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We need information on the Bella Saga, as she was collaterally involved in this..
We suggest you keep up with the times.
You brought so much fucking joy to this world and you continue to do so. That's why [...] you need to remain safe.
Bismuth, one of the Watchmen, to Chris.[1]
The accumulated filth of their trolls and weening will foam up about their waists and all the Merge-deniers and A-logs will look up and shout "JULAAAY!" ...And I'll look down, and whisper "I'm workin' on it."

The Watchmen were a group of fanatical enablers whose members served as gatekeepers and white knights for Chris, in a similar manner as their predecessors, the Guard Dogs. Their goal was to keep away malicious individuals trying to troll or scam Chris. The group had a few iterations but with Chris currently jailed for incest their purpose has become moot.

As a faction, the Watchmen were instrumental in numerous events over the course of late 2019 onwards, such as attempting to dismantle Jacob Sockness’s influence over Chris and drive him off. They also shut down the Arbitarch CWC Alliance Discord server when the true intent of the server was revealed. Chris had contact with the Watchmen, including chatting with them on Google Hangouts and over Discord. The Watchmen were also behind the Discord leaks in August 2020, and the Discord Q&A's.

Their approach was rather controversial, as they gained Chris's favor by means of enabling his delusions by pretending to be fellow CPU goddesses and encouraging his beliefs in magical thinking and the Dimensional Merge. The Watchmen tracked and collected information on anyone involved with - or attempting to get involved with Chris, and had little to hesitation in regards to doing any potential weens, trolls, and A-logs.

While they shared a name with the 1986/1987 DC Comics limited series by Alan Moore, David Gibbons, and John Higgins, the 2009 film adaptation (which is not that long of a movie, according to Emily and The Man in the Pickle Suit), the 2019 HBO series, and the various comic book spin-offs, the Watchmen apparently did not take inspiration from the franchise, in contrast to how The Miscreants modeled themselves after the Patriots from Metal Gear Solid.


What eventually became the Watchmen group had its roots in the CWC Rebellion Discord server. There, Owls met Meghan (aka MKRNightVee), and Talia (whom Owls described as "a person exploiting and egging MKR on to talk to Chris").[2]

Meghan got into contact with Chris through a friend looking up his phone number.[3] Owls tried to coach Meghan[4] and avoid problems, though he admits he didn't do well at it.[2]

After Meghan had been in contact with Chris for some time, Owls came up with the idea to try to manipulate Chris's beliefs away from the Dimensional Merge through telling him that the CPU goddesses had relocated to Earth. Meghan recruited her friends to role-play as CPUs to Chris over Discord; Owls acted as a gatekeeper between MKR's friends and Chris.[4]

time passed talking with Meghan for about a month or so there came an idea from me in the most autistic way possible "convince Chris that merge wasn't happening and that CPU had decided to be on earth and act like normal people in society". foolishly believing this would work Meghan gathered some people from different servers she said we could trust and we made a server. this idea failed and when the first person decided to brag about it on a different discord I shut down the idea.

According to Bismuth, Owls acted as liaison between the CPU group and Marvin of the Guard Dogs group (the latter also being gatekeepers to Chris at the time) but Bismuth claimed that Owls wasn't reporting back to Marvin. Owls later left the group.[5]

Major Players


Avatar of CPU Bismuth Heart.

Bismuth was the second leader of the Watchmen, taking over the group after Owls left.[5] He monitored and doxed potential weens or outside enablers. He went by many usernames - he used "Bismuth" to Chris and used multiple aliases in public postings. While he was in the CWCki Discord server, he often used an emoticon of a heart. For the Kiwi Farms, he went by names/accounts including "Naught", "anameisaname", "death of chans", and "Nightmare"[6] - he was eventually banned from the forum for use of multiple sockpuppet accounts, advertising, and liking his own posts with sock accounts.[7]

In June 2021, conflict arose between Bismuth and fellow Watchman The WCT, stemming from an allegation Bismuth had doxed the latter.[6] Following a thread on the ex-member of the group, an audio voice clip of Chris saying “Fuck Bismuth!”[8] suggested that Chris sided against Bismuth in the dispute.


Main article: Sean Walker

Sean Walker, primarily known as The WCT, archived calls involving Chris and occasionally gave interviews to observers. In February 2021, he attempted to become the fourth person behind the role of Lainchu but Chris rejected his attempt. He was instrumental in the eventual downfall of the Watchmen, admitting in private that he had been "working with Former Kiwi Farmers to bring down the Watchmen" out of a personal dislike of Bismuth, which led to a cascade of events in which multiple people were doxxed and Chris left the Watchmen's server.[9]

Sean would later go on to become infamous in his own right for his own disturbed trolling plans and schemes with Bella. For information on that era of Sean's activity, see Sean's main article and Isabella Loretta Janke.


Meghan enabling Chris's delusional thoughts.
I am a CPU, that means I am directly on the same level of godhood as Christine.
Meghan, replying to Sarah and Steve questioning if she really follows Chris's beliefs.[10]
Nothing lasts forever, especially not any group protecting Chris-chan.
Meghan, reflecting after her March 2021 ragequit.[11]

Meghan Kathleen Ringo (born 24 April 1992), also known under the aliases MKRNightVee, CPUMagentaHeart and thepixietailartist, and sometimes referred to as Maker by Chris, appeared in early 2019. She got into contact with Chris through a friend looking up Chris's phone number for her.[3] She presented herself to Chris as being the CPU goddess of the Nintendo Switch, offering him validation on his fantasies of having magic powers.[12] She has stated that her goal isn't to feed into Chris's delusions so much as to offer advice and help.[13] Chris offered her several of his possessions in his Last Will and Testament.

She set up a Discord group for Chris, telling her friends to role-play as CPU goddesses to gain Chris's trust, while also instituting a no-trolling rule.[14]

During the TF2 Analysis saga, she created an alt Twitter account named Creamarina and shared it with Chris to enable him to evade blocks.[15]

During the Jacob Sockness saga, in which Sockness attempted to manipulate Chris into a sexual relationship, Meghan saw the potential danger in Sockness's activities, and steered Chris away from him during summer 2019; Sockness, who at the time was engaging in a full-scale war against Chris's enablers, followers and critics alike, considered MKR to be a notable enemy of his, and apparently abused her verbally on Twitter as his second dramatic cycle approached its climax in early November. She, as well as Aqua, largely mitigated Sockness's influence over Chris, though Chris was still willing to listen to Sockness.

Meghan ragequits in March 2021.

In March 2021, MKR temporarily gave up on helping Chris when she learned that he was planning on playing with a taser with his new friend group Praetor, sending an angry Tweet directed towards him which expressed her disdain, before deleting her Twitter account a few days later.[16] However, she reactivated her account, and tweeted again to Chris in April, replying to Chris tagging her to show her a gif file,[17] and later to reply to another of Chris's tweets in order to call one of his enablers a faggot.[18]

In June 2021, internal conflict arose among Watchmen members over Bismuth allegedly doxing The WCT which resulted in the group separating. Meghan had sided with Bismuth and Chris against, leading to Chris distancing himself from Meghan in the fallout. On 29 June, Meghan tagged Chris’s Twitter and posted, “Your obviously good at using people and then moving on to the next. Have fun getting fucked over by WCT and Praetor.”[19] She followed up by tweeting that she regretted having spent her time drawing art for Chris and accused him of being unappreciative of it.[20]


Christine...Please stop this, Mewtwo is not real, the merge is not happening, you need serious help. If you need help there are people to help you with these delusions. This is incredibly unhealthy for you.
AquaDiamond8, March 2019[21]
Still i dont want [Jacob Sockness] attacking my people when the merge happens, Christine has said there will be no more war or need for violence in the merge, my Sapphire has forseen this
AquaDiamond8 changes her tune, November 2019.[22]
AquaDiamond8 and Magi-Chan. Drawn by Aqua November 2019.

AquaDiamond8 is a Twitter user who has bounced from being a ween,[23] to a white knight, to an enabler and Watchman. In November 2019, during the Jacob Sockness saga, in hopes to lure Chris away from Sockness, Aqua joined the Watchmen and embraced Chris's delusional beliefs, changing her Twitter handle to CPU Goddess Aqua of the Mac Book Pro. Later, Aqua began drawing fanart of her OC interacting with Magi-Chan.[24] She then posted a Pokémon drawing, claiming it to be an alt-dimension Magi-Chan:[25]

In September 2020, Aqua confirmed in the comments of a Dillin Thomas video that they were no longer a part of the Watchmen.

in all honesty at first i genuinly wanted to help chris but after the incident with Wendy i wanted to make things better, and try to help him, and as someone with autism, and who has family that acts like chris, i knew how dificult it is to get them to beleive certain things. I guess going along with it and pretending to be a goddess was better than letting her be on her own and let someone else take advantage of her.

Note that i never wanted anything from Chris, and did want to help, and despite what Dillin says about MKR or some of the "enamblers, not all of them are bad, MKR is the nicest person i know and i know that she truely does care for Chris.

I wanted to to help them with keeping sockness away from Chris and though it took some time ive seen chris is no longer taking his crap serious. I do keep up to date whats been going on, but i dont interact.[26]

Minor Players



Ryan Winger, also known as Owls to the other Watchmen, as GhostBird50 on the Kiwi Farms,[2] and as CpuTurquoiseHeart to Chris,[4] was the original leader of the Watchmen group.[5] Ryan advised MKRNightVee in interacting with Chris and founded the Watchmen's Discord server. Ryan also acted as a liaison between Watchmen and Guard Dogs member Marvin, though fellow Watchman Bismuth alleged that he hadn't been reporting back to Marvin.[5] Ryan left the group and was succeeded by Bismuth.


A seemingly minor and or less active member of the Watchmen. Kyle appeared only in the Google Hangout chats. Kyle was also apparently the inspiration for Chris's Kylechu OC.


Lainchu, as drawn by MKRNightVee.

Lainchu, also known as Lainchu the Chronicler, is an OC created by Chris, whose purpose is to document Chris's activities (and unofficially, to provide Christorians with first hand information), based on the protagonist of the anime, Serial Experiments Lain, in which a teenage girl finds herself engaging with a virtual world network, reminiscent of the internet.

Four Watchmen had taken up the responsibility to larp as Lainchu;

  • Bismuth, who originally had the role[27]
  • Former CWCki Discord server owner, Klop, who took over in 7 August 2020 until late August
  • Anaxis, who served as Lainchu from late August to mid February 2021[28][29][30], and again in March 2021, after Chris responded poorly to the role-playing of Sean (see below) who could only maintain his attention for about a month.
  • Sean Walker ("the WCT"/"Kat"/"Conner" and many other aliases) from mid February 2021 to March 2021[31], who Chris rejected in the role.[32]


The Watchmen were in various Discord servers.

Arbitarch CWC Alliance

From before the Watchmen had fully come out to the public, the server was eventually shut down.

The Place

The Place server.

The Place is the server Chris was in from 2020-June 2021. In August 2020, the Watchmen announced the presence of the group publicly via the 2020 Discord leaks. It was during this time the Watchmen name was adopted to describe the group.

Signs of the group collapsing began appearing around late June 2021. Earlier in the month, The WCT had been doxed on Kiwi Farms by an account named Nightmare, and signs pointed to fellow Watchman and group leader Bismuth as the person behind the account.[6] When The WCT confronted Bismuth in a voice chat during the group’s movie night on 21 June, Bismuth denied the allegation, then threatened to further dox The WCT in an attempt to silence him. Kyle and MKRNightVee took Bismuth’s side in the dispute.[33]

On 25 June, The WCT informed Chris about the infighting. He showed Chris screenshots of Nightmare's Kiwi Farms posts and the voice chat in which he had confronted the group over Bismuth being Nightmare. According to The WCT, Chris gradually processed the information, in particular picking up on red flags from Bismuth in the chat - noticing his defensiveness and hostility towards The WCT. Ultimately, Chris believed The WCT's evidence and apparently cut ties with Bismuth over it.[34] A leaked voice clip of Chris saying “Fuck Bismuth!”[35] was posted to a thread made about Bismuth the following day.[6]

Kyle banned The WCT from the Watchmen's Discord server. In response, Chris then decided to leave their server. As The WCT explained, "he saw my banning as a signal to him that my suspicions about Bismuth and the others were correct." The Praetor group, who had also been in the server, left it as well following Chris's departure.[34]

On 29 June, MKRNightVee made multiple tweets that suggested Chris had cut communications with her. She tagged Chris’s Twitter and posted, “Your obviously good at using people and then moving on to the next. Have fun getting fucked over by WCT and Praetor.”[36] She then followed up with accusations against The WCT, believing him to be messing with Chris and having sinister motives.[37]

The Knights of CWC

The Knights of CWC server.

The Knights of CWC was the server Chris was in from June 2021 until his August 2021 arrest for incest. The server was created following the internal conflict and breakup of The Place Watchmen group. It was headed by The WCT, who gathered some of the people from The Place, though he was unsure of calling his group by the Watchmen moniker. He also stated he wanted the group be kept secret as the earlier iteration of the Watchmen once had been.[38]



On 4 September 2020, a Christorian interviewed Bismuth through Discord, asking questions about the Watchmen. The interviewer's questions are color-coded red, with Bismuth's responses color-coded white.

The first four questions appear to be referring to the Arbitarch CWC Alliance server.
Who started it and why?
Owls the guy who set-up mkr and Joseph Draft got aqua and mkr to draw some art to lure cwc in.
How did Chris join there?
I was told it was going to be for Chris's patrons.
Why was it killed?
It was killed because owls and Joseph didn't know how to wrangle tards. Mkr aqua were being blamed for making it so I asked for a mod role kept asking for more perms and deleted all the channel's. I posted the rolling and trolling vid.
Who killed it?
I killed it, Joseph and Smokey Chris TheSperge were using the server to gather content, they convinced Joseph I was Johan.

After a 4 hour conversation I got Joseph draft to face dox himself once he destroyed his drive with chris vs the internet.

The last two appear to refer to the Watchmen as a group.

Why did Aqua leave?
Stress and people @ her on Twitter

Her and mkr are still frens

Will this group be around forever?
As long as Chris is in need or willing yes[39]



Given the complicated history with WCT, it's possible that at least some of his claims here are not completely TRUE or HONEST. Take everything he says with a grain of salt.

The WCT was interviewed over Discord about the Watchmen breakup on 11 July 2021. The WCT's messages are in blue and the interviewer's in green.

Hi. Someone told me you’re The WCT. If it’s okay with you, I’d like to ask you some questions about the Watchmen breakup for the Cwcki.
hi there.

and yes, by all means ask said questions.

The initial conflict seems to be between you and Bismuth, that Bismuth doxed you. How did it grow to break up the Watchmen group?
After I concluded that it was Bismuth that was responsible for the doxing, I made the choice to contact MKRNightVee (or Meghan some of you know her as) and I showed her a lot of screenshots in DMs that compared the typing style of his old Kiwi Farms accounts to one that he used to dox me. (which was Nightmare)

I recall telling her that I was 90 percent sure that it was him.

But in spite of the evidence that I had presented to her at the time, she didn't believe me. And during our VC on June 21st, She and Kyle were still not convinced.

They originally thought it was somebody who I angered in the past, but knowing what the Nightmare account was up to at the time, I knew that it was him.

How did Chris learn of the dispute?
Not long after the VC, I decided that I would contact him myself.

So with the help of a Former Watchmen who had his phone number, I was able to get in contact with him on June 25th.

And there, I had an hour and 40 minute talk with him that first started off as any conversation I'd usually have with him until I was comfortable enough to tell him the details.

Did you show Chris the same evidence that you did to MKRNightVee?
When I was talking with MKR, I didn't show her as much evidence at the time since the Investigation was still ongoing. And compared to what I shared with Chris, I shared less with MKR.

Not because I didn't trust her, but it was because there was not enough information available at the time. And what I ended up showing Chris was a combination of the Kiwi Farms posts and the VC that I had with the rest of the group.

How did Chris react to it?
It took Chris a while to process it.

With each screenshot, he began to believe that my claims were true. And when we were both going over the VC, he noticed how Bismuth was getting really defensive and thought that he was clearly lying to me.

Especially when I told Bismuth that Josh (Null) claimed to me that him and Nightmare were the same person. And that 3-4 seconds of silence on his part was something that helped convince Chris that I was in the right.

He also noticed how hostile Bismuth was getting towards me as well, especially when I kept on asking him if he doxed me or not. Chris saw that as a red flag.

Did Chris cut ties with Bismuth?
From what I know, yes he did.
What happened between Chris and MKRNightVee? MKR’s recent tweets indicate they’ve had a falling out. Is it related to the Watchmen breakup?
yes it is.

Meghan was upset that Chris had sided with me in regards to what had happened.

How does Praetor fit in to this? MKRNightVee has said in a tweet that you’ve teamed up with them.
Praetor had nothing to do with what happened.

Its just that when they got word from Chris that he had left the server, they followed. So it makes sense on MKR's part to accuse me of working with them because we all either got banned or left the place at the same time.

It was a strange coincidence yes, but there is zero contact between me and Caden.

What server did Chris leave?
The Watchmen's Place.

as some of you might've heard of on the CWCki. -

Why did he leave it?
when he got word that I got banned from the server (by Kyle that is), he saw it as a green light to leave it himself.

So essentially he saw my banning as a signal to him that my suspicions about Bismuth and the others were correct.

Are you still in contact with Chris?
at this moment in time, I'm not.

We went our separate ways not long after the Watchmen had broken up and I believe that its for the best for both me and him.

And rather or not if he wants to be in touch with me still is completely up to him, but I won't be too surprised if he had already moved on at this point, and I respect whatever path he goes on moving forward.

Forgot to ask earlier, but what was your motivation for informing Chris of the conflict between you and Bismuth/MKR/Kyle?
I was running out of options on what to do. When MKR and Kyle didn't believe my claims, I felt that I had no choice but to inform Chris on what had happened.

It was a very risky move on my part to do that, but I don't regret telling him.

That’s all the questions I have. Thank you for answering. Is there anything else you would like to add?
I just want to let people know that Chris is now a free man with nobody to dictate his actions. And for his sake, it needs to remain that way.
Thanks again. I'll look to getting this conversation to the CWCki. Do you want your username/avatar censored?

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