind can't handle the stress and anxiety as well as it used to. Though the strength has been in the soul moreover the body. But I digress.[9]


For Chris, a productive day on Twitter involves seeking validation by responding to the posts of those he follows—his responses often an insight on his personal life. To those he follows, his comments are unflattering at best. To further exacerbate, constantly monitoring his activities are the hundreds of weens who seek to elicit a reaction from him. Their typical method is to warn users of Chris' previous exploits.[4]

Fed up with the excessive activity (originating from one single reply), the users will usually end this by blocking Chris' profile.[10][11] Being blocked by these people prevents him from viewing their posts, eliminating a source of (one-sided) interaction online that is not interaction with trolls. The bulk of the blocks spanned across whole month of January, with Chris reaching breaking point, later that month:

Chris gets blocked

In a video message to trolls and bullies, Chris alluded to their actions against both him and the Brony analysts, believing their motivation was the result of lack of self-confidence and jealously. Chris' irritation towards being blocked reached a breaking point when on 22 January—the same day Mad Munchkin blocked him—he uploaded an expression of his rage in video form by screaming into the camera.

Apology drawings

One of Chris' "apology" drawings, notice his offender is quite literally talking out of his ass.

January 24th: Chris put pen to paper and devised a new plan to redeem himself in the eyes of the analysts; an opportunity for him to take responsibility and admit that his behavior may have been inappropriate had presented itself. Chris went on to produce multiple drawings featuring various analysts' ponysonas interacting with Chris. In spite of previous attempts at doing this, Chris nonetheless remained positive for a resolution to the conflict.

Anyway, I want to make personal apologies and amends to those who blocked me, as listed earlier. I am reaching out to the #Brony #Artists and #Analysts who know them. I am open for suggestions on how best to apologize and make amends. Please respond in DM to me on Twitter. Thanks[13]
Right! Back to work on those Apology Pages and Drawings.[14]

Chris distributed the artworks via his sockpuppet account.[15]

User ChuggleDBugl later publicly shared the drawing Chris sent him. With the assumption that all drawings were similar to the aforementioned, in a twist that is not unlike Chris, he refused to solely take blame and worked in the analysts apologizing to him on paper.[15]

Later that day, Chris posted a decree on Twitter, granting diplomatic immunity to the analyst, Aeon Of Dreams, in both Dimensions 1218 and C-197.[16] It is likely that this was a futile effort to protect the analyst from the weens, as it later emerged that Aeon had also blocked Chris.[17]

Chris snaps

@CWCSonichu Don't ever contact my friends EVER again you monster. You're disgusting don't you dare try to play the victim. You're not a victim YOU ARE scum.
This tweet sent Chris off the rails[18]

January 26th: In the midst of the blockings, Chris caught the attention of a Brony with close ties to members of TF2 Analysis. After finding out about Chris orbiting her friends, she posted a very firm response, and later blocked his main account.[18] Having slept on this (or lack thereof), later that morning, Chris, broke down via a wall of random-access humor which he eventually deleted:

No Sleep For Scum!

If you would like to see this slip of scum sleep for the night, dial "963" on your speed dial, while looking for granola in the bottom of the ocean with humpback whales while wearing Mario Frogsuits provided by Lumberjack incorporated. Hee-hee. Ugh.

Tonight's order of Fried Brains has been brought to you by Harmony Aroma Dancers of Pizza joe in Lumbago, Nicaragua. Random isms are also brought to you by Harmony Aroma Dancers In New York, Zimbabue <sic> and Cucamonga. Yee-Hee! Enjoy Marshmallows and Jelly Beans In your Strawberry Jam and Parmesan Pizza Pie, made with the help of Eskimos and Rubber Chickens! Bon Apetit <sic> and Headaches!

You can buy Corn and Rice with Turnips at the Shoe Store with Termites!

For a dollar, we'll make everyone hollar <sic>, with a nickel for admission.

Responding to concerned fans:

I'm Not Depressed! I'm Brain-Fried with a side order of No Sleep Parsnips! Hee-Hee!

No Sleep Parsnips; for those times you want to be awake for 78 Hours Straight, or just accidentally want to not be able to fall asleep and have a nightmare. Stressco: the home of Very Scary and Wake-Up! products.

Eeee...Nope! Nope! Nope! Nope! Nope!

Chris then called upon the help of his sockpuppet account and "husband", MagiChan111448, to berate and guilt trip the Brony for giving him insomnia:

You Do realize your piece left Missus Chandler on continuing No Sleep, and the sun has likely risen in her time zone. Judging by the more recent Tweets that were deleted, her brain was worse damaged by being referred to as Scum.

To use that term with her; How Dare You, madam?

She later blocked "Chris' hubby".[18]

Videos to the analysts

Main articles: Apologies to the liked Bronies and Pegasisters; PLEASE UNBLOCK ME ON TWITTER! and Address to and for the Brony Analysts and Artists

On 28 January and 8 February, respectively, Chris uploaded two similar videos with the intention of reaching out to the Brony analysts who blocked him.

In the videos, his admitting of mistakes is seldom addressed. Rather than proposing ways to better himself, he remarks on how much improvement he has done in the last decade. Taking utmost priority, Chris' persecution complex shines as he embarks on long tirades on topics such as the trolls and the Idea Guys.

Canonizing and appropriating Dr. Wolf

Main articles: Sonichu Special 6 and A Moment With Dr Wolf Chris Chan and Greater Struggles
Dr. Wolf brownnoses advises Chris (and his CPU counterpart).

Chris introduced TF2 Analysis co-creator Dr. Wolf to his comic book universe on 29 January, when he published a standalone comic revolving around his detached interpretation of ongoing events in Dimension C-197.[19] In the Special, Chris and Magi-Chan are delivering apology drawings to Brony analysts (apparently not with sockpuppet accounts) when they stumble across Dr. Wolf's fursona. In a private conversation between Wolf and Magi-Chan, they discuss Chris' problems before Wolf recommends a therapy session.

On 16 February, Chris released a video of himself seeking advice from Dr. Wolf, presented using Lego minifigures. Chris based his video on Wolf's Moment With animated series, suggesting his reluctance to move on from the Brony analysts. Serving as a loose followup to the comic, the video used a mixture of stick puppetry and basic stop motion to animate the characters—the latter reminiscent of Chris' 1998 Lego video.

In the video, Chris converses about the emotional impact of the Twitter blocks on himself. Ultimately, Chris believes that the trolls are the guilty party. Wolf, instead of offering advice, praises Chris. Whether Chris created the video to reach out to the creator of Dr. Wolf remains unknown.


Chris responds poorly to getting blocked by those he follows on Twitter and his responses often take the form of vocal outbursts against the trolls who he thinks got him banned. Chris has extended his apologies to those who have been affected by his outbursts on Twitter but he still holds resentment towards the trolls. Chris has stated that the mass blocking he has received from his favorite Twitter users has left him with PTSD related symptoms and has made it clear that this form of trolling has been particularly distressing to him.[20] Chris claims he outbursts the way he does because he wants to make the trolls feel the way he did at Nathanael Greene Elementary School. According to Chris, these memories are coming back because of his current therapist.[21] He has made several videos and Sonichu Special 6 on the subject of being blocked.

As the game of Block the Autistic, America's favorite new sequel to its similarly named franchise hit, continued to rage across Twitter, Chris began retreating into a state of denial once more about how much it was affecting him. Since he could no longer convince himself that all the various Twitter accounts he followed had blocked their favorite autistic friend and CPU Goddess Miss Christine Weston Chandler by mistake, he began claiming that it must be a new trend.[22]

Account protection and self-exile

I will be striving to contain Less Drama and any and all Haters and Harassers shall be Blocked Out, Period. So, if you are accepted to follow, it is best to watch your language and choice of words.
Chris on his new Twitter profile.[23]

Having previously threatened to do so, Chris made the decision on 22 January to protect his Twitter account; however, upon discovering that protecting one's account prevents Chris' orbitees from seeing his posts, he reverted his action — all within the space of half an hour. He then appealed to Twitter for an option to remain in touch with the analysts but exclude (potential) trolls.[24] Twitter has yet to respond.

Opting for an eye for an eye approach, Chris sought to restart with a clean slate by blocking many of his Twitter followers. According to Chris, he had enlisted the help of an ally to screen his followers.[25] Realizing that sifting through tens of thousands of followers would be a colossal effort, Chris ceased after removing 5000+ followers. By 31 January, Chris' followers plummeted from approximately 31,500 to 26,000.[26]

A graphical representation of Chris' follower purge (note the spike of followers in late January, as things got heated).[27]

On 9 February 2019, Chris opened a new Twitter account, CPU_CWCSonichu — albeit, a protected account—in order to evade the Brony analyst blocks.[28] He would eventually be re-blocked by several of the TF2 Analysis crew after the weens tattled on him. The following week saw Chris' final tweet on CWCSonichu.[29]

Later that month, Chris said he'd had enough of the Twitter drama, tweeting:

I wish to go on record now that I am soo over the whole blocking mess. I have no concern over who blocked me, and those people can live their lives as they will. I am Through with them all.[30]

Much like his unironically authoritarian fantasy world, Chris' current profile more or less gave him absolute control over his interaction with the masses, including suppressing the critics. With true irony, Chris' protected status on Twitter only further isolated himself from the analysts, as well as many new faces he wishes to interact with. Even after barricading himself from most of Twitter, others were still able to get through the cracks by approaching him outside of the Internet. Sarah and Steve tried to initiate the next chapter in his life in February, but abandoned course and fled by May.

During the first half of 2019, Chris's autonomous Internet presence diminished over several months. For over a hundred days through the spring, Chris would not upload any new content for his comic, nor even beg. With one exception, all of his YouTube videos during this period after the initial fallout were inspired by outside parties or events, legitimate or otherwise. His activity was mostly confined to Twitter announcements to do with the Dimensional Merge.

Similarly to the First Exile nearly a decade before this, Chris would not detach from the Internet for ever. Normal panhandling resumed on 13 April 2019. Spontaneous YouTube activity returned on 13 June 2019 with a pair of bizarre rants. On 25 June 2019, Chris removed his account from protected mode, letting anybody view his Twitter page freely, putting an end to a nascent saga that soon lost its momentum.

The Revival?

Leaked 2020 screenshot of Chris' list.

Chris remained involved with the My Little Pony community after the Soft Exile ended, and showed that he had learnt nothing from his months of isolation. He attended the final BronyCon at the beginning of August 2019 without awkward confrontations, but on 16 August, he returned to form with a rant on Twitter and two (quickly retracted) videos, demanding once again that the TF2 crew unblock him.[31] As the My Little Pony series has ended, and a new series in the franchise might not come for some years, the brony community will probably wither away as Chris continues to demand to be let back in.

In October 2019, Chris revealed the artwork for a TSSSF card, "Let's Get This Party On!", which shows his OCs partying at the Secret Rift Cafe – a fictional location featured in brony analyst lore.[32] Fast-forwarding to 2020, as of November 2020, Chris has recorded six livestreams while watching and reacting to Analysis Anarchy. Furthermore, in August 2020, a leaked screenshot from one of Chris' devices revealed that Chris had a note titled "Those who had blocked Chris Chan on Twitter in Dimension 1218", listing the brony analysts who had blocked him. Hence, it can be concluded that Chris is still bitter about the mass blocking.

Final score

Note: "TF2" denotes past or present members of TF2 Analysis.

Account Description Reason for block
@AmyMethvenart TF2 Artist, YouTube film critic and Brony (a.k.a. Mad Munchkin)
@Dusty_Kat TF2 Brony (#BronyBabes[8]) Ween spam[33]
@Eliyora TF2 Sells jewelry on Etsy, also a Brony
@joshscorcher TF2 YouTube critic and Brony (a.k.a. Firebrand) (#BronyBabes[8])
@Lightning_Bliss TF2 Brony and let's-player (#BronyBabes[8]) Disapproves of Chris's reputation[34]
@SEGASister TF2 Singer and Brony Ween spam[35]
@Ayn_Wye TF2 Artist (a.k.a. AnY) Undetermined[36]
@More_AynWye TF2 Ayn Wye's supplementary account Likely realized it was Chris[36]
@DaJoestanator TF2 Voice actor and writer (a.k.a. Jasper Pie) [17]
@DaWillstanator TF2 Voice actor and musician (aka Thespio) [17]
@Nowacking Voice actor in various MLP fan films See: Nowacking
@ChaoticChimera Brony Chris' actions[37]
@ChirashiKibo Artist and singer Is a ween, faked blocking Chris for attention[38]
@Bloom_Tazza93 Voice actor, let's-player, friend of TF2 Analysis members Became aware of Chris' activity on friends' profiles[18]
@ChuggleDBugl (implied) Let's-player, supporter of TF2 Analysis Undetermined[39]
@KaJePa0228 Thespio's wife (aka Midnight Sonata) [17]
@AeonOfDreams Analyst [17]
@Fim_Keychi Analyst [40]

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