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I am a CPU, that means I am directly on the same level of godhood as Christine.
Meghan, replying to Sarah and Steve questioning if she really follows Chris's beliefs[1].
Name Meghan K. Ringo
Also known as MKRNightVee
Date of Birth 24 April 1992 (age 27)
Gender Female
Nationality American
Race White
Occupations Cosplayer

Meghan K. Ringo (also known under the aliases MKRNightVee and thepixietailartist) is a cosplaying white knight who tried to mirror Chris in every way imaginable, and pretended to be various cartoon characters in order to talk with Chris in chat forums, while he was in his already deteriorated mental state. In order to more closely associate with Chris and gain his trust, Meghan has taken on the persona of the Magenta Heart CPU Goddess, the patron of the Nintendo Switch. She has also created her own comic series in a similar style to the Sonichu comic.


The Nightvee medallion staring at you like Chris.

MKR managed to infiltrate Chris' inner circle by drawing fan art and white knighting in Twitter comments. At some point she managed to obtain Chris' phone number and the two exchanged texts for a while, with Chris falling for the ploy hook, line and sinker. As mentioned before, MKR created the Magenta Heart CPU goddess, and created a small Discord server where her and her friends roleplayed with Chris as various CPU goddesses, with Chris perceiving all of it as real. Along with this charade, Meghan produced various Sonichu and Nightvee fanart, including a medallion.[2]

Later interactions with Chris and Enablers

After the initial, more trollish interactions, MKR took a slightly more backseat role in Chris' life, occasionally responding to tweets and other such activities. However, with the rising prevalence of Jacob Sockness, MKR began to become more active in Chris' life, seemingly to combat the increasing role of Sockness' delusions on Chris. As November 2019 came around, 3 factions of orbiters emerged around. Those who supported Sockness, including the Multidimensional White Knights and Aly Hirschberg, Sarah and Steve, and MKR and allies, all battling out for Chris' attention and influence. Sockness, Sarah and Steve fought against MKR and began trying to drive a wedge between her and Chris, after MKR attempted to make Chris see reason to the fact that Sockness is a danger who shouldn't be anywhere near him.

Nightvee Comic

Meghan is the creator of the comic character Nightvee (stylized: NiGHTVEE), which is a combination of the Sega character Nights and the Pokémon character Eevee. The comic follows the adventures of Nightvee and her friends in the Pokemon world. The Nightvee comic series is very similar in plot, character arcs, and art direction to the Sonichu comics. However, though Meghan's art style is still very amateur, it is noticeably better than Chris' despite Meghan's younger age and presumable lesser experience. Meghan managed to convince Chris using the CPU Magenta Heart personality that Nightvee was canon to Sonichu, though whether this is still the case is dubious.

Prologue Synopsis

A rainbow beam caused by Sonichu fighting the Perfect Chaos Monster releases Nights from his slumber and releases him into the world. Nights collides with a nearby Eevee and creates the flying fox pokemon; Nightvee. The same rainbow beam strikes a Primarina pokemon which transforms her into Creamarina and gives her the ability to talk to humans. Nightvee falls to Earth and is adopted by Meghan's self insert character.

Issue 1 Synopsis

Creamarina is abandoned by her former trainer and meets Rosechu. After Team Rocket starts kidnapping pokemon, Nightvee flys to MKRtropolis to find a trainer who can fight off Team Rocket. After Reala falls through a portal into the real world, they are kidnapped by a Team Rocket goon and brought before Giovanni.

Special Issue 1 (currently)

Special Issue #1 currently includes the rabbit Harriet from Super Mario Odyssey currently playing as the assistant of Giovanni the leader of team rocket in the Pokémon series trying to capture Nights from the Sega game Nights into dreams. After ruining a picnic, Nights is in the metal hands of a robot bunny piloted by Harriet and is watching as a clone of Sonichu beats Chris senseless. The comic is still being continued by MKR with the infrequent and random posting of the comic.

Nightvee Prologue
Nightvee Episode 1
Nightvee Special Issue 1 “Under Rebel Fire”
Nightvee Unreleased preview sketches
Chris's Nightvee related art

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MKRNightvee's Tumblr account, where new pages of the comic are posted.

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