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Note on Credibility:

Praetor has been deemed to be an unreliable narrator for the following reasons:
The members are all infamous attention seekers, and merely got in touch with Chris with the sole intent of piggybacking off his notoriety on the internet.
The members will occasionally say edgy and disgusting things purely for shock value.[1]
Bear this in mind, and use healthy skepticism when taking statements from the subject being discussed.

Our goal is not just to be screwing with Christine. Our goal here is just to make cash with her, as a partnership - right?
Caden Peck[2]
And don't you judge Caden in that vain. He's not flawless, but he is more Perfect of himself and at what and how he does as a legit Friend and in working on my behalf; He actually works well with his flaws and limits, and he's made breakthrough with Barb, and he is not intimidating.
Praetor's logo
Caden Peck
Name Caden Michael Peck
Date of birth (2002-09-17) September 17, 2002 (age 21)
Also known as Praetor
Gender Male
Race White
Nationality American
Occupation Owner of Praetor LLC
Owner of OfficialCWCmart
Illegal Drug Manufacturer
Student at Northwest Missouri State University[4]
Saga Watchmen, Praetor, Jail, Revelations

Praetor LLC (sometimes referred to as "The Praetors") is a group of edgy Gen-Z businesspeople led by Caden Michael Peck (born 17 September 2002), also known as tinyhorse01, a 21-year old man who owns Chris's house and was charged with three felonies in 2023 for illegally producing psilocybin mushrooms. While the original LLC has been most likely shut down, this group is referred to as such by Christorians for the sake of clarity.

They first came into contact with Chris in 2020 with the aim of producing and selling Sonichu and Chris-themed products on their Etsy store OfficialCWCmart with Chris's permission, giving him a cut of the profits. In December 2020, Praetor began offering Sonichu medallions for sale, which were produced by the group and approved of by Chris. Praetor has since expanded to other, more bizarre, products, some produced by the group, and others by Chris. Chris's income split for products made by him is unknown. As of 2023, OfficialCWCmart has generated more than 3000 sales, giving them a minimum of between $49,905 and $116,000 in revenue, although their actual revenue is unknown but potentially higher.[5]. While the sales have slowed down considerably, by March 2024, the number has increased to over 4200.

Praetor member Owen Sundstrom left the group at some point prior to June 2021, During the Jail Saga, Chris continued communicating with them, mailing them art from jail, which they added to OfficialCWCmart.

Upon Chris's being released from jail, they have become even more involved, as seen in the highly edited new videos which all promote OfficialCWCmart. In November 2023, evidence showing that Chris has began living at a house which Caden bought emerged on Kiwi Farms. During The Chris Chan Interview, Chris has mentioned paying the rent to Caden. This might mean that if Chris ever stops being profitable, he might be kicked out of there with no alternatives.


From left to right: Annie Ikenberry, Cabell O'Malley, Caden Peck, and Chris.
In the group, Annie is very much psychically able. Owen is like the magician of the group; among his skill set, he can also make a variety of special teas and such that can be like potions and elixirs. Cabell is also psychically inclined, but she's the artist. Caden is very open-minded, and the brains and business.

While Caden is the leader of Praetor and presumably does most of the heavy lifting, there were at least three other members as of late 2020, along with several additional collaborators. The four core members were all students at Goochland High School in Goochland, Virginia. Owen left the group sometime prior to June 2021, and while there's no conclusive evidence on Annabel leaving, she had a 10 month break in making content following 25 December 2023, after which she had made her own website to sell her content on. There is no indication that Cabell remained involved with Praetor after Chris's arrest for incest in August 2021, making Caden the only confirmed remaining member. It's very possible, however, that he has since hired more members to produce art, as many of the products made since aren't total shite.

Some have speculated that Flutter may be affiliated with Caden/Praetor, but there is currently little evidence for this.

Annabel Ikenberry

Annabel "Annie" Renée Ikenberry (annirenee) was an erocosplayer and OnlyFans camgirl. In Taser Discussion, Caden implies that her OnlyFans was one of Praetor's business ventures, and that she had created it to make money for Praetor. According to Chris, she is "psychically able." In a 17 February 2021 discussion with the Watchmen, Chris confessed that he had considered her for a possible relationship.[7]

Owen Sundstrom

Owen Scott Sundstrom (owen_sundstrom) was a co-founder of Praetor. He was present at the Goochland Library Sermon, where he was photographed posing with Chris. He also appears to be the photographer who took the picture of Chris and Praetor at the Chinese restaurant. According to Chris, Owen is "like the magician of the group; among his skill set, he can also make a variety of special teas and such that can be like potions and elixirs." Owen, along with Caden, suggested a link between the Mayan calendar and Chris's dream about a golden disc.[6]

In June 2021, a Christorian left a comment on Owen's Instagram, writing[8]:

Can’t believe such a pretty face could be such a scummy person. Trying to convince an autistic man to tease himself while simultaneously making thousands of dollars by using said autistic man’s internet notoriety

Owen responded to this:

🤣 awe u think I’m pretty? Also that wasn’t me,, I tried to give Chris as much money as I could,, but I was cut outta preator,, I only got 10% even tho is was a partnership, and I was in Chris’s corner tryna make sure he wasn’t taken advantage of,, however I do regret starting preator,, I was the wizard, not the business man

Cabell O'Malley

Cabell Fitzpatrick O'Malley was described by Chris in the Naught DMs as "psychically inclined, but she's the artist." When the Incest Call leaked, there was speculation that Cabell was a nickname for Bella; however, Chris's mention of Cabell in the DMs predates his earliest interaction with Bella. Cabell is the blonde woman featured in the Instagram photo of Praetor and Chris at a Chinese restaurant. Initially, Praetor mistagged Cabell, linking an unrelated account to her.

Given that Chris had referred to Cabell as the artist, it can be assumed that she was responsible for producing the medallions, as Chris has mentioned that the artist of the group was the one who created them.

Isabella Loretta Janke

Main article: Isabella Loretta Janke

Isabella "Bella" Loretta Janke, a troll most infamous for her horrid actions and revealing Chris's incestuous affair with his mother, had relations with Praetor. They commissioned her to animate Chris Chan Sonichu Intro animation, an animation of Chris and the Sonichu characters, which Chris uploaded to his YouTube channel. Despite her minimal role in the group, Chris has repeatedly referred to her as a member of Praetor, possibly alluding to more interactions between Bella and Praetor that have not been leaked.

Golden Church of Sonichu members

Main article: Golden Church of Sonichu

Messages from the Discord server Golden Church of Sonichu show that the members were working with Praetor. One member was supposedly making a video game, another was working on CGI for Praetor's Chris Chan movie, and another was making Chris Chan themed clothes. These members presumably stopped their interactions with Chris once he got arrested.

Before Chris

Caden, Owen, Annie, and Cabell were all students at Goochland High School in Goochland, Virginia in the late 2010s. Larry Vaughn claims that Praetor was "the brainchild of Caden, and was initially just like the Teen Troon Squad before they had the idea to make a cult around Christine"[9][10]. Larry Vaughn referred to Owen Sundstrom as a "co-founder" of Praetor[11], which was confirmed in an Instagram messages by Owen, where he stated that he regrets "starting preator"[8].

Caden had claimed that Praetor has been around since 2017, working with "creative types."[12]. If this is true, Caden would have been 14 or 15 years old at the time of Praetor's creation. Caden also claimed that they worked with Kevin Baugh, founder of the Republic of Molossia (no relation), and wrote a dissertation for him in order to officiate Molossia as a sovereign nation.[12]

Praetor used to have a dedicated website, but was taken down by Caden due to the domain costs. He decided that instead of waiting to have "eccentric people" find him, he would personally reach out to them himself.[12] Naught once claimed that Praetor went after other lolcows before Chris, including Tommy Tooter, whom they tried to make products for.[13]

The Beginning

Meeting Chris

The golden medallion Praetor gave to Chris
Chris in a meeting with Caden
I've always known about Christine. She always struck me as unique in the sense that she is probably one of the most famous people ever who has profited the least from her fame.

When I heard that she had tried to launch a store before, but been overwhelmed, I knew that there was a chance at profit. I run almost everything I do privately, so I reached out to Christine myself.


On 21 September 2020, a "trio of fans" came to Chris's door with a golden Sonichu medallion, crafted by "the young lady of the group, with paint that had a mixture of 24K gold in it." The "tall boys" had a business proposition for Chris, that with their mold press, they could mass produce and sell Sonichu medallions.[14] Chris accepted, deeming them as trustworthy, and noted that he had a vision earlier where an artist crafted medallions for him.

They have their business based in Goochland.

And I could tell by soul-reading them that their intentions were legit, honest and true.


Introduced to the Watchmen

On 22 September 2020, Chris made a post on The Place Discord server, where he mentioned that he was meeting with some "new associates."[14] He mentions that they were going to talk about "the molding to mass produce the medallions, and possibly the figures, with optional Amiibo functions, in a little while." After being asked who these associates were, Chris refused to give their identities but gave details about their first interaction.

On the 25th, Chris mentioned them to the Watchmen again, revealing their name as Praetor LLC[15]. On 3 October, Chris mentioned to them that Praetor was helping him create a "lore bible."[16]. On the 15th, Praetor's Discord account, ran by Caden Peck, joined the The Place Discord server, and answered the Watchmen's questions.[12]

Chat Excerpts
We'll initially be only selling Medallions. These act as a trial run, testing market interest. Along the way, we will add more products. These will include but not be limited to comics, cards, and possibly amino figurines.
It costs about 3 dollars per medallion. We sell them for 25 apiece, as to match our competitors. Etsy brand imposters are selling Medallions for 25-30. To uproot them, we must match or go below their prices.

If business is good, we'll increase sales by discounting them, selling them for 15-20

In order to emulate Sonichu's original medallion, they are stamped in a mold we made and baked. Then, painted. We mail them from our own company pocket for a while, as it is cheaper then registration with a mailing company. When we get big enough, we can afford to register and get discounted shipping services
We've not shipped any yet, so we only have estimates. It won't be more then a few dollars.

The medallions are not large not heavy.

We signed a confidentiality agreement with Sonichu, as we are a company. If Sonichu gives her consent, I can disclose profit splits and profit estimates.
We've worked with creative types for about 3 years now. You may recognize a few of my more eccentric clients!

Have any of you ever heard of Molossia?

After being asked if they sold merch for Molossia:

We don't only do merch. We helped him find someone to write a dissertation on the micronation's sovereignty.

He's using that to try and officiate his territory as a nation.

More power to him, I suppose.

What do y'all do? I'm excited to be working with this team.

I used to have a website, but due to domain costs I took it down. When it comes to clients, I find that it's easier to find eccentric people then to have them find you. If you're interested in partnership or a meeting, I've been transitioning us to social media. We have a new twitter and an Instagram.

Our email is

@praetor_llc and the Twitter is @praetor

With social media, I can find my own clientele. Considering that I'm here, seems like things are working out!

On another brand named 'Praetor LLC':

Oh no, we know about Praetor LLC. They're actually not trademarked, we've talked to them. Their site is a homedone project. The only internationally trademarked Praetor brand is Praetor Technologies.

Introduced to the Public

On 16 October, they arranged for Chris to give a sermon at Goochland library, where he spewed his Dimensional Merge delusions. This spiel was done in front of a large screen displaying the Praetor logo. When it was eventually released on YouTube, it started with a loud dramatic opening, commissioned from an unknown source. They also added sarcastic captions, mocking Chris. The Praetor members took photos with Chris after the sermon.

On 19 October, Praetor's presence was made known to the public, when they released multiple photos of Chris and the members of Praetor at a Chinese restaurant. One of these images included the members' Instagram handles, making it very easy for them to get doxxed.

On 13 November 2020, Chris uploaded Chris Chan Sonichu Intro animation, an animation that Praetor had commissioned from Isabella Loretta Janke. After this, Bella began regularly chatting with Chris, eventually becoming rather infamous for unrelated reasons.

Starting the Etsy shop

Praetor somehow manages to make the medallion look worse
Golden Church of Sonichu Cult Robe, sold a year after the server died out

In December, Praetor created an Etsy shop, OfficialCWCmart, where they began selling Sonichu medallions made by the group. The medallions produced by them manage to look much worse than any medallions made by Chris, and are completely inconsistent in how they look. According to several reviews on their store, they aren't also given enough time to dry up, resulting in still wet paint and hair stuck to the surface.

(Editor's Note: All descriptions, titles, and product designs come directly from Chris Chan. These are hand done, and will therefore reflect the "Chris Chan Style." Expect defects, burns, and a general lapse in quality.)
Praetor's Etsy account, confirming that the products being shipped will be dogshit, even by Chris's standards

Praetor has since offered items made by Chris himself for sale, such as some medallion variants and Jail Art. Aside from a royalty payment from January 2021, made by Praetor to Chris when OfficialCWCmart was only selling Praetor-made medallions,[17] Chris's share of the profits is unknown. When an Instagram user accused Owen Sundstrom of exploiting Chris for money, he responded, claiming that he tried to give Chris as much as he could.

That wasn’t me,, I tried to give Chris as much money as I could,, but I was cut outta preator,, I only got 10% even tho is was a partnership, and I was in Chris’s corner tryna make sure he wasn’t taken advantage of,,

Royalty payment

On 7 December 2020, Praetor began offering Sonichu medallions for sale on OfficialCWCmart; the medallions were produced by the group and approved of by Chris. In exchange, Chris was paid a royalty for the use of his Sonichu IP.

A month later, the Watchmen noticed that OfficialCWCmart had made $5,900 worth of sales revenue on their medallion product, also the store's only product at the time.[18] In mid-January 2021, Chris told the Watchmen he had received nearly $400 in small cash amounts for his share.[17] This equates to at least a 6.7% royalty (possibly more as date of Chris's payment is unknown). While royalty rates can vary, Chris's rate falls within a typical range.[19]

Other information is unknown, such as Praetor's operating costs for the medallions and how much profit the group members had after expenses.

The Watchmen - among them MKRNightVee and Naught - erroneously believed that Chris was entitled to "almost all" of Praetor's revenue for the medallions.[18] In the Taser Discussion call from February 2021, MKR and Naught complained to Praetor's Caden. Chris himself did not mind, again pointing out he had been paid $400.

Golden Church of Sonichu

Main article: Golden Church of Sonichu

Praetor also created a Discord server, Golden Church of Sonichu, which was created for anyone who bought their Golden Medallions on their Etsy shop. The server served as another outlet for Chris to rant about his delusions. Caden often posted in there too, giving insight into Praetor's bizarre business plans.

-Christine has fully greenlit [REDACTED]'s video game. Please message Chris directly as soon as possible, as Christine would like to provide some direction with the game's storyline.

-The Praetor Flamethrower will be stress-tested this upcoming week at a local firing range sponsoring us. Please standby for future details.

-Christine has approved the future sale of Potions blessed by her. These are to be sold for less than $17 apiece, but a fixed price has not yet been decided. We need help finding cheaply shipped glassware in bulk. As cheap as possible is best, as we are going to be selling 3-4 kinds of potions stocked at at least 12 each. Bottles must be at very least 4oz, at most 16oz.

-Christine's Golden Medallions have already sold out. Expect more members soon.

-Test footage for [REDACTED] has been filmed in order to see if she can cgi a Sonichu next to Chris, allowing us to feature a Sonichu in the upcoming Chris Chan Movie. Please complete this as soon as possible, and we will kiss you on the mouth.


Upon hacking into Isabella Loretta Janke's account, a short clip showing the behind-the-scenes process of the Chris Chan Movie was leaked. It shows Chris posing as a Praetor member commentates, telling him specific poses to do, while he's supposedly standing next to Rosechu, who would be added in post as a CGI character.

Taser Controversy

The Taser
The image featured in the instagram post
A message left for a customer who bought a taser

On 15 November 2020, Praetor posted a screenshot of an online shopping service's shopping cart - in the cart was a Pikachu mask and a VIPERTEK VTS-989 560 BV stun gun. Praetor stated:

As Praetor, we always work hard to produce the best videos we can. Good works are in progress!
Praetor on an Instagram post featuring a Pikachu mask and stun gun.[21]

Praetor later claimed this was for promotion of sales of autographed "tasers".

Conflict with the Watchmen

we had a whole discussion about why it's a bad idea.
Caden, trying to talk Chris out of tazing himself.[22]

In February 2021, Chris stated that he wanted to borrow one of Praetor's tasers to stun his Gate Crystal and Celestial Key quartz crystals in an attempt to activate the Dimensional Merge.[23]

The Watchmen confronted Caden about this, saying that it was dangerous for Praetor to be allowing Chris to use it and that Chris could hurt himself. In response, Caden insisted that Chris would be safe and that the group would act with safety in mind, that he would not permanently possess one of their stun guns, and that the version Chris would use is a lower-powered one than the items Praetor would be selling.[23] Eventually, both parties began insulting each other on Discord. They eventually agreed to have a call about the issue, in which the Watchmen berate Caden about the issue.

Near the end of the call, Watchmen member Val jokingly asked if Praetor could get Chris to tase himself on video, to which Chris responded saying that he'd be willing too. Everyone was shocked by this, and Caden attempts to dissuade Chris from tazing himself.

After this call, the Watchmen gained an intense hatred and rivarly for Praetor and especially Caden, seeing him as on the same level as Joshua Wise or Jacob Sockness. Watchmen member Naught then released that portion of the audio clip, but twisted the context to make it seem like Praetor wanted Chris to tase himself. This rumor was perpetuated by other Watchmen members, and eventually reached GiBi, who made a video claiming it was fact.

Larry Vaughn

Naught then doxxed Caden on the forum, which led to Larry Vaughn making multiple posts sharing his experiences with Praetor. While many were skeptical of Vaughn's claims, due to him arguably being an unreliable narrator, his DMs with Chris reveal that he did in fact have a phone call with Caden, meaning his post is most likely true[24].

Larry Vaughn's Posts
Still hard to believe that [Caden Peck] legit thought that I was the representative of a group of rich folks that would buy shitty medallions so we could roleplay with Chris in a private Discord server.
Larry Vaughn[9]
So my initial contact with them was when Christine sent me Caden's phone number and asked me to call him. I initially thought that he was going to tell me to fuck off, but he at the time at least entertained the idea of bringing 'us' (LAnon) on board. He pitched the idea of 'golden sonichu medallions' to me, which were basically regular Sonichu medallions with a code or something on them that would grant people access to a discord group to talk with Chris directly. He said that Christine "was a very busy woman with everything going on, and that Praetor basically served to screen out trolls from legitimate business dealings so she could have time to focus on her tasks." I said that I would entertain their offer, and I would just need to take a headcount of who would be interested in one.


-Praetor was the brainchild of Caden, and was initially just like the Teen Troon Squad before they had the idea to make a cult around Christine, and eventually even this devolved into them basically becoming a slightly less shitty version of the idea guys 2.0

-They work in a nasty basement painting Sonichu medallions to sell. Now people seem to think that they just give Chris the money. They don't, they basically hold it from him unless he does what they want

-The amount of money they make is apparently enough that Christine could have hired a private investigator to come after me, and this person contacted me after Chris threatened to call the cops on me

-My 'big plan' (Sending Chris to Florida) was apparently liked by Caden, to the point that he would pay for a ticket for Chris

-Chris claimed that Null was on Praetor's side, and was working with them to hunt me down (whether this is real or a delusion of Chris' is yet to be determined)

Larry Vaughn[9]
To be honest Praetor just wants to further enable Chris at this point because doing so makes them money. Like they thought that I put mushrooms in the wine to poison Chris, they thought that they could get money from me, and they also thought that I was like 30 people.
Larry Vaughn[25]


In 2022, Praetor began selling tasers previously autographed by Chris on their Etsy shop, supposedly for the purpose of simulating "zapping to the extreme" for buyers. Etsy quickly removed this listing. Eventually, Praetor created a listing titled 'The Secret Listing', a listing that had no information on what it was. It was later revealed through emails that The Secret Listing was a taser, with the fact hidden in order to bypass Etsy guidelines.

One of the people who bought the taser would mail it to the channel SuperMega, where they would unbox it on video[26].

Jail Saga

Praetor's message to a customer who bought a piece of jail art

In July 2021, Caden had plans to buy Chris a PC so he could do more streams,[27] however this plan was cut short by Chris's arrest after he fucked his mother. After Chris got kicked out of his house for this, he contacted Caden to try and get his assistance in finding a hotel, though it is unknown how Caden responded to this.[28]

Continued Business

Caden (Praetor) is genuinely one who is able to speak on my behalf when appropriate, and is in friendship and business association with I in mutual agreements

Praetor continued to talk to Chris. At one point, Chris mentioned that Caden was working on publishing the "Goddess Log", his jail diary[30].

In May 2022, Praetor began selling art that Chris made in jail, making their contact with Chris much more obvious. They also added audio clips of Chris promoting their medallions from jail to their Etsy. Aside from these, the products sold on OfficialCWCmart became increasingly strange, including arrowheads, cult robes, and signed g-fuel.

In June 2022, Chris started mentioning Caden in his letters, expressing his desire to have Helena Fiorenza collaborate with him[31], though Caden did not respond when Helena attempted to do so[32].

Chris's Fundraiser Plan

In July 2022, Chris began writing in letters about his newfound hatred of Barb. He told Caden to check if Barb was still at 14 Branchland Court, which he apparently did. Chris then pulled several theoretical crimes out of his ass and instructed Caden to call the police on Barb, though there is no evidence Caden agreed to his request.

By Caden’s confirmation, Barbara was still at the Sonichu Temple; Redneck and Stubborn. So, giving him the list of her charable crimes, including pet negigance/mistreatment, suicide threats, emotional manipulation and abuse upon I, and ADA’s law of using someone else’s SSI, I have instructed Caden alone, to call the police on her.

In another spate of selfishness, Chris, still desiring to live at 14 Branchland Court (but was allegedly legally forbidden from living with Barb, the owner of the house) decided on starting a $150,000 fundraiser to pay off 14 Branchland Court's mortgages and debts, and to put Barb in an Elderly Care Home. Chris hoped Caden, Kenneth Engelhardt and Helena would assist with his scheme.[32] Chris claimed to Helena that Caden was attempting to persuade Barb to move:[32]

But Barb is being a Majorly Stubborn Individual in relocating her self. Caden is working on persuading her and presenting her with the Truths of the Legality.

Chris also claimed he sent a letter to Caden directing him to organize the fundraiser. No such fundraiser has been announced.

I have just sent a letter to Caden with all the specifics, and the one public letter and drawing on the matter, in organizing an online fundraiser to raise $150,000 to pay off the mortgage and debts, and some left to pay for her to start off in an Elderly Care Home

Kenneth attempted to suggest Chris speak through a lawyer instead of Caden.[34] Chris fired back angrily.

And don't you judge Caden in that vain. He's not flawless, but he is more Perfect of himself and at what and how he does as a legit Friend and in working on my behalf; He actually works well with his flaws and limits, and he's made breakthrough with Barb, and he is not intimidating.

Chris's fundraiser scheme predictably failed, and contributed to Kenneth, Helena and Eels cutting ties with him.[36]


Main article: March 2023 Praetor Interview

In March 2023, Praetor had an interview with a Kiwi Farms user. In this interview, they have claimed that Chris calls them twice a week about the Etsy store. They also stated that the store has earned Chris a lot of money, despite him still being in jail by that time.

Chris calls twice a week to deal with the store, as no listings are made with out his express oversight. As for the cease and desists, we'd just advise that folk stay out of any trouble. Chris's cash has been accumulating, as the money he gets from both the store and monthly disability hasn't been touched while incarcerated.

They have also stated that the reason Chris hasn't sent any letters or had any visitors is because David Heilberg, Chris's lawyer, advised them to not let any "ill-meaning folk" near Chris.

Both the lack of recent letters and having no visitors is intentional, as Heilberg advised us to close any way for ill-meaning folk to get close.

They offer more insider knowledge on Chris, such as the fact that he had plans to grow a beard in prison (Something not realistically possible, considering he still took HRT while in jail and had problems growing facial hair even before the transition), and that he had plans to return, with strange aspirations as well, which did come true with the release of Jesus Christ Chan Sonichu Prime Resurrected and Returned.

Post-jail involvement

What appears to be Son-Chu, covered up so trolls wouldn't spot it, spotted on a Google Maps view of Caden's house

After plenty of sightings online and offline, Chris finally made his grand return in October 2023. Along with Chris's return, OfficialCWCmart returned as well, stocked with a plethora of new items. This included new Sonichu medallions, with brand new pictures of Chris in front of a green screen, new promotions of Neo Spiritual Christianity, and dozens upon dozens of lost commissions that Chris drew for the Everfree Northwest fundraiser in 2021

Chris's new videos from this point forward were incredibly high quality (for Chris's standards), making it very likely that Praetor was behind these videos, as they have had previous experience with high-quality editing and Chris uses the same green screen which is used in the Etsy store. Chris also consistently promoted OfficialCWCmart in the description of these videos. The list of products has later further increased in January 2024, as a result of a war with the newly released Sonichu merchandise from Geno Samuel, though they appear to be the same overpriced low quality stuff as before. This has also expanded to art commissions for a totally reasonable sum of $225-275.

Big Island House

Photo of the house from Zillow

In June 2023, a property in Big Island was transferred to Caden Peck, along with an LLC called "Essential Estate LLC", for $235,000. In November 2023, Kiwi Farms users managed to find evidence of Chris living at the property. Firstly, Chris's P.O Box, announced by Chris a few days earlier, was located only 22 minutes from the house, and Chris has been previously sighted in Big Island. In an October 2023 Google Streetview, a car covered by a sheet can be seen outside the house, with a hubcap suspiciously similar to Chris's car. Lastly, in Chris's recent streams, we have occasionally gotten glimpses of his house, with one of the doors appearing in the streams perfectly matching up with a listing for the property. He has also posted several pictures of his rooms on the social media, which match with the house listing photos.

Caden does not actually live with Chris, as he has another residence in Maryville, Missouri. This is shown when, a month after buying the Big Island house, three felonies were filed against Caden by Maryville authorities for illegally manufacturing and delivering psilocybin mushrooms. On 28 August he pleaded guilty and received 5 years probation and 19 days in jail.[37][38][39][40] Further indication that Caden does not live in Big Island is in the October 2023 livestream The Return of Jesus Christ Chan Sonichu Prime, in which Chris turns off the stream in order to respond to a phone call from Caden.

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  35. Jail Letter - 29 July 2022
  36. Excommunication letter
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