Address to and for the Brony Analysts and Artists

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Address to and for the Brony Analysts and Artists was uploaded on 8 February 2019 and was the first video since his second privatization of his Twitter account. Like the previous video, Chris throws a tantrum begging the TF2 Analysis teams to unblock him and shifts the blame on the trolls. After receiving nothing but mockery from the trolls and other observers, the video was quickly deleted, along with the previous video.


Address to and for the Brony Analysts and Artists
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Stardate 8 Febuary 2019
Subject Matter TrollsTrolls Trolls
Performance Style TragedyTragedy Tragedy, RageRage Rage
Saga Soft ExileSoft Exile Soft Exile
Shirt Light gray bathrobeLight gray bathrobe Light gray bathrobe
Apologies to the liked Bronies and Pegasisters; PLEASE UNBLOCK ME ON TWITTER!
A little bit of Gary Stu


Please, consider NOT Closing Me Out; we can help each other in support and kindness. I am sincere, direct and honest about that, y’all.


[Stress sigh] Hello, everybody, Christine Chandler comin’ to you live from home once again, and [waves at camera] this just can’t wait, this gotta be shared while it’s fresh in my mind, but [sighs] ... I actually--there’s actually a lot in common, uh, between I and those amongst the Brony Analysts, [adjusts medallion] and... I just feel like I need to get this off my, get this off of my mind, ‘cause I, shoot, have been trolled, I have been cyberbullied since [holding up fingers for each number] 2007! All right? [Stress sigh] And, y’all didn’t come onto the innernet until, like, a few years later. I know, there’s a wikia, called Secret Rift wikia, uh, some of y’all--I mean, look it up, just right dere. But aside from that, I know, I got a basic glimpse of [taps the side of his head] each of you from... I’ve seen–in amongst your videos and your Twitter and whatever... [stress sighs, wags finger at camera] uh, well, like for one obvious example, gonna use your OCs to [waves at camera again] name--to pretty much name errybody, yeah, Lightning Bliss’s creator, you know, Lightning Bliss, yeah, so Blissy, yeah, listen. [Voice cracks slightly] You think you’ve got the problems with handling the harshness, [he mimes being stabbed as he speaks] dose comments going in and in and in and in and in at you like a knife stabbin’ at you, just banging banging [throws himself back against the wall while pounding on his chest and making spitting noises] ‘n you’re the one that--[grunts violently while performing a double Claw of Fail and displaying a comically angry expression] I’ve been there! I’ve been there! [while pulling on his hair] I’ve reacted just as badly, if not worse, so much catharsisisss, it’s all bent up at me and everything.

Mm, speaking of that, uh, [stress sigh] den, just, the–the Fiery Joker [?], nyeah, he’s got followers that go out all Pikmin-style and just attack anybody that he [voice cracks] talks about. Well, all the haters and harassers, all those damn frickin’ bugbears that I have, well, they’re doing the same thing as they did for you, Fiery Joker. They did. And I’ve been there, and they’ve done that... [throws his arms out in exasperation] everywhere! [He trills like a sick elephant, then resumes speaking in a whiny tone] Dey jus’ wanna attack me everywhere. [Starts pulling on his hair again] And I know a lot of y’all can relate to this, well--the... my brain is trying to fry up on me because I’m on no sleep right now, but anyway [long stress sigh] Even Mad Munchkin, I mean, the hate hate hate, and how he stands so much of it, like a... Stonewall Jackson, Rock of Gibraltar, what have you. And then you can only take so much [mimes stabbing himself again] from the haters ‘n harassers, ‘n everything, da... [he seems to lose his train of thought for a moment] just [unintelligible], ‘n it tears you up, it tears your creativity, it tears your inspiration, [his voice goes shrill and he starts slapping himself on the forehead] it tore my inspiration too many times to count, and it threw me into years of depression! [Stress sighs/trills, then sighs again and facepalms]

This... [stress sigh], y’all know who you are... I mean, even, uh, Jasper Pie, you break the fourth wall, and it’s--I break the fourth wall, and we’re funny, we’re tomico {comical?} we take things with a laugh sometimes, we can–we can’t stand being annoyed [holds his hand up to his ear like a phone, begins imitating a troll in a snotty high-pitched voice] Oh, look, a pizza [unintelligible, drops voice to a grunting bass] delivering pizza to a false address and nobody’s gonna pay for it, well you know what, just send the pizzas my way! [Deteriorates into incoherent growling, then sighs and clutches his hair] And I’ve got my problems with life at home as well, with... [elephant trill] oh, being pinned on the floor in da fourth grade, ‘n losing--leaving my friends behind at graduat--school graduation, having a very terrible time in college here ‘n there, and being banned from places, being liked by some, hated by a bunch, and den just wondering what–how many is really shining bright. [While gesticulating wildly] Are they light of good, or are they darkness of hate? And it just grinds me uuup! [Grunts and whines in a shrill tone] And you all--we could actually be supporting each other! We could--and you know, just supporting each other in kindness, I mean, like, you know, I’ve been there--you should lis--like, I’ve heard your story, now here’s my story. I’ve been there, and I’ve been there on the innernet even longer than Silver Quill! And he’s older than I am, by a few years still!

[Pulls at his hair again and stress sighs] And y’all wanna block me, because of my reputation? Well, think about this a moment: [voice cracks] I’ve been where each of you have in combination. One’s been dealt hatred and can’t--just wants to etsplode everything, and react. I’ve–that’s one aspect. Pikmin-like followers that wanna target everybody else that they talk about, pfft, that’s anurr’ one, mm, prank calls and being deceived, blackmailed ‘n everything. [sighs, then points at camera and assumes a lecturing tone] This is a hard look in the mirror, just listening to me right now, talking about the problems that... [goes shrill again] we actually have in common with each other, dat we could actually be friends over, [hits his hand on a paint can while gesturing] we could actually be supportive to each other, like a support group or something! [Pulls at his hair and tosses his head back, sighing] I mean, shoe were on the other foot, [points at camera with fore and middle fingers and thumb extended] I banned y’all, each of y’all, for... your repu--for your... very bad infamy! And den y’all want--den y’all just want to try and make it up for me because [covers his eyes with one hand and waves his other hand at the camera] I don’t wanna be caught up in all y’all’s shenanigans ‘n everything, because I don’t want to get caught up in your past behaviors that just put a worse stain on your face [uncovers face and waves hand at the camera again] that any of y’all–any of those haters ‘n harassers ‘n bugbears will ever throw upon you in the worst ways, and [points at himself for emphasis] I have been there! [In a comical growl] I have been there! [In a shrill howl] I have been there!

[Continuing in a shrill whine] And I just wanna be supportive and kind to each and every one of you! I want to help each of you with my histories, my sharings, ‘n we could help each other! Doesn’t that make sense?! [Stress sighs and clutches his hair again] Okay, well, look, I’m not asking y’all to unblock me on Twitter, but at least listen to what I am telling you, right now! [In a petulant tone, while flinging his fists around like a child throwing a tantrum] I have learned from my past mistakes ‘n everything, n’ I–aside from the recent catharsism that I did after--eeh, after Mad Munchkin blocked me... that was the last straw on my back right there. [Flips his hair and throws his head back, as if striking a pose] Why can’t we all just... get along on the fact that we’re similar? Because y’all have your share of bad reputations, and I’ve got... all y’all’s bad reputations bulked up into me. All right? [his voice becomes increasingly shrill as he continues] You’ve been there, I’ve been there, you’ve been there, I’ve been there, you’ve been there, I’ve been there again! [Elephant trill] C’mon, just... [heavy stress sigh] And I’ve gotten stronger over the years of having to cope with all that ‘n ignoring all that star--crap. And even I break. I’m just as fragile as each of y’all. So, just saying... at least take into consideration, ‘cause I really do want to be able... [touches fingers to temples] to... be like supportive and kind to each and every one of you, ‘cause you’ll find out on the innernet even though it’s not widely spreeead, I have learned from my past mistakes, and TooManyGames and what happened there. ‘N I actually behaved at the recent Bronycon, very much! [stares blankly around the room for a few seconds with a mournful expression before refocusing on the camera] Okay? Just... I’m so disorganized in response to that, but I think y’all get my point. We’re all in the same yacht [pronounces the silent ‘ch’, so that it sounds like ‘yawkt’] size boat, of the fact that we got s--all this, all these trolling hater harassing problems ‘n things. [slaps his forehead a few times and performs a Claw of Fail, then sighs. Background music is clearly audible.] Well, if it means anything at least, after y’all listened to all--listened to me go on from my heart, [thumps chest for emphasis] my soul, my being ‘n everything, just, simply, thank you all for listening. [turns off camera]

Apologies to the liked Bronies and Pegasisters; PLEASE UNBLOCK ME ON TWITTER! Chris's videos A little bit of Gary Stu
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